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Summary: Narcissa and Lucius found friendship in their arranged marriage, and love outside it with Severus and Tonks - spies with divided loyalties, both. Whatever the reason, he was there and she was there, alone in the staffroom, reading in silence.
By the time he clattered up the stairs to Astronomy Tower, she was sailing serenely off the top, her skirts around her, a cushion of lace and gauze. At least she wasn't partnered with Remus, she thought, taking a mouthful of Firewhisky from the flask at her hip and shuddering as it went down.
Nodding, she followed him down the stone walkway towards the ground beneath Astronomy Tower, and swallowed hard when she spotted the woman's body at the foot. After Severus returned to his rooms, Tonks went and showered in the infirmary bathroom, cursing him for making her feel like a schoolgirl again. She had washed away Lucius from her body, she reflected as she paced in the comforting dark, though not from her heart. His heart broke a little at the sight of his son, trembling in the moonlight as he held Dumbledore at wandpoint, faced with the Dark Lord's cruel, impossible mission.
He remembered Draco on a bathroom floor not so long ago, butchered with his own misfired spell. They clattered their way back down the stairs, Draco's shuddering breaths echoing in his ears.
The three looked mistrustful, but against the combined force that was Remus, Tonks, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Fleur, Mad-Eye, and Kingsley, they exchanged glances, and nodded. Severus countered, "Because the Dark Lord had access to Potter's mind, through the scar he sustained during their first encounter when he was an infant.
Neville said reasonably, "I'm not one of the Golden Trio, but I am an alternative candidate for the prophecy.
Tonks glared at him, and said to Neville, "Severus heard another prophecy from Sybill before she died. Harry was shivering, and the others had gathered closer to him, as though prompted by protective instinct. She rose, and approached him regally, as though she were still the Lady of the Manor and not effectively a feudal ward of it.
Once they passed through Lucius' wards, Narcissa let go of his arm and tugged him against her instead. They stood there, reunited, huddled and clinging to one another in the light of the setting sun. It would have been safer to wait until winter proper, but none of them would consider that.
They were in the front parlour, the five of them, covered by Kingsley and Remus, when Alecto, Amycus, and Travers strode in - with Lucius.
Lucius whirled his wand to pass over both doors and lock them - just enough to buy them seconds - and, lowering his wand, crossed the rest of the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Kingsley had already lowered his wand, but Remus had jolted to attention as Lucius advanced on her. Just for a moment, Tonks allowed herself to remember this room when it was bright and clean and drenched with sun. The Malfoys' way of life was not beautiful to everyone, she knew, but it was beautiful to them, and she mourned for it on their behalf. Lucius had been drawn into fighting alongside his precious bloody overlord, but he did so without conviction. Draco stood there, his wand perfectly poised, trained on Tonks and - unknown to him - Neville and Harry. The thought flooded into him, flooded through him, so fast and loud that he couldn't stop it.
The image sprang into her mind, front and centre, kissing Lucius desperately in Azkaban that last day, choking out a charm she didn't mean. Voldemort turned his wand with precision, and she felt it then, felt the life in her flinch away, felt it curl protectively over onto itself.
The children slammed theirs on top so hard that it hurt, and they Apparated away before Lucius' body hit the ground. Narcissa dragged in her breath as the green light of Nymphadora's Killing Curse faded away. There was a pop, and she flicked her wand to attention, but lowered it when Severus and Narcissa and Draco appeared.
She said clearly, "I want to know Lucius' secret, and I want to know why I'm the Lady of the Manor.
Narcissa set her mouth in a grim line, as though preparing for an unpleasant task, but then she nodded.
Narcissa held her gaze and nodded, great compassion and understanding passing between them. Hermione said, "He sounded so different when Professor Snape and Mrs Malfoy were talking about him.
