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Answer: Magnesium plays an important role in numerous biological processes and its deficiency leads to a considerable variety of pathological conditions including atherosclerosis. Answer: Owing to the nature of the observational study design, our study cannot infer causality between hypomagnesemia and the increased risk of mortality. HON Certified Site This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.
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Despite increasing evidence showing an association of hypomagnesemia with worse cardiovascular outcomes in the general population, few studies have examined their relationship in patients undergoing hemodialysis. Because there was a negative association between serum magnesium level and intact parathyroid hormone (PTH) level, we assumed that an oversuppression of PTH by high magnesium was a cause of the increased risk in patients with high serum magnesium level.

Interventional studies are warranted to clarify whether magnesium improves prognosis of hemodialysis patients. Akbari: Single sample of urine is as good as 24 hour urine  collection  for predicting severe decline in transplant function, transplant loss and death. Ash: The ZS-9 clinical program is designed to investigate the effect of ZS-9, a novel, investigational treatment for hyperkalemia, in patients with acute, subacute and chronic hyperkalemia.
The primary endpoint was the rate of change in serum K+ from baseline throughout the 48 hour Acute Phase. Lester works directly with the Directors of Fresenius Home Therapies and is the point person responsible for crafting the scope, vision and operational direction of the home dialysis teams.
In this nationwide registry-based cohort study of 142,555 hemodialysis patients, we showed a J-shaped association between serum magnesium level and 1-year all-cause, cardiovascular, and non-cardiovascular mortality. Because high serum magnesium level was also associated with the increased risk of mortality which was attributed to some extent to the oversuppression of PTH, serum magnesium as well as PTH level should be closely monitored when magnesium supplementation is conducted.

After graduating from Texas Tech University with degrees in German and biology in 1992, I managed durable medical equipment nursing locations in Texas, served as vice president of a disease-management company in Philadelphia and as the regional vice president for Fresenius Medical Care in Philadelphia, which was my first exposure to dialysis management. The secondary endpoint for the randomized withdrawal Subacute Phase was the rate of change in serum K+ during the 12-day dosing period. I left Fresenius Medical Care for one year and managed a dermatology practice in Wisconsin. I wasn’t able to tolerate the winters there, so I returned to Fresenius Medical Care in 2008 as vice president of home therapies.

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