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There are a variety of meditations you can play with, and just a little practice can go a long way… but always keep in mind the principle you are developing. In this style of meditation, you are typically holding one or more forms of sensory input in your awareness… doing your best to avoid adding anything, taking away anything, or resisting anything.
Just going through the above list will begin to change to way you look at experience…. If you keep up this pace of implementation, you are going to see more and more incredible results in your life!
There are now over 700+ amazing techniques, videos, MP3s, e-books and articles on the website, so to help out those who are new to yoga, meditation and the website here are 2 good places to start.
To provide you with the very best tools, techniques and wisdom to help you reach your highest human potential.
To be the most comprehensive meditation, yoga and zen portal on the web, available to everyone for free. Some of the most popular articles are the Zen Meditation Stories, Zen Meditation Techniques and Zen Teachings. To help you achieve optimum health, healing and weight loss head on over to the Ayurveda and Diet & Weight Loss categories.
To give you deep insight into the nature of enlightenment and enlightenment experiences you can read Anmol's real life experiences such as The Time I Met God, Good News & Bad News from Anmol's Journal.
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LEGAL DISCLAIMERPlease check with your health care professional before starting any exercise or yoga program. If you are curious about what the techniques are all about, I can say ‘it’s nothing special’, at least not outwardly. At first I didn’t feel much when I tried them, but after a couple of weeks I started to get the good ‘fuzzy feeling’ in my chest that is described by many. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Guided meditation - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Guided meditation process participants meditate response guidance trained practitioner teacher, person.
Guided meditation - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Guided meditation is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner or teacher, either in person. Free guided meditation freemeditation., Meditation scientifically proven improving - general.
It is one of the most comprehensive and helpful yoga websites I have found anywhere on the internet.
And when doing the WMD meditation one can of course do any kind of meditation that works best for the purpose. The ‘problem’ with this practice, though, is that you can only learn the techniques from Maharaji himself, and you have to plow through a host of DVDs with him talking first. And for the first time, a meditation techniques eased the ’shortness of breath’ that I have felt so many times during stressful periods in my life. I think this technique complements The Knowledge in many ways, even though it can totally stand alone. Two of them are quite challenging in the beginning and includes static body positions held as long as you can.
I must say, I do them to infrequently, but alternating between them every second day would be the ultimate combination. Now, I will admit that he has a lot of good things to say, and I managed to get through the DVDs eventually, but it took me about a year.
They are 4 simple ‘positions’ of your arms, hands and head that are to be held an amount of time each. While The Knowledge is mostly about ‘inner peace’, Falun Gong also helps to heal your body in a unique way. In this article I want to write about two meditation techniques that work for me on a daily basis, and they’re free to learn too. Of course, this might discourage you trying to learn these techniques, but be assured, it’s all free, (and you can skip ahead, but don’t tell anyone I told you).

One have to understand, though, that the techniques are not ‘end all be all’ when it comes to Maharaji.
The advantage of Falun Gong is also that it can be taught by anyone that have learnt it, and of course, it’s also free. The static techniques are the more meditating ones, even though the whole process is done with closed eyes and an inward meditative focus. Unfortunately Falun Gong has been banned in China by the Chinese government, and practitioners have been arrested, tortured and stolen organs from. You borrow the DVDs from a local ‘library’, send them back when you’re done, and order next package of 6 DVDs. While The Knowledge builds on a thousands of years old technique from India, Falun Gong builds on thousands of years old chi gong techniques. Falun Gong didn’t give me that deep relaxed breathing I got with the Knowledge, at least not in the beginning.
Falun Gong is a meditation technique, like Yoga or Tai Chi, that is efficient and helpful for ones health.
Falun Gong also includes a whole philosophy, even though more Buddhistic in style than Maharaji’s ‘religionless’ talks. What it does do, though, that The Knowledge does not (not in the same way, at least), is to heal my whole body, straitening up my back and curing any ills I might have. It is done by you coming to a designated location and watching Maharaji from a DVD teaching the techniques on a screen. Even though their respective ‘guru’s’ will probably say that you should only stick to one practice, I follow my own feelings about this.

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