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Nowi (??, Nono, Nono in the Japanese version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is voiced by Kumi Tanaka in the Japanese version and by Hunter MacKenzie Austin in the English version. At some point in the past, Nowi was captured by humans and was auctioned off among numerous men several times. After the war, if Nowi is not married, she will try to live away from humans, but longed for their company so she embarked on a journey to find her old comrades. Her support with Tharja reveals that her parents are dead, though Tharja, in an attempt to not hurt Nowi's feelings, refers to them as in "a far away place". In her supports with Nah, she reveals that she deliberately acts childish and playful to cheer up others. Nowi, despite her true age, mostly acts like a child, but this is revealed to be a deliberate act to cheer others up which in turn shows how mature she truly is. As a Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, or Griffon Rider, Nowi has better strength and resistance growths over Cherche, but slightly less in speed and skill.
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Lucina (???, Rukina) is Chrom's future daughter, a playable character, and is one of the three main protagonists (tritagonist) from Fire Emblem Awakening. According to the official Japanese website, she is voiced by Yu Kobayashi.[1] She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the English version. Lucina is the daughter of Chrom from the future and has the mark of Naga, known as the Brand of the Exalt, on her left eye. Like the present timeline, Lucina was born to Chrom and his wife nearly a year after the Ylisse-Plegia War.
Upon arrival from the future, Lucina instantly comes to Chrom and Lissa's aid when a Risen nearly kills Lissa. Two years after Gangrel's defeat by the hand of Chrom, the present timeline's Lucina is born to Chrom and his wife. After talking to the new king of Plegia, Validar, Chrom and the Avatar prepare to depart the next day. After capturing Fort Steiger from the Valmese, Chrom receives alarming news that the forces up to the north were crushed by Walhart's forces, and the forces to the south were destroyed by Yen'fay's forces. After preventing Walhart's conquest, Validar sends a message to Chrom so he can give the final gemstone for the Fire Emblem. Later at The Dragon's Table, Lucina witnesses the Avatar killing Chrom again and cries out in horror. After defeating the Fell Dragon, if Lucina is not S-supported with anyone, she goes to Ylisstol and whispers to her infant self that she will live a better life than she did and promptly leaves, leaving no trace of what happens to her after. In her support conversations with Chrom, she asks to spar with him in order to improve her swordplay. During her support conversation with her sibling, Lucina will attempt to persuade them to test their compatibility with Falchion, noting that it is important for them to be able to use the legendary sword if, by chance, she dies in battle. In an alternate timeline, where Grima has successfully taken over the land, Lucina is first seen waiting for her friends to recover the five jewels and the Fire Emblem. Half a year later, Lucina is now Ylisse's new Exalt and occasionally meets with the rest of "Chrom's New Shepherds" from time to time. If Lucina is the only child character left, the Avatar, who has managed to take control of their body from Grima, teleports Chrom and his Shepherds away to their own time.
Lucina makes an appearance in Fire Emblem Fates, and requires her amiibo in order to be playable. Lucina is a strong willed and driven woman who is determined to alter the dark future she came from. Despite her serious and stoic persona, Lucina has childish moments around her parents and siblings in their supports. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at its talk page or improve the page and remove the {{Delete}} tag. Find a sacred sword and use it to save a kingdom in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, a remake of the 1990 NES classic from Japan.
One hundred years since Medeus was slain and the Kingdom Altea founded on the continent of Akaneia, Medeus is back and it falls to exiled prince, Marth, to save the kingdom from ruination. Fire Emblem returns to its roots with a total overhaul of an NES classic never before released in America. Take the battle online and clash with players around the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You are the general: Shape your army to suit your strategy by selecting from dozens of characters with unique spells and abilities. Touch-screen controls, multiple save options and an easy-to-follow tutorial allow novice players to jump into the action, even if they've never played a Fire Emblem game before. Borrow units wirelessly or through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and use them in your own battles with the Loan Unit feature.
Six levels of difficulty ensure that even seasoned players can find a challenge in this new entry into the Fire Emblem series. Purchase rare and powerful items using the gold you've acquired during your single-player campaign with the Online Shop feature.
Play through the events that brought Marth to the beginning of his quest through a new set of prologue chapters that were specially added to the game for its Nintendo DS release. You'll need to think fast and plant faster to fend off this mob of helmet-clad, pole-vaulting zombies. Made for Nintendo DS, this game is a sequel to the fifth generation of Pokemon games, known as Pokemon Black & Pokemon White. If she is married, people often whisper that her husband continued to age while she remained youthful. She is concerned with Nah's usage of her dragonstone to train, as it is too powerful to train with. However, players will need to use her sparingly until reaching Chapter 12 when Dragonstones can be bought unless SpotPass Tiki is available to sell Dragonstone+.