Tonks closed the wards behind her, praying that Narcissa's luck would hold, and grasped a Portkey of her own. She arrived out on the front lawn of Number 4 Privet Drive, landing with a little huff of breath. There was something about cataclysmic showdowns that brought out the theatre in people, Tonks reflected. Voldemort, however, did not quite fit the category of people anymore, and he didn't indulge in drama, either. The room went silent for a long, long moment as both Harry and Voldemort crumpled to the ground. The illusion unravelled around them, stone floors replaced with awful Muggle carpet, books replaced by DVDs, candelabras replaced by fluorescent lights.
Severus said this as he opened his eyes, then cringed and closed them again against the powerful Muggle street lights. Narcissa, leaning over him, forced out a little smile, but it was a miserable effort, made through tears and trembling lips. Narcissa summoned a rather strained smile at that, and leaned into his hand, cradling it with hers. She said with rather forced brightness, "The Order are rounding up the remaining Death Eaters. She whispered this as she sank down to her knees beside his body, after Draco had said his goodbyes and moved away. The tears she had been holding back all night spilled over as the light of the dawn lit on his features. He was with Muggle-Queen Anne - Lady Anne, he corrected, she preferred her title by birth - walking through the grounds of the Manor.
Anne's laughter rang out, so clear and high and lovely that he thought Nymphadora and the others must be able to hear it. He knew he was over the worst of it when he woke in his own bed, with Nymphadora asleep, curled up on top of the covers in the crook of his arm. Perhaps for the first time, he thought, catching Nymphadora's eye, all of it was completely and utterly true. It was a strange tableau in which Narcissa said this, seated by his side, cradling his hand against her cheek, this woman he loved second only to one.
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Thanks to your gentle, persistent encouragement, I am finally all caught up on The 100, and am now digging into the deliriously good part of fandom that houses all the Clarke and Lex fan fiction! I asked my Clexa-loving friends to recommend some fic to me, and these were their top 7 stories. Lexa is giving her a choice, Clarke slowly comes to understand, and her grip on her gun loosens.
Lexa is already settled into the passenger seat, buckled and everything, when Clarke slides back in. It is not so much that Clarke is mysterious, for, to Lexa, she is not; to Lexa, Clarke is an amalgamation of characteristics that she has seen before – but never presented in one form. For Clarke is strong, and kind, but she is also pliable; she is willing to do what must be done, but she is smart about doing so only when necessary.
Lexa feels angry at Clarke’s people – for Clarke will do (and has already done) everything for them, but the Sky People have no desire to see what her actions have wrought.
Clarke shook her head again as she took a step to head back, shaking away it all, away her relief at seeing her friend, at the safety she provided, at the day, at the entire past, and especially at trying to shake her head enough to rid her of the thought of Lexa’s eyes when her forehead furrowed in thought. There was no denying that she enjoyed this position, and she indulged in it for several minutes.
Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who grew up in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains and now lives in New York City with her partner, Stacy, and their herd of rescued pets.
I’d look up the authors and the links, but my ipad is strongly suggesting getting a replacement by taking five minutes to load an extra page and killing my comment in the process.

In 80% of AUs, Clarke is an artist, (not a doctor), while Lexa ranges from CEO to biker gal. Their secret loves and loyalties would, quite by accident, add the final layer to the force that might bring down the Dark Lord once and for all. Narcissa's pregnancy leads to soul searching - about the dilution of a Pureblood family, the extinction of the Houses of Malfoy and Black, and the triple defiance of the three in concealing their child's nature from their own Dark master. After years of indulging Narcissa and Severus, oblivious to the mastery of romantic love, Lucius learns first-hand about the craziness and folly of loving the wrong person. That he, like all of them, moved in concert with the forces that rise out of the very earth against darkness. Sybill had bustled in a few minutes ago, muttering about something about Potter and the Room of Requirement, but since then, she had been quiet.
She fibbed that she had come straight to Hogwarts from an Auror's pursuit, but Poppy was too upset to pay much attention anyway. But she was still a strong woman, strong enough to do what must be done, and while his loss tore at her, it would not break her.
This would be the second time he would see death here this day, and he was exhausted by death, exhausted by its chill and its smell and the way it seeped into his bones.
