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It’s always fun and special to receive a surprise gift or note, so why not make someone else’s day by taking the time to share something good anonymously?
It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, but make it something that you know the person would enjoy receiving.
It reinstates the abundance you already have within you and provides an opportunity for you to share in a way that affirms you have more than enough, and that you are NOT lacking in anything by giving something away. Music superstar Reba McEntire leads this heartwarming turn-of-the-century story that sparkles with the spirit of Christmas.

When a handsome drifter named Harry Withers (Thomas Ian Griffith) drives some thieves from Rose’s property, she befriends the stranger. I loved shooting this because we were in the northwest part of Canada – Kamloops and Vancouver. I loved working with Thomas Ian Griffth and Ronny Cox, who was also a recording artist at one time. And remember, don’t let the person know it was you who bestowed the blessing upon them.

In danger of losing her cattle to rustlers and her ranch to the loan collector, Rose cares for her ailing young son, Toby, while holding an unshakable belief in the goodness of people.

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