Keep in mind, when Nowi reclasses, she will retain her Dragon weakness even if that class has no unit weakness associated with it. However due to her low resistance, Nowi will have to worry about Wind magic more than ever and should be cautious around archers despite her high defense growths.
While she looks young and likes to play outside with children, she is actually over 1,000 years old and counting.
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She is a kind and determined princess with a strong sense of justice, who believes that saving the world is her mission. However, before Chrom can thank her, she temporarily leaves, leaving Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, and the Avatar to fight off the remaining Risen that appeared from the portal. When Khan Basilio volunteers to stall their army, Lucina steps in to try and stop him since, in her timeline, Basilio perished when he went. On the way to the castle, Lucina sees what appears to be Grima's remains, telling Chrom that Grima must not be resurrected in this timeline. She then learns that this was all a ruse by Chrom and the Avatar and they swiftly defeat Validar.

It can be presumed that she lived the rest of her life under a new alias, or returned back to her own time knowing that all would be well in the present timelime. Tiki arrives and surprises her, as Lucina had sent many of her soldiers to protect Tiki at the shrine. They proceed to tell Lucina that she must complete the Awakening before they awaken from their slumber, as she is humanity's last hope for survival. When she appears in My Castle for the first time, she introduces herself to the Fates Avatar and remarks excitedly towards their castle and kind comrades. Due to the countless deaths and horrific events of the future, she dislikes any form of death, even "noble" ones. In fact, she is paranoid of the female Avatar if she is not her mother, worried that she'll steal away Chrom from her mother because of their close relationship.
Turn-based gameplay challenges the player’s strategic thinking, with the nature of the terrain, the strength of enemy forces and the positioning of your own units all needing careful consideration. Success for Marth and his comrades rests on finding his father’s sacred sword, Falchion and the Fire Emblem. New features include touch-screen controls, multiple save options and easy-to-follow tutorial chapters that shed new light on Marth's story. You can also borrow units to use in your army, talk with friends using the built-in Nintendo DS microphone and even buy rare and powerful items from the Online Shop using in-game currency. But guide your army wisely, because if a character falls on the battlefield, he's lost forever. You never know what items you might come across, because new items rotate in and out of the armory on a daily basis. She is the mother of Nah and can be the potential mother of Morgan. Her birthday is September 21. She apparently shows no aversion to snakes or eating one—although cooked—and learns new things quickly in her support with the Avatar. However in the end, she explains that her constant playing around also serves as her training regimen. Despite this however, Nowi is well aware of her Manakete status and, like Tiki, is afraid of being alone, knowing that one day, her human friends will die while she continues to live on for many more millennia. Once the issue of weapon usage is sorted, Nowi becomes an incredible unit, having a slightly better strength and defense growth rate over Tiki, but losing out on some resistance and luck growths.
As a Mage and Sage, Nowi's growth rates are near identical to Ricken's and has better defensive growth rates than him. Swordbreaker is a good skill to apply to Nowi in her Manakete class to deal with Wyrmslayers and Quick Burn makes Nowi a powerhouse in initial turns. After Chrom's death at the hands of the Grima, Lucina inherited the Falchion and attempted to fight Grima. After the battle, she introduces herself as Marth and then promptly leaves, warning them of greater dangers to come. After clearing nearly all of the Risen, a Risen assassin suddenly warps behind him, but Lucina steps in and protects her father.
Nevertheless, Basilio's resolve is stronger than Lucina's warning, though Flavia decides to go to increase his chances of survival. Upon reaching Plegia's castle, Validar betrays the group and tries to seize the Fire Emblem from Chrom, forcing them to flee. Lucina tells him that she is taking as much time as she can to spend time with him, because once the world is saved, she will leave Chrom. Lucina sets up a log and tells them to cut it with Falchion, stating that if the Falchion accepts them, the log will be cut, otherwise the blade would not damage the log if it did not. However, Tiki tells her that despite her assistance, the Risen eventually overran Mount Prism. Grima continues talk with Lucina, telling her how they were responsible for the death of her father, scores of Ylisseans and her friends that she sent out to get the gemstones, to her horror. She claims that she is a lost child and that she suddenly arrived at their castle after becoming lost in a lonely road, though she states that she is used to being in unfamiliar places.