It had been breaking all year, really, as Draco shrank from him, mistrusted him, folding over on himself and trusting only his mother. He had wept slow, leaking tears that day, watched them meld with the water and the steam around them as he healed the boy. Made no effort to conceal his thoughts from the old man before him; he would acknowledge Draco at last to one of the few people who mattered.
As well he might, Tonks thought; the man he believed to be their betrayer was sitting there right along with the rest of the Order at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. She wondered, not for the first time, whether Severus had really told all he knew about that night.
It's unconscionable that Dumbledore gave such a task to a fifteen year old to do alone," Arthur said, taking up the thread. Well, Sirius had called her the smartest witch of her age; Tonks was rather inclined to agree. As though Nagini were not slithering casually around her feet as though it owned the bloody place. And I mean to make sure you live to do them." Draco held him back, shivering as Narcissa joined them, cradling them both.
The problem with a living creature, one that Voldemort had never considered, was its need to sleep.
She had the four of them with her, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville, Disillusioned, and the others in the Order guarded them.
He'd worn it since he was seventeen, she knew; he had to yank it brutally, so hard that she flinched.
His spells formed a predictable pattern, and none inflicted serious injury (although he did manage to take a chunk out of Remus' shoulder; she would have to have words with him for that).
Her part was to stay safe and keep them safe; on standby only for if the perfect moment arose. Lucius lowered his wand for a split second and reached for the boy, but Voldemort got there first, pulling him none-too-gently to his other side. She screamed, "Avada Kedavra ohgodLuciusno," and whirled around, clutching his ring and stretching out her hand. Voldemort had given a ferocious yelp of outrage at being thwarted, and people on both sides had scattered. She was very quiet and still for a long, long moment, but finally, she looked up, from Narcissa to Severus. You were mentioned by name, and there was an alliance in the Dark Lord's house to hide a son.
Then, as Voldemort locked eyes on him, he said, "Shit!" Tugging him by the arm, Harry raced down the hallway away from their pursuers, dodging curses as they went.
Nymphadora had set up a Portkey to use if suspicion fell on her, but then the others would be alerted to the trap. She should arrive only a minute or two after the rest of them; she would see if the illusion had held. Half of them are at the Manor, and the rest should fall within days." One of those was her sister, and she felt a pang at that, but only a pang. St Teneu's was closer now; he could see Nymphadora, Narcissa, and Severus talking with animation. Gradually realised that he could feel cool grass beneath his feet; that his hair was damp with mist - and that Lady Anne's was not. My hopes are at least one hundred percent better than they were an hour ago." Her voice was mild and pleasant, a thin veneer over nervous hands clenching and unclenching as she paced the chapel.
His semi-conscious moments had been punctuated with tears and smiles from Nymphadora and Narcissa and Draco and Severus (well, not so much with the tears and smiles from Severus), and his sleeping had been haunted by crazy technicolour dreams of Anne Boleyn. Stroked her hair with little nonsense sounds as she wept hard against him, her face buried, her thin shoulders shuddering silently. He crossed the room in three strides, sat down, and tucked his body in against Lucius like he was a child of three. Oblivious to their exchange, he came around her and set down Lucius' potions on the bedside table.
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In a world of forced decisions that stain Clarke’s hands with more blood than she can wash off in her lifetime, in this one instant, Clarke has a choice. The windows are opened just a crack and the radio is playing softly, though Lexa doesn’t recognize the tune coming from it.
This isn’t a vacation.” Lexa responds noncommittally, as if it were the most obvious thing on the planet. Clarke is not a mystery so much as a puzzle made of pieces that do not quite merge in line. She offers advice of things that she herself has learned throughout her rule that have saved her the agony that she now watches Clarke suffer through. They are content to live on and crucify Clarke for her decisions, believing her a monster, but they make no attempt to see what those decisions have cost her. Maybe they’d smell too bad to come out onto the pitch and play us.” Raven continues and Lexa purses her lips. She slips onto the bench across from Lexa, whose face is still flushed, and raises an eyebrow.
