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Physical Equilibria Physical equilibria deal with the equilibrium phenomena that does not involve any chemical change.
There are number of graphical means to help understand the relationships between the different phases of a particular substance.   The first thing we need to do when looking at the transitions to different phases is to establish some definitions. One key component of thermodynamics of phase changes are the changes in energy (or enthalpy) of the system. Let’s take a deeper look at the thermodynamics.  In particular, we can examine the relationship between the enthalpy and the temperature during phase transitions.
This is because the energy coming in results in higher potential energy and not higher kinetic energy.  What is the higher potential energy in this case?  It is the new state formed after the breaking up the IMFs between the molecules.
Initially the system is a solid, then it has a melting transition, then it is a liquid, then has a vaporization transition, and then it is a gas.
In the above diagram for water what is the most stable phase at a temperature of 250K and a pressure of 100 bar? Definition of the vapor pressure: The partial pressure of a substance in equilibrium with its condensed phase (liquid or solid).
The rate of condensation depends on the temperature, the IMF, and the concentration in the gas phase.
The condensation rate will initially be zero since there are no molecules in the gas phase. As the evaporation continues the concentration of the molecules in the gas phase (or partial pressure) will increase.
The stronger the IMF between the molecules, the more energy is required to overcome them and enter the gas phase. VP and boiling point (BP) are also related as the boiling point is the temperature at which the VP is equal to 1 atm.
This equates to low VP (few molecules in the gas phase) and high boiling point (high temperature to get the VP = 1 atm).
Thus from an entropy standpoint, everything should be a gas exploring the far reaches of the universe. The number of these molecules and thus the partial pressure of the substance varies with the IMFs.
In closed container, the vapor molecules have the ability to condense back into the liquid. If we increase the temperature, we have to increase the pressure of the vapor to stay at equilibrium (same free energy). This figure shows the vapor pressure of water, ethanol, and diethyl ether as a function of temperature. Using our ideas of free energy, we can develop an equation that quantifies this temperature dependence. The free energy of the liquid is approximately independent of the pressure, thus the free energy at pressure \(P\) is about the same as that at the standard pressure (the one with the zero superscript).

However, the free energy of a gas depends strongly on the pressure (as do essentially all the properties of a gas). If we take \(\Delta H^\circ_{\rm vap}   and   \Delta S^\circ_{\rm vap}\) to be independent of temperature, then the only temperature dependent term in this equation is the one with the enthalpy change. Scientists are humans - humans classify things, even from the first moments of their lives.
Biological classification was developed to order organisms into groups that had more or less similar structures. Classifying organisms can be enormously complex, controversial and difficult - it usually involves much debate, research and testing and generally is only temporary. When Linnaeus devised his classification system, he used structural features to place all things into one of 3 a€?kingdomsa€? - Kingdom Animalis, Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Mineralia. DNA sequencing is the technology that has had the greatest effect on the development and revision of classification in biology. Cytochrome c is an important molecule involved in a particular step of respiration in mitochondria. By comparing the similarities and differences in cytochrome c, we can construct a phylogenetic tree of eukaryotes in which the protein has been analysed.
This phylogenetic tree tells us nothing about the relationships between the great apes, including humans because they all have the same cytochrome c.
Before Linnaeus, organisms were given Latin names which identified and to some extent described them.
Of course, many organisms have common names like Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) but often, this species is given different names in different parts of Australia, several different kinds of tree are called a€?Asha€? and the common name gives no clue to its relatedness to other plants.
Note carefully that each species has a binomial (a€?two-word namea€?) - the first word is the genus with a capital letter and the second name is the species with a small letter. Classifying extinct organisms relies almost entirely on study of their fossils but generally only hard parts are preserved.
Similarly, the little known Marsupial Mole bears striking similarities to the European Mole.
Word list: classification taxonomy phylogeny phylum binomial genus (pl. This dot point will be (has been) covered in practical lessons.A A  Refer to your Practical Record Book. It is difficult to define species.A  One definition is a€?a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring of both genders, and separated from other such groups with which interbreeding does not (normally) happena€?. Similarly, the little known Marsupial Mole bears striking similarities to the European Mole.A  The similarities are a result of convergent evolution - the reproduction of these animals is very different.
To enjoy watching any major character (no pun intended), I think it is important to like the character, or at least you have to like disliking him (as a villain or a no-good).
If I try to name the funniest moment I've experienced in my 5+ decades of watching sitcoms, my mind goes blank because there have been far too many to consider.

I'm an emotional sap, and, perhaps, easily entertained, but I cherish the tender moments on these shows as much as the laughs. However, I feel it is time to come to the defense of this much-maligned genre.A  I'm not defending ALL sitcoms, because some of them are very poor, but there are many examples of quality shows that touch our hearts as well as our funny bones. I'm an emotional sap, and, perhaps, easily entertained, but I cherish the tender moments on these shows as much as the laughs.A  I love sitcoms! No new substance is created during a physical change, although the matter takes a different form.
Liquid water at 0 °C has a higher potential energy (enthalpy) than the same amount of ice at 0 °C. Water is polar and has strong H-­?bonds, ethanol is also polar but it has weaker H-­?bonds (only one H that can H-­?bond vs. The exact temperature of a phase change depends on the substance (and its intermolecular forces).
This means that they have a lower energy when they are close together as compared to far apart.
The stronger these forces are, the more difficult it is for the molecules to wander away from each other.
However, no matter the magnitude of the IMFs, there can always be a few molecules that escape. There are many forms in which you might find this equation, however they are all equivalent. Should organisms be grouped according to the similarities and differences between them, or according to how they are related by descent?
In humans, cytochrome c is constructed from 104 amino acids.A  Other organisms have differences in the number and sequence of these amino acids. Was it pure genius or just good luck?A  This was before the concept of reruns, and the studio couldn't imagine anyone wanting to watch a program a second time.
This is the one which relates the difference in potential energy in the liquid state to the potential energy in the gas state and is essentially the IMFs. Thus at room temperature, the substance with the lowest boiling point will have the highest vapor pressure (easiest to get into the gas phase). Let’s look at some data to see what happens to the vapor pressure of water as the temperature changes.

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