If Odin, Laslow, or Selena are present and face her, she calls them by their real names - Owain, Inigo, and Severa respectively - and all four are surprised to see each other again. She has a odd taste for fashion from buying a rather unattractive dress for her mother featuring pictures of Emmeryn in their C-Support, wearing bizarre Groucho-Marx glasses in the official Awakening comics and drama cds, and buying or owning numerous pairs of bear-fur hair ornaments in both the drama CDs, and in her appearance in Fates. The Nintendo DS’s Touch Screen enables quick placement of units, and players can battle over the internet or against one another in the same room, in wireless battles, using their own characters with their own special skills and experience. Only when these are united in Marth’s hands will he be able to confront the dark pontifex Gharnef, avenge the murder of his father and kidnap of his sister, destroy Medeus once and for all and win back the kingdom of Altea.
New players can jump into the action, even if they've never played a Fire Emblem game before. Nowi was eventually spotted by the Grimleal who decided to use her as an offering to Grima, but as fate would have it, they encounter Chrom's army in Border Sands, who was on the way to save Emmeryn.
Nevertheless, Nowi continues to live everyday, enjoying the time she has with everyone in the army. However, Nowi will gain HP every level up much like Tiki, leaving her defenses to be a little less dangerous stat.
Miriel is much faster, skilled, and stronger magically, but has lower defensive stat growths than Nowi. Lancebreaker, Deliverer and Tantivy are also useful skills to consider using in her Manakete class. Her sword, the Parallel Falchion, was originally thought to be a separate weapon from Chrom's Falchion, but was later revealed to be a version of the same weapon brought back from the future.
Lucina never learned who killed her father, however her only clue was that her father's murderer was someone close to him.
Later, during a tournament at Arena Ferox, Lucina defeats Basilio's original champion, Lon'qu, thus becoming his new champion for the tournament. Chrom is still curious as to who she is and Lucina can no longer bear to hide her secret from him. Chrom, the Avatar, and Lucina nearly make it out of the castle, but Validar warps in and weakens Chrom.
Grima reveals that he is indeed the one who possessed the Avatar in the alternate future and followed Lucina into the past.
However Chrom tells her that she will have a place in his heart and that she does not have to disappear once the war ends. Although they swing at the log, they miss, and the two will reconcile, agreeing that they took the matter too seriously, promising to protect each other or each other's sake.
Suddenly, a cloaked figure arrives and attempts to kill Lucina, but Tiki protects her and takes the blow instead.
However, Odin, Laslow, and Selena can tell that this Lucina is not exactly their Lucina, but rather a facsimile from the world of Super Smash Bros. Lucina is willing to do whatever it takes to see that Chrom stays alive, even if it means going against her wish for no needless deaths. Lucina has a rather dry sense of humor, and is the least likely to get a joke out of everyone in the Shepherds. Upon seeing her in battle for the first time, the Avatar and Chrom are surprised when she shifts into her Manakete form. Nowi has moments showing her maturity, especially with her children to whom she uses mature language and shows such emotion making sure to care for them and raise them the only way she knows how.
Once she learns Wyrmsbane, Nowi becomes an effective anti-Wyvern Rider and Wyvern Lord unit.

Nowi performs surprisingly well as a Sage, although her offensive properties are slightly lacking compared to Ricken and Miriel.
Nowi will need to be especially careful in the Griffon Rider class as she will have Beast, Flying, and Dragon weaknesses. Remembering his sacrifice, Chrom's army finally take down Walhart's forces, once and for all. He is able to revive the dragon body of the present Grima, causing Lucina to look in horror as she remembered what had happened in her future. In her support conversations with her mother, she attempts to find clothing that would be considered "fashionable" (with humorous results).
After Lucina leaves, her sibling will attempt to cut the log one more time, however they believe that they missed again. Lucina attempts to use a staff on Tiki to heal her, but she refuses, telling her that it should be used for the others before dying. However, the Avatar refuses as they can speak their mind freely as Grima was weakened by Chrom and his Shepherds.
She then offers them one of two accessories which the player chooses, a Bear Hat or her own Butterfly Mask, as a token of her appreciation and promises to meet them again should they ever need her, no matter how far she travels.
After the battle, Lucina and the Avatar remark on each other's power and Lucina requests to join the Avatar's party.
Nevertheless, she is obedient to Chrom and puts her trust in her father's judgements, showing a strong bond of trust with her father.
After dealing with the Grimleal and protecting them, Nowi and Gregor decide to join Chrom's army.
Nowi also upon joining the army, immediately understands her cheerful impact on the army and acts accordingly to keep the army's morale up. She wakes up later than anyone else in the army.
