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Description: Christmas is almost here and this cute young girl is getting ready for the Christmas party where they'll be exchanging Secret Santa gifts! Instructions: Use your mouse to makeover, make up and dress up the girl for the Christmas Eve party.
Sim Raceway is an MMO racing simulator, focused on providing a rich, realistic driving experience both for hardcore sim fans and casual gamers. Progression in Skyforge follows a non-traditional route as there are no levels and experience points. All in all, Skyforge is an enjoyable combat-oriented 3D MMORPG with considerable polish and depth. SmashMuck Champions is a fast-paced MOBA with a simple gameplay, cartoony graphics and numerous game modes. Altogether, SmashMuck definitely seems more casual, more play- rather than success-oriented than other MOBAs. Star Trek Online (STO) is a sci-fi MMORPG game, set in the universe of the Star Trek TV shows.
Players can customize their character in great depth, and the ten available classes make for an endless variety in character builds (but not looks, sadly).
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an action-driven MMORPG with some tower defense elements.
Altogether, though, even if TSW was scathed for the lack of imagination in its end-game in early reviews, it has come a long way since. Tribes: Ascend is an MMO first-person shooter set on a persistent world of the Tribes universe. Trove is a voxel-based sandbox MMORPG released by Trion Worlds, the developers of the popular free-to-play MMORPG RIFT. There are currently fifteen unique classes available for players to choose during character creation. For creative home builders, the game has a multitude of blocks and doodads that can be used to create the ultimate player fortress.
Overall, Trove is a pleasant, polished voxel game for those looking for a different spin to the tried-and-tested Minecraft formula. A nautical themed RPG, set in the Age of Exploration, between the 15th and 17th century, and based on real historical events. The story takes place in the solar system and, even if it’s not a very important part of the game, it presents a solid mix of aliens, zombies and humanoids. Battle with tanks from World War II in a three-dimensional, realistic and destructible environment while completing team oriented objectives.
The game that set the standard for modern role playing games on the internet now lets you play for free until your character reaches level twenty. Earlier levels require the same repetitive actions (grinding) as other RPGs to help level up your character to get to the real fun of WOW -- entering dungeons and raids across the world of Azeroth in cooperation with fellow players. Winged mounts are available to ferry you for a small fee, but you have to travel to those destinations first by foot before you can get there via the skies. You have ten classes to choose from when creating a character (including the newly created Death Knight available after the release of the Cataclysm expansion). World of Warplanes (WoW) is a WWII dogfighting title from the developers of World of Tanks.
Relive the legendary naval battles of World War II in Wargaming's action-packed World of Warships.
As with Wargaming's earlier historical combat MMO World of Tanks, World of Warships features tier-ranked vehicle and technology systems. Overall, World of Warships is a solid, graphically-pleasing, historical naval combat MMO with the same, tried-and-tested depth and polish as you would expect of the Wargaming devs.
Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) is an amusingly self-conscious MMO third-person shooter with lots of zombies, monsters, robots and some laser-shooting dinosaurs as well. ZMR can be very enjoyable with friends, but when you get paired with high-level or paying players it gets challenging. Journey with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends into the forbidden world of the mysterious Winter Woods, where curiosity and adventure lead Tink to an amazing discovery and reveal a magical secret that could change her world forever. Check out Disney’s Fairy site to learn more about SECRET OF THE WINGS and pre-order your copy!
About MBKBMommyB Knows Best is a family friendly website that features fun tips and tricks for parents, fresh segments you won't see on other websites, honest in-depth product reviews, and great giveaways. Spongebob Monster IslandI love Spongebob Games, Play Spongebob: Monster Island and Help SpongeBob escape from the monster! Tribe Boy Vs MonstersThere is a tribe in the deepest of forest who live their life carefreely.
Tribe Boy Vs Monsters 2Fight all kind of monsters, upgrade skills, weapons, pet, buy items and more. Monster Truck Zombie CrusherDrive this Monster Truck over these courses, but watch out for those horrid zombies coming out to get you!
Ben 10 Omniverse Heatblast AttackBen10 Heatblast attack Heatblast and Gwen are the last line of defence to hold the enemies from entering the city. 4x4 Monster 2Drive a big monster truck over mountains, cars and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced. Ben 10 Omniverse Rocket AttackIn this game, Ben 10 and monsters use his rocket to shoot all the alien. Ben 10 Ommiverse and TKO Titanic Kungfubot OffensiveIn this game you will meet all your friends! Angry Birds Space HDAfter a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs!
Angry Birds Rio OnlineThose poor angry birds are kidnapped in a magic city in various cages and they are in desperate need of your help!
Looney Tunes PuzzleThe goal of this game is to connect matching Looney Tunes characters tiles. Angry Birds Go CrazyAngry Birds are tired of those pesky pigs and this time they found a whole new way to defeat them.
