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COMMON SKIN CONDITIONS: Many mums under stress often suffer from eczema or psoriasis, but this can also be a symptom of digestive problems. OTHER PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Sometimes if the mum is under extreme stress, she may suffer from heart palpitations, excessive sweating or even irritable bowel syndrome. WHAT CAUSES STRESS? The most common causes of stress for mums involves having to go to work when they would rather be at home with their children, money worries about not meeting the mortgage payments, and the relationship with their partner.
Just a quick update we have added a new page, Sirian Mystery School to our website and we are publishing our Book of Wisdom Series as a range of ibooks. Readers are not expected to give immediate acceptance or acknowledgement to the following ideas. We are very excited to be sharing this wisdom on the App Store platform and hope you enjoy and share this opportunity to explore some fascinating metaphysical concepts and transformational energies. This is the final post about the Sirian Mystery School—please see previous posts for further information. There are Seven Principles that emanate from beyond Sirius, are absorbed by that old one in Sirius B and then manifest in Sirius A.  From there, in a hierarchical concept, they manifest in their degree according to the Command that caused the initial incorporation.
So, coming to this planet and coming to this commanded work, we have, as has been described in the meditative sequences, an appearance of seven figures.  If there is an understanding of the picture that has been painted, then it will indicate the importance of this commanded work as sufficiently great to have both the requirement and the ability for those seven figures to appear. Many of you have been wondering, “What exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part three of an inspired explanation. This may give you cause to ponder that where one person gets a certain sickness, another person does not.  The reason is that only the positive aspects can be touched by a negative aspect of the Energy Parent that has spawned both positive and negative aspects of itself. To begin, a brief resume of what has been said; there are the three major segments of the incarnate entity, the outermost, the energy or etheric body and the deep emotional body. Now, I would ask you to understand what has been said to you before with regard to cycles within cycles.
The glands are the intermediate functionary between the entity and the physical manifestation of energy. The deep body or the more subtle body, the emotional body, is responsible again for the mass transfer of energy, the transfer of energy in quantity; and it might occur to you, of course, that there may be resident in that transfer the causes of sickness both physical and mental because it is quite obvious that the roots would lie in something that was the base. So, there are major points or, as you call them, centres through which energy is able to enter. An inhibition to one or more channels, one or more centres, affects one or more of the abilities of the person to behave naturally.  If the person were completely free of these inhibitions, complete so-called happiness would reign. Many of you have been wondering, “What exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part two of an inspired explanation. There comes a time in the function of an Inner Self, an important aspect of the immortal spirit, where it is impacted on, and is able to respond to the planetary withdrawal force.
Few spirits have reached the higher stage of COMPACTION exhibited in pattern with Sirius B and of the examples that there are, Christ and Buddha are the more well-known.
We are the result of a universal command that has channelled through the stars above to manifest, in turn, on planet Earth.
This is why we reach for that distant star—the closeness is not there physically—but it is there in energy; we cannot be separated from it, because we are a part of it. The Return Path taught by the Sirian Mystery School through the College brings the meditator to the point of consciously being able to merge with the Energy Parent of that Inner Self, and in turn, opens the way for the continuing development of latent abilities and communication with certain aspects of the Logos of this planet. As we look back through time from the position we have achieved intellectually, it would seem as if the practices and beliefs of early man are rather childlike.  But these practices and later beliefs derived from actual experiences with the creative energies or they would not have been recorded so patiently. The influence of the Return Path was embodied in the creation of mankind and we see this expressed outwardly in the great religions on the planet.
The purpose of the Sirian overseeing has been to trigger this Logos in its path of projection and ultimate return. Special centres from where groups of sensory motor nerves arise are situated in the spinal column. This is not quite correct, as these structures are not perceived without special meditation techniques, neither can their activity be equated with their physical structure. When the luminescent current of the vital life force flows through the nerve centres of the body, in association with the endocrine glands, they become luminous to the subtle sight, and shine with exquisite, colours that adopt a circular shape.
Most people have never heard of a mystery school, but love a good mystery, as it is stimulating to the brain centres; those communities of intelligence that inhabit the physical brain. In the last fifty years or so there has been a literal explosion of knowledge on the planet, and of course, this has created even more mysteries.
In the early history of humanity, the philosophies and religions of many races and groups of people became closely related to the great mysteries of birth, life, and death, and life after death. From them, in turn have sprung the philosophies, philosophical schools, and much of the foundation of the science of the present day.
When humans no longer contemplate the unknown, when all that is now unknown is known, then humanity will have advanced to a different level of comprehension and development and will live in a different dimension.
