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Finding this inner calmness and peace is coupled closely with finding the inner self, the part of us that is divine. Searching for Answers Mar 13, 16 07:23 PMI lost the man of my dreams due to certain circumstances and the hardest part was our love for each other still remains. How to intercommuniate with god Feb 25, 16 12:08 PMI want to learn the art of intercommunication with god. Finding Inner Peace Pinterest Pictures, Finding Inner Peace Facebook Images, Finding Inner Peace Photos for Tumblr.
Finding Inner Peace Through GratitudeNovember 26, 2015 - BY Rose CaiolaSHAREHow can we get 6 billion people around the world to practice Thanksgiving?
If you think gratitude is just about saying “thank you,” as a way to show appreciation, think again.
Emmons and other researchers identify the social aspect as being especially important to gratitude.
The center notes that “gratitude encourages us not only to appreciate gifts but to repay them (or pay them forward); the sociologist Georg Simmel called it the moral memory of mankind.” Beautifully put—Thank you Georg Simmel! Rewire Me founder Rose Caiola is a happy and grateful mother, wife, daughter, business leader, writer, teacher, speaker, and investigator of a number of disciplines that promote wellness. If so, we would like to invite you to continue reading because we would show you shortly how you can make this dream come true. Here's a quick quiz that could make a dramatic impact on the way you continue living your life.
Do you wonder how others can stay calm and make rational decisions no matter how worrisome or upsetting the situation might seem?
ChargedAudioa„? Award Winning Subliminal Technology utilizes Revolutionary and Powerful Brainwave Technology to aid you in reaching new heightened levels of awareness.
Wave Repose Technology TM (WRT) a€“ To assist in inducing relaxation and proper breathing patterns for your maximum acceptance of subliminal messages. Matrix Dimensional Binaural Beats TM (MDBB) a€“ Our latest and newest technology that is much more effective than ordinary binaural or dual binaural beats. Dual Subliminal Scripting a€“ Triggering responses from both hemispheres of your brain for enhanced and accelerated results. Reverse Messaging a€“ Messages are encoded in reverse manner to circumvent the critical senses of your conscious mind to produce long term positive results. ChargedAudioa„? NLP Subliminal serve as a powerful tool to help you in achieving your goals. At ChargedAudioa„? , we are so sure of the success that this incredible product would bring you that we are willing to put the entire risk on us. To get maximum results from our audio programs, we highly recommend that you listen to the program every morning after waking up and every night before going to bed.
WARNING : You should not listen to these NLP Subliminals while in a car or while operating machinery.
Research, he says, “shows that making an oath to perform a behavior increases the likelihood that the action will be executed. Grateful people, he says “have a particular linguistic style that uses the language of gifts, givers, blessings, blessed, fortune, fortunate, and abundance. Because being grateful offers so many benefits important to our lives, I agree: We should practice Thanksgiving every day.