As one of the three guaranteed playable manaketes in the game, Nowi should remain a Manakete given that the Dragonstone bonuses raises all of her stats on top of any Pair Up Bonuses, but only after grabbing a few useful skills from her reclasses. Nowi makes a great Dark Knight from her high strength and magic growth rates and modestly balanced overall growth rates.
Depending upon whom Chrom marries, Lucina can be the sister of Male Morgan, Inigo, Cynthia, Kjelle, or Brady, or be an only child. With the world on the brink of destruction, Lucina was down to 11 of her closest allies, the other children of the Shepherds.
As he gazes closely into her eye, he sees the Brand of the Exalt, the exact same one that his infant daughter has back at Ylisstol. After seeing the event unfold, Lucina realizes that the Avatar was the one who murdered Chrom, despite that act was against their will. Nonetheless, all is not lost, as the Avatar managed to steal the Fire Emblem from Validar before it was dropped into the Dragon's Table. In the end she buys infant clothing for the Lucina of the "current" timeline, noting that her mother appears to be thinking of her infant-self back at the castle. After mourning her death, Lucina will meet up Gerome, Laurent, and Severa, who hands her the Fire Emblem and one of the Jewels. While the Avatar fears that Lucina would not approve of the path they have chosen, Lucina reassures them that during their fight, she realized that they are pursuing the same justice as she is and asks them not to falter in this matter.
Lucina bears a resemblance to Marth and has been mistaken as him by Tiki when she is introduced.
It's also hinted that Nowi has been in slumber for some number of years, so her appearance is younger.
Focus raises her critical hit rate when she is isolated from other allied units and Lifetaker, her only health regenerative skill, regenerates half of her max health when she defeats an enemy.
She is also Owain's cousin and possibly Female Morgan's cousin as well if the Avatar marries Lissa or Emmeryn. Naga approached Lucina and her comrades and opened a portal into the past as a last ditch effort to prevent the resurrection of Grima. Lucina appears before the attempt and tells Chrom that she will protect him from an assassin hiding in a nearby bush. After escaping the castle, Lucina reluctantly decides to kill the Avatar to prevent this, who can choose to accept her judgement or not. Now with the power to take down Grima, Lucina aids Chrom and the Avatar for the final battle with Grima. Her mother will thank Lucina, and remind her that despite being from a different timeline, she is still her daughter and that she loves her. However, Chrom appears later on, discovering the log and noting that someone has made a clean cut. They concede and happily welcome Lucina into the army, where she becomes a playable character for the rest of the current game. Tiki also remarks that her involuntary actions around camp when helping others further likens her to Marth himself. Tomefaire raises her magic by 5 but this is only limited to her staying in these magic classes. Regardless of the Avatar's choice, as she is about to kill the Avatar, Chrom, who watching the scene unfold steps in and stops her. Despite this support conversation, Lucina's sibling cannot wield the Falchion at all during the game.
Refusing his offer, the party is about to be destroyed when the Shepherds from the other timeline suddenly appear to aid them in their battle.
Slow Burn can be considered, but by the time the skill has a noticeable effect on Nowi, the map most likely will be cleared unless on a higher difficulty or maps with high turn counts like Chapter 20, Paralogue 23, and the Final Chapter. However, a second assassin appears, and manages to cut her mask off, but Chrom kills the second assassin. After, Chrom brings Lucina to her mother, who cannot believe that she is their future daughter.
Lucina does her best to convince her father that killing the Avatar is for the greater good, but Chrom places his trust in the Avatar, and Lucina puts her faith in their bond to overcome what lies in the future. After Grima's first defeat, he attempts to kill Chrom once again, however the battle had weakened him enough for the Avatar to regain temporary control over his body, and send the Shepherds back to their own timeline. After seeing the Brand in her eyes, her mother happily accepts Lucina and the two embrace each other. Alternatively, if Lucina is married to the male Avatar, regardless of his choice, she will not go through with it when the Avatar makes his last request for her to find someone to keep her happy.
The remaining children arrive with the four remaining jewels, and with the help of Tiki, whose spirit becomes the new Naga, Lucina performs the Awakening ritual and manages to kill Grima once and for all.
During the attempt, Panne appears and Lucina tells Chrom that she is not hostile towards them.
Collecting herself from the reunion, Lucina reveals to Chrom, the Avatar, and Lissa of the apocalyptic future she came from where the Shepherds were all killed, leaving behind only their children. In addition, if her mother is the female Avatar, regardless of her choice, Lucina cannot bring herself to kill her own mother. After Validar's death, Emmeryn thanks her and she leaves, believing that the future has been altered.

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