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Heh, it looks like I’m no longer the only Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) zealot around here any more — excellent! BTW Tom, I meant to congratulate you on seeing the Lin, er, Light, and migrating to Linux — well done! I believe this is the site that I purchased a sweatshirt and t-shirt from a couple of years ago. Can I use the canopy of heaven photo to create a personal masonic tattoo without infringing on any rights ?
In Habermas' account the puritan household provided modern society with its moral order, a moral order which was to shape male individuals into both accumulators of capital and moral agents within this public sphere. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
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The entertainment at the festive board was a melody of harmony in true Amity Lodge tradition. The Bugle band played very well together and also had some outstanding solo performers, ours thanks and appreciation go to the entire band.

The name he takes on at each degree is written on each step in the chart (and listed below the chart). In the private sphere, in the patriarchal space of the home, men learned to relate reasoning skills to their economic interests, but at this point in time they were unable to develop those interests effectively because institutional power was still largely in the hands of the monarch and the landed aristocracy.
As a special treat Amity Lodge managed to arrange a full Bugle band who were absolutely exeptional. Where there are two names the top is used by northern Masons, the italicized one by southern Masons (only northern names are listed below the chart). Figures are: temple workman, Past Master (Virtual), Israel tribesman, High Priest of Jews, King Hiram of Tyre, Knight of Malta, Knight Templar, equal in prestige to 33 ° in Scottish Rite. By creating a public sphere outside of the household and autonomous from the already existing public authorities centred around the monarch and the court, civil society, Habermas suggests, emerged as an autonomous realm of individuals.
Edward Hold PPrSGW was presented with his 50 years in Freemasonry certificate by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master W. Some figures a Mason meets in Rite ceremonies stand on the steps (from bottom): King Solomon, King Cyrus, acolyte, George Washington, Sultan.
Habermas argues that the main arenas for this public sphere were the seventeenth–century coffee–houses in London, the eighteenth–century salons prominent in France and the table societies in Germany.

Many authorities say the Scottish Rite was begun by Scots emigres in France; the York Rite is named after York, England where, by legend, the first Masonic body was organized.
While the court retained some influence in terms of public displays of civility, the formal, status–bound types of interaction associated with it gave way to a more informal atmosphere that had less regard for status and rank. Ted Hold with his certificate in the presence of well over 100 Freemasons from various lodges around the country.
To earn a degree a candidate learns the moral and participates in a ceremony dramatizing it. These new institutions were to be found in the towns, and became counter–sites to the court.

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