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On the outbound ferry, watch the Seattle skyline and waterline disappear behind you as Bainbridge Island looms ahead. Driving your car onto the boat will cost you about $16 each way, but it’s worth it for the ability to road-trip on the other side. Even standing in the car berth and watching the swells of seawater displaced by the hull, feeling the wind, and smelling the surf, is a cheap thrill for this city boy.
We queued up for the ferry back to the mainland with a somewhat different cast-of-characters, these folks mostly seemingly mostly from the towns neighboring Kingston. The timing was perfect – the sun was just starting to sink low on the horizon as we left Kingston, creating a completely new palette of light effects. Very nice writing, nice style, quite conversational, tight, and pithy, a McCarthy Coyle word if there ever was one. Bring the romance back into your relationship by planning a fun weekend together.A romantic getaway for the weekend, is simply a great idea, which will make you remember these days for years to come. The cascade mountain range is off to the right, and deep blue, purple, and green hues color the landscape. Bremmerton is an archetypal northwest commuter town that looks familiar if you’ve seen Twin Peaks or (be still my bearing heart) any of the Twilight films. I’m mixed on recommending the espresso joint just outside the Kingston ferry terminal, but leaning toward the positive column.

Back on the east side of the sound, we were now north of our hotel, a quick 25 minute drive if you don’t hit traffic.
My astonishment that you can *leave your car there* and *go up on deck* where you’ll feel the 20-knot *wind in your hair* and watch seagulls draft you, and that some people are so jaded they just stay in their cars, was reassurance enough that my ferry fare was well spent. Guns-n-Roses blared over the radio, and the place had all the wonderful hallmarks of a Fire Island burger-and-shake joint back on Long Island. Above deck, we sat adjacent to a lifelong resident of the sound, and chatted about Seattle-area winters. Then again, I’m the guy who still presses my face to the window on the F train between 4th ave and Smith Street.
If we’d done it right we would have left in the morning and given ourselves a whole afternoon to wind our way up to Kingston, stopping at curious spots along the way.
Book a ResortRomantic Weekend Getaways Ideas for CouplesAlthough, this a common option, you can do this at many different vacation spots nearby. This is a lot more fresh and romantic option, instead of going for the same old vacation spots every time. There are many diverse ski destinations in United States (US), so it is quite easy to organize a skiing trip for the weekend. Sitting besides a hot fire and having a romantic chat following the skiing session, can make your weekend even more special.Cozy CottageRenting a cottage could be a last minute idea for a weekend getaway.

Opting for this plan is very easy, if you have a shorter period for arranging a romantic getaway.
Spending a weekend within the cottage for two days, leaving behind the daily cores and stress, will help you relax.Wine and DineRomantic Weekend Getaways IdeasWine tasting is yet another plan that you can be implemented for any couples weekend. This is totally determined by the vineyard owner, however, wine tasting is usually an inexpensive episode. At night, have dinner somewhere inside a cozy restaurant.At the BeachHow can one forget about a romantic beach, while listing weekend vacation spot!
Beach surfing after which having frosty drinks along with your partner, is a fun as well as romantic way to spend the weekend. After all, romantic getaways are just not complete without mentioning a beach vacation spot.Camping WeekendCamping could be a very cool adventure with your partner. Hiking, fishing and sitting besides the campfire, are some of the romantic activities that can be done, for a camping weekend getaway. A tent aside from the campfire will just be an incredible idea for a romantic evening together with your love.

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