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It is recommended not to meditate in bed.  Practicing in the same location is preferable to building a long-term meditation practice.
This is a spiritual discipline in which the rules differ from any other activity.  It is the only life exercise where there is nothing specific to accomplish—there is no goal to do. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply.  Follow your breath inward, listening to the symphony of your breath.
After a minute or two of deep, focused breathing, begin repetition of your mantra over and over.  Silently repeat the first half of the phrase on the inhale breath, and then finish the last half of the phrase on the exhale. Remember the ego must try to derail your efforts.  It does so with a barrage of random meaningless (or even meaningful) thoughts. Sit quietly for a minute to allow a gentle return to normal consciousness.  Then open your eyes, sitting still for another minute before rising. It is interesting to note that the blue sky is there even though you don’t see it when you are beneath the clouds.  Similarly, Soul Purpose exists even though you may not directly see it.
There are other tools to help transcend the thinking mind that can be useful during meditation.  These may include a sacred picture or object, music, incense, or other aids that initiate transcendent energy.
For people who have no such image, another object can work just as well.  It may be a nature scene, a flower, or even a candle. These are the pragmatic details for practicing meditation, but the more important idea is the commitment to stay with it.  Some days may be frustrating, some days may be revelation, but showing up every day is the win. The same will occur for you, including the discovery of your Soul Purpose, as you commit to practice meditation. Steve D’Annunzio is the founder of the Soul Purpose Institute, the author of The Prosperity Paradigm, and a productivity trainer and life success coach to Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes, and high-performance entrepreneurs. A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Steve has shared the stage with world-changers like Dr.
He uses principles of higher awareness to inspire others to be far greater versions of themselves than they ever knew to be possible. He is an author and composer of many books, paradigms, and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and enhancing joy. Recently I was deep in meditation practice, letting go of everything that passed across the screen of my consciousness. I practice a form of meditation that comes from the great Indian sage and master of Advaita Vedanta, Ramana Maharshi—it’s called free awareness. In this practice, much like Zen, we let our attention rest on the unlimited dimensions of awareness itself. So it was during this recent practice session, when I was letting go again and again, that I started to reflect on what I was actually doing. Once you get the hang of it, you start to see something interesting about the mind and how it works. So you start to realize that there is a relentless stream of fluid objects in your mind that grow and change and merge into each other and take on their own life.
Usually, we watch this endless drama in our head and get involved, consciously or unconsciously, and assume that it all means something about us. Eventually, as you keep letting go, the entire momentum of thought loses steam and that’s when pure awareness trumps thought. What does that mean?

First, it means that you stop letting go of “thoughts” per se and you start letting go of everything. Because when you let go deeply enough, when awareness trumps thought, you start to experience a vast and unlimited space beyond thought. But there is another reality—like the vast sky that rises above the water and touches the stars. And once you experience the wordless wonder of reality beyond thought, you are changed forever. The point I’m making is that Free Awareness helps us to stand outside the limited frame of thought. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox. Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? Mustering all possible power, fix your awareness firmly on the mind and watch it unrelentingly. Suddenly the jet breaks out of the clouds and enters a magnificent field of crystal clear blue sky in which the sun is brilliantly shining. Some religious practices forbid this, but do allow some aspect of traditional chant or repetition that takes the student to deeper levels of consciousness.
Witnessing eliminates the personal illusion of perception, replacing it with spiritual vision.  The illusion of me slowly dissolves into the realization of the I Am. For twenty years, he has been helping people identify their passion, develop it into a business idea, and deliver it to the world.
By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people to experience more outer prosperity in their life.
Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. While a guided mindfulness meditation can help you establish yourself in mindful awareness on any given day, the guided meditation for sleep will be your saviour when hit by a bout of insomnia. There were all sorts of very interesting things emerging in the fertile field of my awareness, but because I was meditating, I had resolved to let it all go. In most meditation practices you focus on something, like the breath, a mantra, or maybe a visualization. After many years practicing free awareness, I’ve learned how to free my mind from the thought stream. But even more than that, we are attracted to some thoughts more than others, and some of them we are downright obsessive about.
Miraculously, you have access to an experience of Life and self that is outside anything you have known before. It provides a new and unlimited reference point and, for many of us, restores an innate connection to the good, the true, and the beautiful. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques.
Without your attention, they pass through your awareness and eventually lose momentum and fade away.

I discovered that when I don’t pay attention to something in the field of my awareness, it disappears. You are no longer validating the truth or reality of any thought with your focused attention.
And the reason you want to let go of thought is because it obstructs your access to this unlimited dimension. For me, it reminds me every day that part of me is infinite, invincible, and untarnished by the trials of this life. The way I was taught by my teacher was to follow these instructions: be still, relax, pay attention, and have no relationship to the contents of consciousness.
Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. The guide can be a formal teacher, fellow meditator, close friend, family member and even yourself, when you play back instructions recorded in your own voice. It keeps me connected to the source of my deepest intention, and it reaffirms my conviction in the inherent positivity of life.
In the context of free awareness practice, no thought, feeling, image, conclusion, insight, or brilliant idea is better or worse than another.
Because you realize that there are thousands of thoughts passing through your mind every few minutes.
Without it, we would never be able to commit the acts of creativity which reflect the best parts of our humanity and propel us forward. Those instructions can also the answer to your question since I think we are all obsessed with thought, but if you choose to ignore thought, you start to exercise a different muscle in your awareness. When you are letting your attention rest on awareness itself more than you are focusing on thoughts, everything starts to change. The shift from internal effort in regular meditation to external directions in guided meditation eases the difficulty of focusing the mind. For most of us, the mind stream is the essential filter for experiencing and navigating our lives.
I wish there was an easy way to do this, but practice is the only way I know how to break the addiction. As the Buddha said, 'What you think, you become.'The use of such focused mental imagery, as practiced in guided meditations, is an effective tool for bringing about positive personal change - guided loving kindness meditation being a great example, where evoking love and compassion within us puts us in direct contact with all existence. Click to find a powerful guided meditation script for each of the seven chakras - root (first), passion (second), power (third), heart (fourth), throat (fifth), third eye (sixth) and crown (seventh) chakra.As of now, only the scripts of these free guided meditations are available for download. Add this site to your RSS feed, or subscribe to Kkaivalya (my free newsletter) by filling in your details in the left column, to be the first one to know when that happens.

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