Angry Birds MatchingSlide the blocks of the Angry Birds so that 3 similar blocks are aligned to make them disappear. Bad Piggies HD 2 OnlineBad Piggies HD 2 - More levels (16-30 levels) are coming out for Bad Piggies HD!

Featuring numerous real-life models -- and more are on the way -- and a driving experience crafted with the help of real drivers, Sim Raceway aspires to be nothing short of the number one choice when it comes to racing simulators.
The planet, unparalleled in beauty and wonder, was once protected by Aeli, a benevolent greater god.
The graphics and music are a big plus as well, though, sometimes optimization issues abound. The heroes are controlled using WASD, with skillshots and regular attacks controlled with the mouse.
This can be a bad thing, because it discourages competitive play and the exciting coverage that comes from it. The game starts with the player creating her or his own cute avatar called a Dubble, which can be customized at any time.
It’s free to play, but numerous non-subscriber restrictions strongly encourage purchasing a subscription. It features a great variety of classes and a game world based on a popular novel by Louis Cha. It offers nothing particularly unique, but everything seems just finely executed, especially the combat. It’s developed by Funcom, the masterminds behind MMOs like Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. Spanning diverse real-world and mythical locations like Seoul, London and the esoteric Agartha, TSW weaves together fiction and fact to create an experience reminiscent of legendary titles like Deus Ex. The highly enjoyable part of the game has become much longer, and the multiplayer more diverse. Trove builds on the Minecraft formula by focusing more on combat, progression, and exploration.
The selection covers melee and ranged classes, each with their own physical and magical damage dealing abilities. Players defeat monsters to gain experience, loot, and resources for item crafting and building. Some of the building materials are only available from the higher difficulty zones, so progressing through content is still crucial to the experience.
Give it a whirl if you're up for some voxel-based action with the standard conventions of an MMORPG. Start from six historical locations and choose from three classes plus a great number of professions (they can be changed instantly, albeit for a fee).
Players select an airplane and duke it out in one of the three game modes: team versus team arcade, historical battles (recreations of World War II battles) and deathmatches.
Despite that many condemn the slow pace of acquiring new gear (as well as its exorbitant pricing), the gameplay more than makes up for it.
As you gather experience you can upgrade your starter tank’s engine, armor and firepower or get entirely new vehicles from the one hundred-fifty plus available. Command the era's most destructive implement of warfare – the naval warship – and lead your team to domination. Furthermore, ZMR encourages griefing as players can pick up ammo that isn’t theirs, and my, ammunition does appear to be rather scarce in this game.
Use your hidden object and puzzle-solving skills to piece together the truth about her shocking identity and unravel the mystery of how she came to be there. Travel around the world in your monster truck, try to win the race against the best rivals.
There must be a clear path between them or they won’t match up.You can click the magnifying glass for hints. Can you help her choose a new hairstyle, give her a glamorous make up, dress her up in the most amazing evening party dress and accessorize with glittery jewels and impress everyone in the Christmas party?
The graphics are nice with highly-detailed and smart looking cars (the landscapes are sometimes lacking in detail, though), and the driving itself is surprisingly realistic with bumps, road irregularities, and even simulated air turbulence at higher speeds.
His mysterious disappearance has left Aelion vulnerable to incursion from savage alien invaders. Most players, however, will be happy there’s finally a MOBA without excessive pressure from competitive or simply ill-mannered teammates.
Creativity, especially musical creativity is emphasized in this game where players explore the galaxy of Star 86 in a starship, collecting souvenirs and usable music instruments all while making their own home in the game world. The game is well-developed, with endless variety provided by the eight classes (four for the Republic, four for the Empire) and the vast, crowded game world. Open-world PvP kicks in at level 30, and there’s quite some discrepancy between the abilities of paying and non-paying members.
The main complaints are related to the open-world PvP and the cash shop, but finding a good guild can mitigate some of these.
TF2 is a class-based first-person shooter, featuring nine classes – The Spy, Sniper, Demoman, Pyro, Soldier, Engineer, Medic, Heavy, and Scout, each with a distinct role and (often funny) characteristics and gear. Visually stunning, the game provides an immersive experience with a skill-based combat system and countless monsters to use it on.
A unique feature in this game is the ability to set up your own castle defenses against other players. The newest reincarnation of Tribes uses the praised Unreal 3 engine to create a graphically splendid game which also excels in terms of gameplay. Trove also features procedurally-generated worlds, so each zone is unique in layout and content.
Players can switch between classes (which have individual levels) provided they've unlocked them beforehand. Weapon drops have randomized stats and rarity depending on zone difficulty, so players looking to optimize their character will have to spend more time grinding the perfect arsenal.