When man sees clearly the solution to these problems, he will have advanced to a point where possibly other mysteries will take the place of those that he now endeavors to solve.
The mystery schools are formed to teach the ancient wisdom in a more modern format to those who seek answers about life’s mysteries. The other participant, which may be the relevant force centre or chakra, or the symbol being pondered, calls forward an aspect of the higher self that enlivens what is being pondered.  This cannot happen during the process of concentration alone, as the mind will block that aspect from operating. This action of focusing the mind followed by a relaxation of that focus might occur a number of times during one period of mediation.  This is pondering and it is a far gentler activity than concentration alone because it allows the mind both an active and a passive role. The only difference between a disciple or metaphysician and the person in the street is that the metaphysician has become aware of his relationship to his Higher Self or Soul and refuses to let the stress of daily living shut him off from the source of his being. Looking at the outer circumstances of life on earth, it appears to be a history of the fight for dominance between the positive and negative poles. Simply utilizing mental realization of the inner history with its experience outside of time is not enough to bring peace of mind in this hectic world; it requires the development of consciousness in a different way. 1) The need to improve the physical body through diet and exercise, so that the body becomes elastic.
2) The need to become emotionally balanced, so that peace and harmony are dominant in the life instead of stress and anxiety. 3) The need of a precise method of spiritual practice through mental discipline, so that the higher frequencies will be more easily tolerated.
Improvement in the physical body is the first requirement, for the body forms the basis of acquiring inner growth.
An emotionally balanced consciousness is the second requirement, for nothing destroys the possibility of attunement like faulty emotional functioning. Of course, it is possible to live with all this, but it requires a constant “guarding of the mind” so that one does not fall prey to the negativity.
Intelligence is somewhat better understood as a part of the consciousness than the emotions. The chief use of intelligence is not so much in becoming learned as in being able to direct and integrate the different aspects of one’s being. Of course, logic and the analytical method are indispensable to our three dimensional world, it is true, but if we are really to connect with the soul qualities and move into the higher frequency band, we must become silent and listen to the voiceless voice of the Soul. How can one know the extent to which his life is being directed by the soul qualities he is attempting to use? One of the most important rewards is the improvement in focusing or the ability to concentrate.
In the beginning, it was said that the historical life, relating to construction and destruction, and the inner life, relating to peace, harmony and balance, lie poles apart. However, man himself will only recognize the need for this application when he reaches an advanced stage of development.
Meditation is an adventure into the unknown; basic meditation is not doing anything except going beyond the chatter of the conscious mind and initially delighting in the freedom from thought and emotion.
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Looking so Kumbh Mela of 1895 is wonderful, the power of a faith like that, that can make multitudes upon multitudes of the old and weak and the young and frail enter without hesitation or complaint upon such. Nice work done agree with you that positive affirmation can lift your life up decide your goal before you start something.Keep sharing love all your ideas.
I will add a few tips on how exactly to meditate, and then below that I will write more of a story and general guide and what benefits you can expect from meditation, as well as what exactly it is.
Love time and serve it, by flowing with it, instead of trying to "check up on it" and interrupting your natural flow all the time. In general, after meditation, the outer external world seems less intimidating and more in balance and reflective of the inner world, as that is precisely what has happened: you have become aware of your inner state and adjust, mostly. A good place to start learning about the chakras, excerpts from Anodea Judiths book Eastern body, western mind, a meeting place between late psychologists like Carl Jung, and The eastern understanding of energy systems within the body. Ben Stewarts Classic "Kymatica" a lot of you have probably seen this, but i view it as essential information, regarding meditation and your own state of minds effect on our planet.

Then there are people like Dan Winter, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and so on, who i'm sure you're familiar with, who go into the "biology of belief", the effect of your thoughts on your body, cell structure, environment and so on. If you want to get started on binaural beats, remember, head phones, and there are plenty of good videos on youtube, 20 minutes or so is longer than long enough to induce the state, but as I said, try doing it without once you know "how to get there" or "what it feels like when you're there".
Free Esotericism Animated ImagesIt says something is esoteric when it is a kind of knowledge with difficult explanation or of what aren't known all the answers, or only for a few are known.
For esoteric knowledge is necessary to have a certain degree of initiation into the hidden and secret topics covered in this stream. This is why meditation for mums is very important, particularly when young children are involved. In this case it is wise to seek the advice of a health care practitioner, as well as being involved in some form of meditation for mums.
