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In the early 1980s he took the name Rama, and formed Lakshmi, a spiritual center that had students in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Rama taught meditation and self-discovery through a variety of pathways including Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, kundalini yoga, and mysticism. During this time he recodified the ancient pathways to enlightenment that had flourished in the high civilizations of Atlantis, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Tibet. He taught meditation and enlightenment in the same way that enlightened sages always have - through empowerments and the direct transmission of mind. He also made over 100 audio tapes discussing many aspects of self-discovery from a wide variety of viewpoints. In the late 1980s he began teaching on the east coast again, giving public classes in New York and seminars for his students.
In the mid 1990s he wrote two books about Buddhism and meditation: Surfing the Himalayas and Snowboarding to Nirvana. This beautiful wall calendar features classic images of Tibetan thangka paintings by artists living in Nepal. With your decision to order this home method system, you have taken the first step toward making positive changes in your life forever.
All of these CD's have been therapeutically designed to help you receive the maximum benefits and are recorded in stereo, to give a more meaningful effect. I am truly excited about the results that people have received from listening to these CD's. When listening to the CD go to a room where you can be reasonably sure you will not be disturbed by the telephone or by other people coming in while you are listening to the CD, as you will be in a deep, relaxed state.
If you wear contact lenses and are unable to leave them in while taking a nap, you should remove them before listening to this CD. Do not listen to any hypnotic CD's or meditation CD's while driving a car or while operating any machinery or equipment. When you listen to the hypnotic CD, you will enter a very pleasant, peaceful and profound state of complete relaxation. So just let go and relax while listening to the CD and enjoy all the benefits you will receive and allow the positive changes to take place. Hypnosis was used during both World War II and the Korean War in the treatment of battle fatigue for pain control. Hypnosis is not a new practice, although hypnosis is still a highly misunderstood practice. Controversy surrounding hypnosis comes largely from religious circles, who believe that by giving up your control during hypnosis, such as allowing yourself to be put into a sleep-like trance, you are allowing the devil to take control.
Although the word hypnosis itself comes from the Greek word hypnosis, which means sleep, hypnosis itself is not a state of sleep. Hypnosis occurs during the alpha state of brain activity, which is when our brain activity slows and in which we experience deep relaxation, producing hypnosis.
We hypnotize ourselves every day, moving in and out of altered states of consciousness, without even thinking about it.
When hypnotized, you are in an altered state of consciousness, and your subconscious mind is in charge.

Meditation is a way to quiet your body, heart and mind, and is an invaluable way to de-stress your life and yourself.
Meditation is just as important as any of the other things you do as part of your “quiet time”—prayer, self-hypnosis, relaxation—anything you do to shut out the outside world and take time for yourself. Meditation is also as important as the other things you do as part of your normal daily routine—taking a bath or shower, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, going to work, eating, etc.—these are all things you do to take care of your body, or your outer self. During meditation, you can get in touch with that part of yourself that you unconsciously suppress—your true nature.
Through meditation you learn to release negative thoughts and emotions that rage within you and keep you from losing the simple ability to just be still.
On May 15th, 2012, Jeff Griswold appeared as a guest on the Conscious Evolution radio show hosted by Dr.
He grew up in Connecticut, attended the University of Connecticut, Phi Beta Kappa, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he received his Ph.D. The dharma talks that Rama recorded during the 1980s and 1990s are available as free mp3s here. In 1983 he published a book, The Last Incarnation, that contained stories by his students about studying with Rama. Most meditators cannot enter samadhi, but anyone who meditated with Rama at a seminar experienced enlightenment as he entered nirvikalpa samadhi. He also began developing several software systems, including graphics games, database programs, and artificial intelligence programs. They chronicle the adventures of a young snowboarding enthusiast as he travels to Nepal to snowboard the highest mountains in the world - the Himalayas.
Each thangka is paired with informative text explaining the image.Size 12 inches by 12 inches. Bauer for those individuals who prefer not only to take control of their life, but enjoy the comfort, convenience and money saving aspects of doing therapy in their own home. Then, without realizing it, the subconscious mind accepts these suggestions literally and they become negative beliefs that affect how we think, act and feel each day.
Therefore, when you are in a hypnotic state , if an unwanted suggestion were given to you that would be against your will, morality, or your religious beliefs, you would not accept that suggestion. Therefore, all you have to do is allow yourself some personal time to sit back and relax while listening to the tape or the CD. The background music on these CD's has been specifically composed for each individual tape and CD to enhance the benefits.
They help people, such as yourself, break through false limitations and achieve their full potential. In Meditation we seek to do something immeasurably greater; we seek to be with God, to be with Jesus, to be with the His holy spirit. Throughout the 1980s Rama continued to give public seminars in self-discovery around California and the United States. As self-discovery moves to a different land it retains its central core of enlightenment, but manifests in new ways in a new culture. He covered topics like meditation, Buddhism, the yogas of love, selfless-giving, pure discrimination, mysticism, career success, living and working in the world, spiritual absorption and nirvana, personal happiness, miracles, dharma and karma, the Zen of sports and athletics, reincarnation and the Tibetan rebirth process, and Tantric Buddhism.

Rama had discovered that in this crowded and hectic time it was easier to meditate when meditating to certain types of music.
He also took up scuba diving, and became a PADI divemaster, specializing in technical deep diving. While in Nepal he meets Master Fwap and the Oracle of Nepal, two enlightened Buddhist masters who endeavor to teach him the path of Tantric Buddhism. Printed on environmentally friendly recycled paper, processed chlorine free and using soy-based inks.. The sad thing is that many people go through life never realizing the power that is within themselves. By re-educating your thought pattern, you no longer allow your life to be controlled by negative thoughts and beliefs.
These CD's will guide you into a very peaceful, pleasant, hypnotic state of complete relaxation. Your subconscious mind will hear and receive all of the suggestions and affirmations and will cause you to respond in a positive, helpful way. For the maximum benefits, we highly recommend that you listen to the CD's at least once a day. It was a wonderful conversation mostly about our guided meditation audio programs and the brain science behind self-help self-esteem.
His dissertation was entitled The Evolution of Matter and Spirit in the Poetry of Theodore Roethke.
Rama found enlightenment in computer software, in scuba diving and snowboarding, in writing books and composing electronic music, in career and business.
Rama was able to transmit empowerments through the music, enabling a meditator to experience meditation at home as if they were in the meditation hall with an enlightened teacher. Rama found while diving that certain underwater locations had a tremendous purity and power that was equal to that of the high Tibetan Himalaya. What makes this system so special is that it's been proven over the years and it teaches you the techniques necessary to make the changes for a healthier, more peaceful and more productive life. Each day, we are bombarded with negative suggestions from co-workers, friends, loved ones and even ourselves.
And as always in meditation, teaching meditation, absorption in nirvana, and the bodhisattva Path.
Our aim in Christian prayer and meditation is to allow God's mysterious and silent presence within us to become the reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are.
In fact, he recorded 5 titles in our brand new While-U-Sleep series earlier this year…with more to come. In fact, he recorded 5 titles in our brand new While-U-Sleep series earlier this year…with more to come.
The task of meditation, therefore, is to bring our distracted mind to stillness, silence and attention.

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