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Get ready to take your project to the next level with PFL's custom printing and finishing options! Use the color swatches on the bottom of this guide to help select and specify your color choices. The RGB color space uses Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B) light in different combinations to display color on your computer monitor. What you see on your monitor (or even your desktop printer) may not match what is produced with high-quality graphic arts printing. The settings used during the original "capture" of an image (ie: scanning, digital camera, etc) determine its base resolution.
Recommended minimum resolution for printing is 300 dpi; computer monitors generally have a display setting of 72 or 96 dpi. Up-sampling is when a low resolution image is saved to a higher resolution with no changes in dimensions. The swatches below are CMYK color builds, shown with their "recipes," or C-M-Y-K percentages.

Clean lines, organized structure and minimal clutter will ensure that people read and remember your piece.
Commercial printing presses print with ink instead of light, and therefore produce a different range of color.
Comparing your monitor to what our presses produce will show you what color variance may exist, and help you envision the final outcome of your printed piece. Resolution can only be improved by decreasing the image size, or by recapturing the image at a higher quality setting. If we indicate that some of your images have low resolution, they may look fine on your computer monitor but will likely appear blurry or pixelated in print.
This resolution is good for quick transmission over the internet, but is not acceptable for use in printing.
Type smaller than 24 point should be made with 3 or fewer of the CMYK colors to avoid mis-registration.
After your piece is printed, we will trim off that extra .125" all the way around, leaving you with color all the way to the edges!

Because of this, it is necessary to convert all RGB colors to the 4-color printing process, also called CMYK - Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K). Example: a 2" x 2" image at 300 dpi (acceptable) enlarged to 4" x 4" has a new resolution of 150 dpi (unacceptable). The only way resolution can be improved is by decreasing the image size, or by recapturing the image at a higher quality setting. This should give you an idea of how the colors on your final printed piece may compare to your same piece when viewed on your monitor. You can also compare the image with the same image on the uncoated Design Guide (Part 2) to determine what paper stock is best for you project. If you have a solid black area larger than two square inches, we recommend using a "rich black" for a darker, more uniform color.

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