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Liz Adams is a fashion and personal style blogger living in the charming Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago with her husband, Dave, and their chocolate lab, Webster.
A little bit about Liz: she’s addicted to coffee, lives for to-do lists, wakes up with the sun, owns too many pairs of ballet flats, laughs at herself, loves to entertain, and believes that confidence is the best accessory. Sequins & Stripes started in 2011 as an outlet for Liz’s background in fashion and textiles and a place to document her personal style on a daily basis. I think it is so important to say “no” when need be as it can be so empowering!These tips are awesome, thanks so much for sharing! More than two years later, Liz has worked with a handful of fashion brands and labels, including Nordstrom, Kate Spade New York, Madewell, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, LOFT, Refinery 29, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s, Target, and Topshop, in both creative partnerships and brand representation.
You can pin and tweet whatever you’d like, as long as credit is given by linking back to the original post. Such a powerful little word that can get under our skin and either positively or negatively affect the way we feel about ourselves. These steps make an enormous difference in my day, the way I work, my relationships, my productivity levels – honestly, everything.
It’s so important to treat yourself in a good way and never forget that each of us are unique and precious! I have known all these things for a long time but I just needed that little nudge and gentle reminder.

Sequins & Stripes was most recently listed as a top fashion blog in Chicago by CBS Chicago and was featured in the SunTimes Splash as a blogger turned entrepreneur. In the past ten years I’ve noticed this internal transition from feeling confident and fearless in college, to insecure and confused in my mid-twenties, to comfortable, content, fulfilled and ultimately really happy with the now. I mean, I hope this is a no brainer because if there is someone in your life that doesn’t make you feel like the best version of yourself then shame on them. But yes, all of these are really great tips and I love how you’ve been putting out different types of posts lately! Love that you make a conscious effort to smile…they say it elevates your mood when you force a smile! I recently treated myself to a mani with Shellac and boy it makes you feel feminine and confident, definitely agree with that one…treat yourself! We do our very best to give credit where credit is due, however, if there is ever an image that is unintentionally and incorrectly linked to its origin, please email [email protected] and it will be fixed immediately. We are all guilty of falling victim to comparison which is why I do think it’s important to treat our beautiful selves because we are awesome and we deserve it.
For years I said yes and put myself into situations where I just didn’t feel comfortable. Something as little as a manicure, a new dress, a haircut, a workout class, getting my eyebrows waxed, new mascara, or a blow out can make a huge difference in my confidence level.

It immediately makes me come off as judgmental, critical, and insincere bitch and it wasn’t until my loved ones told me of this horrific quality that I learned the importance of a smile. They ended in bad choices both personally and professionally, poor relationships, and unhealthy behavior. Not only can a smile change the way you feel but it’s amazing the effect it can have on other people! Am I living it right?” This unsettling feeling was never associated with anyone else but myself {which I later learned was greatly related to my career path at the time} and that is when I realized the importance of being my own best friend. I love flashing a smile to random strangers on the street – talk about an immediate boost of confidence. I seriously make a conscious effort to curl up my lips to ensure that I’m not frowning. Trust me, avoid the RBF and smile people – it will make everyone around you happier too.

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