It was relaxing to just have Clarke in her arms, not worrying about impending war or the deadly wildlife. Checking, she realized that her partner had truly fallen asleep, most likely worn out from the long days of dancing, fighting, and being lectured. She has watched every TV show in history that features a queer female character and read every Harry Potter book between one and two million times. In the final battle, Nymphadora, Lucius, Severus and Narcissa are reunited - but none have the full picture, and sacrifices will be needed along the way.
It was a heavy tome, some horrid thing by her own ancestor Cassandra Trelawney, and the sound jolted him to his feet.
And then she'd had to come to the school and patrol like nothing had happened, like her world hadn't fallen apart. He knew when she was sick, he knew when she was on the rag, and she wouldn't put it past him to know when she'd had sex, either. It was completely understandable and right that Draco should do so, but it had hit him in the pit of his stomach, every time. That fact is not in dispute." Severus' face was paler than ever, if possible, but impassive. I understand that what happened in the Tower was extremely traumatic, but we need you to believe and trust us now. How can I trust a word you say?" Tonks bit back a sound of surprise; she was not aware of this part of the story. Torn between the destiny he'd been assured was his, his good opinion of Dumbledore, and his instinctive understanding of Dumbledore's manipulative nature. She placed an affectionate kiss on his cheek as though he were not filthy with Azkaban's grime and dirt, as though he were not exhausted and very nearly broken. It had hurt him, in some ways, disrupted his equilibrium by reminding him of what he'd lost, but it had been a talisman against the darkness, as well. And in the cool early autumn of September in Wiltshire, Nagini had begun to enter periods of hibernation, first short ones, then progressively longer. Worse, the blood protection over Harry, legacy of his mother's self-sacrifice, was running out.

It appeared, to their Dark counterparts, that the Order was simply engaged in a little bit of chivalry on her account, even at this late date.
His Scaly Nibs out there won't like it." He and the Carrows were already passing out the other door. Father and son would be held against each other til the end, til one or both were killed - by the Order, or by their own. The conjugal visit, over which he and Narcissa had rowed - needless risk, he'd said - and oh! Knew, too, that if she'd ever had any idea of his real power she'd never have dared defy him at all. The children were staring at her and she knew she had to stop and plan but she couldn't do it.
He reassured me that even if his mind broke, his protections around you and Draco would be the last part of him to go. He was standing, leaning against the mantle, as he so often did when something grave was being discussed. For a moment, she wished the Dark Lord would just do away with the wretched boy and be done with it.
The prophecy spoke of a woman who would kill to be kind, and in so doing, be bound to the alliance that is myself, Narcissa, and Lucius. Portkey!" She waited for Voldemort to turn, and made a show of tossing a goblet over their heads. Standing a little way off were a tired old Muggle couple and a big hulking teenager, shivering in the cool night air.
We've warded the whole property, though, so no matter what happens in there, the neighbours shouldn't see a thing. Felt like she could sit down and pick up Lucius' book and read his tiny annotations in the margins. He must have been thinking of you, as well as Draco and I when he did what he did." She stroked his face. His gaze had found their son, standing awkwardly a little distance off where she knelt with him in the grass.
Through the west window, he could see Narcissa with her arm around Nymphadora's shoulder, while Draco sat huddled in the east window, hugging himself. It is possible he will be given some kind of choice, on the strength of his self-sacrifice, but it's nothing we can influence either way. He could remember nothing coherent of the latter, but he supposed it might make a good dinner story later anyway. Eyes gleaming as she drew his hand to touch her belly - to touch their child, for the first time.
But besides that, you've been granted parole from Azkaban." At his questioning look, she explained, "It seems that people think you knew more about Draco's future role in bringing down Voldemort than you really did. They'd never been demonstrative, really - if anything, Lucius thought he'd probably been a rather hard father - but he found himself tugging the boy hard against him and holding him tight. He laid a hand on her shoulder as he passed, and she took it, squeezing it for a second before letting go.
Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve! I do trust you, Clarke, Lexa had told her between whispers of hope and genuine affection, and Clarke aches at the realization that Lexa holds strong to that trust, would put her life on the line to prove that even if Clarke will never be able to reciprocate that trust, she can still have hers. Clarke seems to though because she’s humming along to it the moment she settles down into the seat. But Lexa never told Clarke of the days she spent checking on her in the Sky Healer’s room.
She was one of the few women, in his experience, who did not feel it necessary to fill every moment with speech.
And then he'd want to know if it was the unknown man, and really, Tonks, this isn't good for you, anyone can see it, you have to let go. She stayed long enough to help her lay out the oils and flowers in preparation to tend to Sybill's body, soothing smells and gentleness, and somehow she felt it heal a little part of her, too. She was beautiful and strong and proud, and in that moment, were it not for Nymphadora, he thought he could have loved her. There were only two ways you were getting out of the Department of Mysteries – dead or captured. He had made one, guarded visit to his loveless home in Little Whinging to maintain it (Tonks, who had met Lily as a child, was as appalled by her sister Petunia as she was impressed by her fastidious housekeeping), but the clock was ticking down by the day.
However, if the Order won, he could plausibly - and probably truthfully - claim to be there under duress. There was only the Dark Lord and some of his army, the Order, and Potter and a handful of his friends. The chamber itself, heavy with shadows, centuries of fertility ritual and desperate, urgent lovers. Couldn't even begin to fathom a world where Lucius was gone and she'd been the one to do it, where she would have to tell their child one day what she had done.
He was under the same pressure to marry as I was, and my family would never have agreed to me marrying a half-blood.
Yaxley was fanatical, but obedient to the letter, while Rookwood lacked the initiative to kill without orders. Fortunately the downstairs rooms are just about the right size to double for the front reception rooms at the Manor.
It was something she had to fight off like a crushing weight on her chest, her breaths quick and harsh. A wave of grief swept over her, so hard and fast that it was like swooning, and she grasped onto the mantle for support.
We expected that Voldemort would try to kill him, and be killed by his own rebounding spell." He reached up and stroked her cheek. It is the most reckless and stupid thing Lexa has ever done, Clarke thinks as she lowers her gun and gathers ammunition of a different kind.
Her fingers are tapping against the steering wheel and she gets ready to put the car into drive. Her eyes seem to sparkle the way the light is reflecting on to them and Lexa swears she feels her stomach drop. Still, Clarke is determined to hold on to the scraps of her humanity, even in the darkest of times, and even when Lexa knows that it can lead only to Clarke’s own suffering. Get over here and talk some sense into your girlfriend.” Raven nearly yells across the Great Hall and Lexa’s head shoots up.
Unfortunately, her attempt at escape was rejected by the slumbering blonde, and Lexa found herself pulled down and wrapped in strong arms. He hastened on, "What he didn't know - what none of you knew - was that Dumbledore was dying. I passed on what I heard to the Dark Lord out of an adolescent desire for approval, but I had no idea it would lead to anyone at all. I would be most grateful." She smiled prettily at him, her eyes wide and her jaw dipped, just a little, in supplication. These filthy, common women are just too seductive for that." Voldemort turned his wand again.
Draco got there first, landing his hand on Neville's wrist, and Severus latched onto Draco, holding out his hand to Voldemort. He thought you were dead." She glanced up at Draco once more, thinking of the difficult days ahead, days of rebuilding bonds and families and lives.
Clarke has just walked in, speaking in hushed tones with Bellamy, but now she’s looking over at Raven and Lexa with an amused smile. It was agreed between them that should the situation require it, Severus would kill Dumbledore rather than forfeit his position within the Dark Lord's ranks. If you get hungry, just let me know and I’ll pull over.” Clarke says, looking over her shoulder for any oncoming cars.
Extinction would be better." He was still aiming his wand squarely at Tonks' belly, and Lucius flinched. You saw - you saw how the Dark Lord feels about tainting the bloodlines -" she couldn't finish, her eyes filling with tears, and she could see through filmy vision that Draco's face had gone very soft and his jaw trembled.

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