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I am so pleased with all the good work Sri Chinmoy is doing for world peace and for people in so many countries. Sri Chinmoy is an internationally renowned spiritual leader, peace luminary and friend of humanity. Little Spirit Guide Meditation CDItem # 12220$12.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229. Meditation by world-renowned author Sri Chinmoy quickly brings you up to speed with easy-to-follow exercises, priceless practical advice and deep spiritual wisdom. He led the Peace Meditation at the United Nations for 37 years and created many initiatives for world-peace through culture and sports.

The so-called peace we feel in our day-to-day lives is five minutes of peace after ten hours of anxiety, worry and frustration.
If we meditate soulfully in the morning and receive peace for only one minute, that one minute of peace will permeate our whole day. Sri Chinmoy passed on in 2007, and his work has been extolled by leaders from all walks of life. We are constantly at the mercy of the negative forces that are all around us: jealousy, fear, doubt, worries, anxiety and despair. And when we have a meditation of the highest order, then we get really abiding peace, light and delight.

When they get tired of biting us and take rest for a few minutes, then we say that we are enjoying peace.

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