Trade and earn money by shipping goods from one country to another, but beware of pirates; unearth hidden treasures and explore uncharted territories to bring glory to your allied nations.
The Source engine, also used for Half-life 2, allows you to interact with the environment on a greater scale than in virtually any other MMORPG.
Shoot the big guns, walk the walls, and slide towards the enemy on your knees in order to slash him in half with a katana. There’s just something strangely addictive and adrenaline-pumping in this game, even if it can be unappealing on paper. Destroyers are the smallest ships and function as stealthy scouts and torpedo-launching ambushers.

All user-generated content including pictures, videos and creator-owned flash games is the intellectual property of their respective owners. This is a great movie for family night, a birthday or Christmas present, or for a road trip movie and is great for the entire family. With balloons and many more new equipments, you can help the piggy build even fancy flying machines.
Play this incredible free online flash makeover, make up and dress up game for girls here in to find out! While this reviewer cannot comment on whether the driving experience is car-specific, it might as well be such, as the game has a pleasant sense of professionalism, which is not that common for games like these – or MMOs altogether.
Left with no choice, the followers of Aeli, lesser gods and immortals, have banded together to defend their homeland. Players are given a starship of their own and, after a brief introduction, they start completing ground missions and space missions (the former are far more interesting) to gain experience and new skills.
However, the combat itself is utterly captivating, with guild PvP instances and solo dungeons. The game sports classy comic-book graphics and offers casual fun to players who are turned off by the hyper-realistic graphics and solemn gameplay of titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty.
The skill system stands out in that it doesn’t have levels, and much good can be said about the sheer subtlety and the noir atmosphere of the game world.
The game mostly focuses on capture the flag, but other modes like Team Death Match are available – and more are expected to be added after the game gets released.
Combat is simple hack-and-slash, and while easy, it can get quite monotonous after a while.
A slow but very rewarding game, UWO offers a truly unique experience for those willing to study its secrets.
Each country has its own unique planes as well as abilities, and every plane is flown in a unique way. Coordinated teamwork is essential in achieving victory, as going "Rambo into the fray" will most likely result in getting sunk quickly.
Players can freely switch between available classes, eliminating the need to make multiple alt characters. Visually, the game is beautiful and its story is appealing even to players new to Star Trek. Some instances have their stats normalized, encouraging skill-based gameplay—but only to an extent.
Eight game modes, fifty maps, along with vibrant characters, fun collectibles and wild, colorful graphics make TF2 one of the richest free-to-play FPS titles out there. There seem to be three main flaws to Tera: lack of quest variety, the poor story and, more serious still, the lack of engaging endgame content.
PvP combat is available in the form of a battle arena where players can duke it out for fame and rewards. Great PvP and PvE opportunities, but the focus is set to exploring the massive game world and having adventures, both on the sea and on the shore. Instance-based play (the cities act as hubs and trade centers) offers solo and co-op opportunities; PvP is also available, both in dungeons and arenas.
Players can craft items by purchasing blueprints and finding their components, or alternatively buy the weapons and warframes for hard cash. There are many options for customization and great depth of gameplay dynamics – for example, a plane flies very differently when equipped with machine guns instead of bombs. Battleships are slow, heavily armored juggernauts that can deal massive damage at the cost of low accuracy and lengthy reloads. You can play co-op or compete with others to meet countless waves of monsters or duke it out in a deathmatch. Missions become repetitive as the player levels up, but social features help in overcoming the stale gameplay. Gameplay is okay in PvE, although you will find yourself clicking the attack key for hours. If the developers fix some quirks related to leveling up and looting gear, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will become a very good time waster indeed. It’s similar to games like Unreal Tournament (especially later generations of it where vehicles are featured) and Quake, not only in terms of gameplay, but also in the learning curve which can seem to be an overhang for players new to FPS. The game manages to be accessible for beginners while allowing more experienced players to find new ways of gaining the upper hand. The graphics are nice with attention given to detail both in the landscapes and the planes. Aircraft Carriers are unique in that they send out airplanes that can scout quickly, engage enemy fighters, and harass ships with bombs and torpedoes.
Weapons can be customized, and boss fights are quite random, making every encounter an adventure (or a nightmare, if you’re out of luck). On top of that a number of parent lock features are available, such as setting a bedtime, a daily playing limit, and so on.
The audio presentation you will love or hate as it features a lot of Chinese traditional music.
Updates are released each month and feature ever more ridiculous monsters, like shark tornadoes or augmented orcs from World of Warcraft. There’s a very unique game mode called Huttball where players compete in a sick, acid-pit-laden interpretation of American football. Each and every map looks amazing, and plane models are intricately designed and sometimes outright beautiful. Ship captains can also be trained in a variety of skills to increase the performance of their commandeering. End-game content still leaves much to be desired, but things have gone noticeably better since release.

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