Although short bursts of stress are not harmful, long-term stress can lead to a build-up of these hormones, which can have a damaging effect on the physical body. Rather, it is better to read and reread the transcripts often to allow the concepts to be accommodated and assimilated. So there are principles that are embodied in the various solar Logi, and which disseminate through the respective solar systems into varying principles.  All is incorporated within that Seven but they vary in manifestation through the dimensions in which they operate. I repeat what has been said; the emotional body is the source or the root or the sphere in which the roots of all physical illness and mental illness are resident. Your abilities obviously increase; this is of no moment, because the abilities may only be used in the great work for which you have been ordained and detailed to do whilst on the earth plane. Each of you has a function to fulfill, a function that was decided upon well before your incarnation, well before your birth, and your responsibility is to discharge this function. Within each major organ, is resident an evolving entity, which is responsible for the function of that organ. These glands are strategically situated where they are needed and in later times, in years to come, the pattern of the placement of these glands will merge. There are, of course, slight illnesses which have a much more shallow base, but the deep ones, the ones which we will be dealing with in the future, they are the ones that are resident in the very deep parts of the incarnate entity.
Each segment is receptive, of course, to a resonant frequency, which it then discharges through the etheric body, which then, of course, is responsible to pass it through to the appropriate points. They are the result only of the various conflicts that are set up by ordinary living in the incarnate state. There are, however, also many other Masters in the hierarchy of this planet whose function lies behind the veils of obscurity; they work largely unseen and mostly unrecognized. That which is released from a source and projected out into its own sphere is eternally linked with that source; it is part of the person and the person, in turn, is part of it and must, in time, come to recognize that truth. Many have already walked it, opening the way for those who now feel ready to commence the journey. It is the re-teaching of the ability for that lost communion in a deep but simple format that offers a profound depth and richness as inner and outer parts are reunited. In our more modern times, we have sacrificed the ability to communicate directly with the Source as the development of the intellect took precedence, hence the spiritual imbalance of modern times. All teach a way to search for God, to try to become one with God, and so foretell the ultimate requirement in this Logos for withdrawal of all back into the oneness of itself. Throughout the period of humanity’s existence, this overseeing has come in the way of diverse teachings, all pointing to a climax of achievement yet to be attained in human life.
Some of these subtle bodies contain chakras or force centres, which can also be felt in the physical body, but only observed in certain subtle bodies.
The energy from these nerves pervades the entire body to rejuvenate it with the vital life force. It is rather like the filaments of an electric light bulb that uses a material wire circuit, but the bulb does not light up until the electricity flows through it.
Most illustrations of these force centres in the body are shown depicted in symbolical pictorial shapes such as spheres, vortices and wheels. One indication of this fact is the tremendous sale of novels that deal with mystery, fantasy or science fiction, and lately the books on spiritual mysteries. That was the last of these great mysteries to solve: Why was it that life could cease as suddenly as it had begun insofar as this physical manifestation was concerned?
In the philosophy and religion of humans to date, however, the final solutions to these mysteries have not yet been written.
Until that state is reached, much that is still a mystery will remain a mystery to the ordinary person, perhaps not the thinker, though. And so he will continue in his growth by solving one mystery after another until the mystery of the Logos becomes comprehensible and he is actually absorbed as a part thereof, and becomes one with the source of his being.
Some subjects relate to meditation, the force centres or chakras, symbolism, karma, reincarnation, how the Logos projects out of itself into physical incarnation. To be constantly aware of this relationship requires devotion to his Soul, as well as the guidance of his teachers, both internal and external, as well as circumstances pointing in a spiritual direction. Outer history is full of past and future, of anticipations, anxieties, and remorse over failure. Many experience such states randomly, but they only seem to occur in flashes and at rare moments because of the imbalances at the deeper levels of the individual.
The body must be capable of attaining a state of rest so as not to interfere with the inner psychological activity; thus, the need for good dietary habits and good exercise programs. Meeting this necessity may be more difficult than the first, for our society condones the use of destructive emotional forms.
People with a wealth of spiritual knowledge are often unable to use it practically because they are wrongly involved emotionally with the affairs that affect their lives.
At this time on the planet, we have mass education and for good or ill everyone has come to believe in it. The intellect must be quiet in order that the bright power of the Soul may begin to shine through us.
The answer to such a question depends upon personal and inner capabilities as well as upon the needs faced by the self in certain circumstances. This not only makes the application of metaphysical disciplines progressively easier but also gives an increased understanding to everything in life.
