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We have been fortunate at my institution during the past several years, to be able to hire excellent Success Coaches.
Most of our coaches have inquired about the positions because someone told them about our program. We know that being a good and intuitive listener is vital, as well as having or being able to learn strategies for managing the many different boulders that students face. All of us use email, mobile phone and texting to keep in touch with students during the week.
Contact Us TodayPlease fill out the form below and one of our Solution Consultants will contact you shortly. In my many years working in sales & marketing, I have been asked by junior salespeople on multiple occasions what the key ingredient to success in sales is. The old cliche ‘people buy people not products’ still holds true, as I have experienced in my own sales practice on many occasions. If you manage to do the above in a natural and sincere way, consider your sales job more than half done!
I would expect that here your prospect would start asking questions about your offering – feel free to engage in a more detailed discussion about the pros and cons at this stage but avoid mentioning the price until asked. And always remember – your personality, enthusiasm, charm and a friendly approach is what matters in closing a sale and building a trusting relationship with your prospects! I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how you define a great salesperson so please feel free to post your comments here.
I think that one of the ingredients of a successful salesperson is an ability to anticipate what he or she would want to buy. Newsletter Signup FormSubscribe to our newsletter and get the latest in updates, new blog posts and training sessions! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In Jim Collins excellent research book Good to Great he and his team address the issue of whether companies can move from being a good company to being a great company. As a Life Coach my desire is to take people who have good lives and help them become great.
Are you enjoying the comfortableness of your good life, but thinking there is something more?
I have already had two guidance counselors from neighboring school districts who want to be part of this endeavor when they retire in the next year or so.  For teachers and guidance counselors, it is a natural fit.

We talked about “The Many Faces of a Success Coach” in a previous post and discussed what skills and abilities are needed to be effective. She comes in once a week to meet with her students for a half hour each, then uses Skype from her home to meet with them the second half hour.  One of the Success Coach offices has a camera on the computer for this purpose. Our coaches who also happen to be grandparents love the response they get when their grandchildren learn that “Grandma can text?!” Yes, for some it has been an adventure into the world of cyberspace. Say you are trying to sell your business intelligence product to an investment banking division of a large bank. Find something you may have in common with the person you are trying to sell to and build on this familiarity. Now that you have built the foundation of familiarity, it is time to gradually upgrade the conversation towards work-related matters. Using the facts you have learnt at the first stage, you can now start asking about the person’s job (adding the ‘human’ aspect to it as well). You could point out that the prospect’s competitors take the full advantage of your product or service and provide some information on the ways they have benefited from it. At the final stage, I would advise you ask your prospect about what they think of your offering and whether, in their opinion, they see a real demand for it in their organisation. Almost all are retired from their careers and just want to work a few hours a week doing something that is rewarding and allows them to use their skills and experience to help young students.
One of the first things we discuss in an interview with a potential coach is his or her love of young people and the patience sometimes required to see results.
I orient new coaches to our coaching methodology and introduce them to the resources available on campus for students who need help in any aspect of college life.  Speakers and workshops on various topics are provided for our coaches during the year and we share with each other tips that have worked for us in our coaching. We are awaiting the next new technological device that will make communicating even easier. Yes, the actual person, not the number of prospects you have sourced or the quantity of cold calls you have made.
Their purchasing team has probably met at least five other suppliers and received five different quotes. Would you say you are more likely to buy a phone upgrade package from somebody you can relate to in one way or another or someone you have nothing in common with?
Make sure that in the first instance, you try to find out as much as you can about the person’s past, their family, where they went to university, what they like doing in their spare time (obviously, try to keep the balance right and keep your questioning within reason). You could, for instance, enquire what elements of their current job they enjoy the most and which aspects they don’t like as much.

It is essential you listen carefully to their responses, without interrupting and becoming defensive.
Do you long to make a difference in this world, but feel trapped in your current circumstances? We have individuals whose careers included serving as high school counselors, teachers, human resource manager, college learning center director, adjunct professors, and men and women who have worked in business or government. How do you give yourself the best chance of success when your value proposition is likely to be very similar to your competitors. This should be your special time to establish a bond with the person and the conversation at this point should never touch the product or service you are planning to pitch. This will provide you with an opportunity to comment on their achievements and sympathise with their complaints, which will further build the rapport you have with the person sitting in front of you.
If they feel the product or service will not get buy-in from key stakeholders, continue questioning as to why.
I would go as far as to say that the only thing that significantly differentiates your offering from that of company A is yourself – your attitude, the way your talk to your contact at the bank, your smile (or absence of it), your general demeanour. Tell them briefly about how long you have been selling and here you can tie in the reasons why you started working for your present employers – a great chance to talk about your product or service. Once you build a fuller picture of your prospect’s intent on purchasing, the sign off process and the challenges on the path to the final approval, you should try and switch the conversation back to the ‘personal’ discussion.
It will effortlessly lead the discussion onto your offering without you actually needing to make a formal pitch. You could say, for instance, that you really enjoyed the discussion since it opened your eyes on the complexity of the prospect’s organisation and its needs and that you found it very interesting to learn about his or her work.
People love talking about themselves, especially in a job setting, when the opportunities to be heard are generally quite minimal. And can you imagine how much more natural and sincere your fascination with your product and service will sound? You could finish the meeting with the suggestion to meet again and discuss things further – possibly out of the office and at a neutral place, such as a coffee house. So lean back and enjoy listening to the stories of their lives (this is a fun side of being a salesperson)!

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