Along her ongoing journey to self-awareness and self-improvement she saw the need for a destination resource for everyone seeking ideas and information for well-being. This State-of-the-Art programming encodes powerful positive affirmations through Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) commands beneath the soothing sounds of nature music, stimulating your brain in its relaxed meditative state.
Start with a 5-minute meditation session to clear your mind before listening to our audio program. Robert Emmons, a leading scientific expert on gratitude, explains in a Greater Good essay just why Gratitude Is Good.
Exposure to ChargedAudioa„? Subliminal Technology programming process can be a life changing experience. It even knows that we are unique and wonderful beyond any knowing our intellect allows for. In fact, the concept was so alien to me that the words “stillness” and “serenity” weren’t even in my personal dictionary.
No matter what task you've chosen to accomplish, you will feel yourself becoming a more powerful, confident, and dynamic person as this programming process continues. This conflict between the intellect or egoic mind and the God within us is the great struggle in everyone's lives and sadly, most of us lose to the ego.Any search for this inner state of being is the divine trying to get through the illusion of life we have come to accept. Peace was a completely foreign concept to me.But if you’re at the same place that I was a few years ago, you'll realize that something in your life must absolutely change. Even our searching, while earnest, lands us outward to more egoic devices and constructs, which we believe will get us where we want to go.
You’ll realize that there is no way in hell you can continue down the same path you’ve gone, that is, unless you want to enjoy the rest of your life! And you will come to understand, eventually, that the tension, pain, sadness, stress and dread that you feel right now is a catalyst of change in your life. This change is the impetus you need to grow more and live better.Finding Inner Peace Among TurmoilDemand, pressure, aggression, betrayal, disappointment, maltreatment, unwelcomed surprises … life is unpredictable and oftentimes chaotic. Expecting that life and people should be different.Here’s the truth: you can expect, and expect, and expect, and expect … but what happens at the end of the day? And hear this: our expectations are usually unconscious, in other words, we aren’t aware that we are demanding so much from other people and life itself.
And that’s just life.Solution: Would you prefer to resist the truth of this present moment, or would you prefer to become a lover of reality? Here are some examples, “My husband should spend more time with me like he did when we were first married,” “My boss should care more about my feelings,” “My friend should not be such a loud-mouth; I wish she could be different,” “I should be more successful,” etc.
Holding on to grudges and resentments.Grudges + resentments = self-righteousness … and feeling righteously indignant is extremely ADDICTIVE in a toxic way. When we obsessively store away past wrongdoings from others we are essentially telling ourselves, “I have the right to be angry at this person. I have a right to perpetuate my own misery.” But on your deathbed will you really care about who is right and who is wrong?
Choosing NOT to experience your emotions.None of us like feeling uncomfortable emotions, and so it’s very common for us to suppress or avoid them. Just because your feelings temporarily disappear doesn’t mean that they are completely gone.
While it may be very difficult at first to experience your emotions, you will thank yourself sincerely in the long run.

Getting lost in the past or future.Time travel isn’t real honey, or at least, not in my world! The reality is that the past and future don’t exist in this present moment; all that exists right now is NOW. By getting lost in past regrets or future fears we completely lose touch with the grounded present moment. Inevitably this = heartache, tension and overload … the stuff nervous breakdowns are made of!Solution: Use your emotions as triggers, or alternatively use the uncomfortable sensations in your body as wake-up calls to ground yourself. The obsessive need to control.As a control freak myself I know how much it sucks to constantly be in a frazzled, wired state. If you have the obsessive need to control everything you will be a master planner who tries to predict and coerce every situation into what YOU want, or feel you can handle. Take a look at this article on perfectionism to get an idea of how to reduce your need to control.6.
In a world where we’re taught to gain our self-worth from external achievements and how popular we are, it’s almost inevitable that nearly all of us fall into this trap.
When we override our authentic selves in order to be more likable and acceptable, we give away our personal power. Playing the martyr or victim.Adopting the role of a martyr or victim in any circumstance is an act of self-sabotage on an unconscious level.
A victim is someone who believes that they have no personal power and that they are a casualty of fate.
A martyr is a person who sacrifices themselves unnecessarily for others, using this as a form of manipulation. Victims and martyrs are sustained by a barrage of unrealistic, illogical and harmful beliefs such as, “I can’t change my destiny,” “Humanity is always selfish,” “My self-worth comes from how much I give,” and so forth. Being slow to forgive yourself.Refusing to forgive yourself of any perceived failure, flaw or deficiency is the product of low self-esteem. A poisonous person is someone who restricts your self-growth and who brings you down more than raises you up.
Poisonous people are like black holes: they drain your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy leaving you like a hollow husk of your former self. If you are not grounded and if you don’t have the soulful capacity to tolerate poisonous people, the end result can be grim. After all, it's said that we are the end product of the five people we interact with the most in life.
Are the people in your social circle supportive and encouraging, or are they jealous, demeaning and cynical?
If it’s not possible to cut away these people from your life right now, I recommend keeping your distance and taking regular breaks from them.Here’s What You Can Do Now …Re-read this article, particularly the “solution” parts of every point and think about how you can implement the advice into your life. Change can start in this very moment if you allow it.Finally, I recommend that you take time out every day to enjoy stillness.
You are this stillness at your very core.Any recommendations or experiences on finding inner peace?

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