This approach to life must become integrated and organic, the higher must be related to the lower in such a way that the former actually transforms the latter. Its far easier to use religion as the label for making oneself feel better or more important than someone else. You naturally cycle through these in daily life, but the brain remains in one for the dominant period. If you must use the words of others, truly mean them, and vary them with your own words if you can. Work on your relationship with yourself, and your attitude towards love, gratitude and g r i e f. Generally you will experience more success having eaten less, this is why it's great to meditate after you get up, or before you go to sleep, and to sleep on an almost empty (but not quite) stomach: you will dream better. All beings seek to return to the source of all things, they just do not know the best way to do that. The only thing I would add (Western Path) is not having an aim is true but 'pointing the way' with a question or topic  keeps you  pointing to the Higher Planes of Consciousness.
Now you have found this you can create your own website, or your PowerPoint Presentation of Esotericism in a animated way, or ilustrate your blog post about Esotericism. Are usually related to different rituals rooted in a tradition or rituals that are created around any thing without an scientific explanation. A balanced diet and a healthful lifestyle can be very helpful in managing the symptoms of this common condition. Unexpected events such as  the death of a loved one, losing a job, or moving are major sources of stress. The book of Wisdom series is a reprint of a series of transcripts that were channelled through to meditators as the beginnings of the teachings that accompany the Sirian Path of Return to the Source, “Pathways to Self Mastery”, and these lectures are the main platform of the Command.
Understanding will gradually filter through from the deeper levels of your being, and each one in their own time, and according to their application will come to recognize that which they are, and that which is. Because the ancient wisdom gradually becomes corrupted through many different interpretations over many cycles on the planet, the Sirian Command comes at the end of every age to give the ancient wisdom anew to those who seek to know the truth.
Beginning with the outermost, the physical body, the grossest manifestation of energy—and by the way do not take this word grossest as derogatory, it is just as important as the most infinitely subtle part of the entity, just as important, though for want of a better term we name it as the grossest part—this has energy fed into it. You must understand that the emotional body, so called, the deep part of the entity, does not take in one mass of energy and separate that.
I doubt seriously if I have made myself clear, but words are not capable really of conveying the high complexity of what happens; but at least it will give you a general picture of what is actually happening. That Inner Self then, begins to enter a stage of FUSION.  The people projected from an Energy Parent of such an Inner Self step forward as our leaders and great teachers.

The ability to commune with their Source was a natural function of primitive peoples and it was only as intellect developed and a more outward focus was established that the ability to commune was lost. Once the ability is regained through the various steps of meditation, life begins to take on new meaning, awareness and fulfillment. The easiest subtle body to observe the chakra system is in the etheric body as it overlaps into the astral body. The nerve centres are connected with seven centres of vital energy in the body called force centres or chakras.
They do, in fact, resemble these actual shapes, but since they are not physical objects, it is not possible to give a standard, exact description.
But our great thinkers and scientists are getting much closer to amazing discoveries all the time. On the surface, it appears to go nowhere; it is like observing a movie containing a series of fortunate or unfortunate events that may benefit culture or may equally destroy it according to the writer’s whim.
There appears to be no rest; only the stresses and anxieties of a flurry of activity in time. There is no rush toward a Utopia of the future, for Utopia may be experienced now outside the restrictions of time. Another reason is that nothing permanent has been established through spiritual discipline. A nervous half-starved organism, depleted of essential nutrients, through fanatical programs cannot learn to concentrate or to meditate correctly. Constant practice and an intense desire to be free are necessary to become emotionally harmonious and balanced. In itself, though, education is little more than a collection of facts that may be useful in earning a living but not in mastering the spiritual life. A look at the lives of many illumined individuals shows that they lived in very unusual and difficult outward circumstances and were sometimes put to death or persecuted for their beliefs. Nothing can do this so well for modern man as true spiritual discipline found in metaphysical practices. He must train himself to ‘Integrate his personal consciousness with the Divine Consciousness of his Soul’ to the degree that the personality is completely changed. Or are they just fancy diagrams by enlightened people who make these beautiful mandalas for entertainment? I know this can be hard at first as we love our distractions (video games, films, movies, radio, junk food), but gradually, the meditation experience will become more and more pleasurable, so that you will wonder what you ever saw in these distractions in the first place.
Try to let them resonate and reverberate within your own mind, and gently come to peace and wholeness.
Don't be scared if in your meditation practices you have spontaneous visualisations of great depth and  verisimilitude, heat flushes, sudden emotional outbursts, goosebumps, "tinitus" like frequency hearing range expansion or anything like that.
