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Enjoy this free meditation and crystal skull activation with the Light - although originally created for the Solstice Celebration, it can serve for Equinoxes, and adapted for Full Moon Activation.
Amar, the Tibetan Crystal Skull, was used by Tibetan monks for healing and divination, and holds the divine light of healing energy. Those who do not have a crystal skull that has been activated by Amar, may perhaps draw upon this divine healing energy by sitting in front of a photograph of Amar, or by connecting with all the crystal skulls upon the crystalline grid. Secrets of crystal skulls revealed, including ancient crystal skulls, 13 crystal skulls, mayan crystal skull. As relaxation technique, autogenic training induces a state of relaxation through regular meditation sessions repeating a set of visualisations. This practice can be followed by an expert who guides you into these meditative sessions or as beginners following the music to help you relax and to induce sleep after a long day as antistress music therapy.

Today we give the music created by Autogenic Training Specialists, perfect if you have any sleep disorders like insomnia who denies the possibility of a peaceful night.
The free mp3 of today’s #MondaySongs corner is called “Sweet Dreams (Sleeping Song)” from the album “Autogenic Training Sleep Music”. In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Those who have a crystal skull that has been activated in the presence of Amar can draw this divine healing energy from your own crystal skull. Excellent against anxiety, autogenic training can be practice in different positions like sitting on the floor, on a mat, lying down, etc. Because sometimes just lying in bed, with your eyes closed, is not enough to completely relax and have a restfull sleep.

This new album comes from a collection of albums for autogenic training for meditation, zen and relaxation.
Well if you need some relaxation, even if you are at work or if you’re studying, it’s time to download your weekly free mp3.
Yes, because our song of the day is the first single of the new album of Meditation Relax Club, a new production called “Spirit of Nature”, a soft and relaxing collection of digital experiments that leads you to the complete peace of mind and to help you relax and sleep. Ladies and Gentlemen, my friends, from the cooperation of two great masters of music Meditation Relax Club featuring Yoga Music Guru, this is “Zen Music for Buddhist Meditation”.

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