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If you have ever had one of those days when your head seems to be up in the clouds and you simply cannot focus, then you’ll understand the need for grounding. Though these companies avoid the word “meditation” and prefer to refer to their practices as straight forward relaxation, the processes are the same. Grounding meditation is about creating focus and relaxation, as well as refreshing the mind and body so as to create more energy. Grounding meditations usually involve use of the imagination, specifically using the imagination to visualise the body in contact with the ground. A simple grounding visualisation can be achieved by imagining a silver cord rising through from the ground, up the spine and into the sky. Once you reach the white light, follow the cord back down to your spine and then into the floor. When you practice this visualisation you will feel more connected to the world around you and more aware of your own body. The reason I teach meditation is because as a sensitive intuitive person I can’t imagine living without it.
When I first took a meditation class, they taught me that I had an energy field around me that had a unique vibration to me. This simple meditation technique of spiritual grounding that I learned over 20 years ago, I still use today and it has had a profound effect on my life. I urge you to try spiritual grounding especially if you are easily affected by the energy and emotions around you. I also recommend you check out my recorded meditations where you will you learn about grounding, and you will also learn other meditation and energetic techniques that have helped me as a sensitive person step into my power and hopefully will be useful to you as well.
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Cecilia is a gifted and compassionate intuitive healer and meditation teacher who is passionately dedicated to helping sensitive and intuitive people tap into their soul power to live strong, balanced, and purposeful lives. This is why many meditators using grounding techniques before going to a meeting or completing important work.
Let’s say, for instance, that an employer wants their staff to take some time to contemplate and reflect on their work; they will usually incorporate some kind of grounding meditation.
This cord keeps going ever higher, into the universe, where it meets a bright white light that expands infinitely.
See the cord rising from the ground, through your spine, out through the centre of your head, up to the stars and then meeting a bright white light that expands ever outwards. Imagine this chord being in contact with the ground, then downwards through the surface, travelling through the earth until it comes to the centre of the earth, a big burning ball of fire.
See the silver cord reaching from the bright light of the universe, through your body and down to the fiery depths of the earth. These affirmations can be spiritual—for instance, “I am one with the universe” –or practical—“I am focussing on my work and being highly productive,” for instance. As an intuitive person, (and I assume that if you are reading this you are sensitive and intuitive as well) I have always experienced the energy around me.
I just knew as a child that there were dark and scary feeling places in the house I grew up in that actually made my body feel cold when I went near them. They simply taught me how to make an energetic connection from the base of my spine all the way down to the center of the earth.
After working on the computer for a few hours and I start to feel spacey I take a grounding break where I go outside on the lawn, take my shoe and socks off, and I release any tension and any static energy I might be feeling from being in front of electrical equipment all day. Just put your feet flat on the ground (sitting or standing) and imagine a connection from the base of your spine all the way down to the center of the earth.

These techniques then lead to more relaxed and focussed employees who perform their jobs more effectively. I knew that after being out in a large crowd all day I would be exhausted, hear voices, and see images of people in my head the entire night preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep.
You can imagine the trunk of a big redwood tree, a cord, an anchor, a waterfall, a rainbow, a slide, a beam of light . I also routinely would feel the emotions or physical pains of the people around me often feeling sad or angry in the presence of others who were feeling sad or angry. They suggested that I release any energy that didn’t feel good to me down the grounding cord to the center of the earth. I start every personal meditation session and every single meditation class I teach with grounding! I change the image I use all the time, but I do recommend that you start with the image of a tree trunk and imagine the roots anchoring into the earth. Then just allow the pull of gravity to help you release any energy that is not yours that you might’ve picked up during the day. Finish, by replenishing your energy supply by imagining a big ball of golden light (or any other color that feels good to you) filling up your entire body and energy field.

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