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I really want to believe that we can develop deep friendship, first of all, and then maybe more. I'm looking for a kind, affectionate tender, considerate, intelligent man with a good sense of humor and a desire to lead a healthy life. If you get a reply from the lady and want to write her back again you have to buy her address.
I enjoy interesting conversation, but the main for me is the soul and a good character of my partner. Please read our terms to learn more about sending the first letter to a lady or ladies you are interested in.

Very rarely you will find something like a perfect couple or a perfect marriage.  So you are not alone! A successful marriage is where an imperfect couple learn to accept & enjoy each other’s differences. Once you finish wedding planning, start planning your honeymoon so that you have enough time. It is very [ read more ] Tag : Wedding Menu, Examples of Marriage Profile for Guys, Resolving DifferencesThe Wedding DayYou have reached the venue; the D Day is here! This is the time when you are alone with your spouse to spend some of the most romantic & beautiful moments of your life.

I am always grateful for something good made for me, and I usually expect that my partner will be also responsive.

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