You may not get answers or topics in your meditative mind after that but you do get  safe passage.
The esoteric subjects can be learned only by a few who have special qualities or a more sensitive perception of reality.
Sometimes the stress becomes too much to handle and divorce can rear its ugly head, causing even more stress. The Sirian Mystery School teachings have been channelled through to assist humanity in understanding Universal Law and the Creative Healing Law. To gain the most from the information given here, it is suggested that the whole transcript be read right through to gain an overall understanding of the concepts, then go back and reread a few paragraphs at a time, resting back in the energies to allow the understanding of the concepts to filter through. It evidences throughout the family of that solar One and so it evidences in the Planetary Logos. They exhibit enormous drive and purpose, going on to uplift the entire human race with the energies that are a product of that inner state of fusion in the Inner Self. The separateness between humanity and its Source has reached a pinnacle and many are now seeking that Return Path back to the Source. In the physical body we can feel the pulse of the chakra system in the spine, and other locations of the chakras. Some modern writers have identified the subtle spinal channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna as the spinal cord with the sympathetic nerve chains, and the chakras or force centres as the nerve centres or plexi of the body.
Many religions in their doctrines and practices are closely related to the mysteries of birth, life, and death, but have no answers as to what happens after death.
It was from the contemplation of these great mysteries that groups of individuals who studied them from the philosophical and religious approach began to set up schools of thought known as mystery schools. The Sirian Mystery School, part of the College of Esoteric Education, offers a variety of practical courses to assist those who seek the deeper meaning of life. It can be experienced through attunement when the body and physical consciousness move into an altered state of consciousness.
No one realizes how detrimental to the delicate subtle fabric of the inner being this actually is. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of our scientific world: By persistent overuse of the analytical method, most have lost the power of intuition.
This means the opportunity for expanded consciousness and awareness; a giving up of the lesser for the greater—and this is when he begins to operate as a world server—a true disciple.
To give your meditation a kick-start, you can try binaural beats, these work by a tonal unbalance which your brain balances internally and adjusts to, you have to use headphones. In these disciplines an arcane language is used, which are symbols and ancient runes, as it is considered a purer system for using clear and simple symbols.
Even if you haven’t meditated before, start by sitting quietly for 10 minutes twice a day. They are presented in this form for students of the Path, who feel a need to learn something of these essential concepts. Many changes and insights can occur as readers rest into an altered state of consciousness. There is a series of intermediate breaking down, or breaking down steps through which the individual energy transfer ultimately occurs. So, perhaps you are gradually getting a clearer picture of that with which you are dealing. Let us look at the patterning then, between such a person, shining like a star among us, and Sirius A and the light it emanates. The great mysteries of literature have continued to be popular since their original writing. It is not so much the particular manifestation that is of concern as it is the occurrence of something completely unknown.
Once you become aware of this state of being, you can remain undisturbed while resting for a period of time or you can remain in this state even while being engaged in other things. I don't advise doing this often or for a long period, but just to experience what it can be like later on, it's a good boost. Analogy is used to explain how the energy steps down from a higher frequency to a lower one in the form of a parent giving birth to, or projecting or spawning a child or many children.
These changes may include an acceleration of spiritual growth and changes in connection with the four-fold system of the entity. The energy body has no function to fulfill except as a liaison stage which disseminates the energy appropriately and it might be of interest that the entity which activates the energy body, the etheric body, is in the medulla.
Man seeks an explanation for those things that are not understood, and he tries to change the unknown into the known.
There may come the realization that how well one attunes with the Soul, the Inner Master or Higher Self has an important bearing upon his daily affairs. If the reader bears this in mind, the concept of how energy is able to become a physical manifestation, regardless of whether the manifestation is human, animal, vegetable or mineral, will be more easily understood. Sometimes enormous spiritual and personal growth can occur merely by resting in the energies. The instinct of curiosity becomes stimulated when he is approached or brought face to face with any kind of unknown. Work thoughts, thoughts of your children, relationship thoughts, food thoughts, angry thoughts, peaceful thoughts? As readers open to the marvelous concepts contained herein, they open a doorway to make the way easier for others who follow to understand the higher wisdom.
From this time on, the mere acquisition of facts, the reading of books, and the hearing of opinions, lose their primary status and become only a means to further the constant practice of attunement with the deeper parts of the self. Once you have discovered what you think about most, then you can begin to: a) change the thoughts to more positive ones if the thoughts are negative and b) begin to change the positive ones into a higher light frequency and c) fill you whole body with the higher light frequency twice a day for the 10  minute periods.

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