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Historically, exploring was an activity undertaken by intrepid individuals like Columbus, Vespucci, and Magellan, and was a dangerous and challenging enterprise. It’s all due to a program called Google Earth, which reveals the secrets of our world at the click of a mouse. Google Earth has spawned groups of devotees which find and catalog the most unusual places. Google maps the Earth by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and a geographic information system. Life Daily set our team the task of selecting some of the more unusual Google Earth secrets. In 2006, the Oregon State University Linux Users group created a giant Firefox logo in a cornfield in Oregon. The logo occupies an area of around 45,000 square feet, and was created to celebrate the Web browser’s 50 millionth download.
The Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in San Diego has an unfortunate design viewed from space. In 2007, Google Earth aficionados discovered that four unconnected buildings on the base formed the shape of a swastika.

In 2004, a farmer in Arizona decided that, while Oprah Winfrey had almost everything in life, she didn’t have her own personalized maze.
The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tuscon, Ariz., is a virtual graveyard for planes no longer required. Outside Iraq’s Sadr City there is a lake with water the color of blood – leading to speculation at one time that perhaps it really WAS blood from local slaughterhouses. A more likely explanation is that the color comes from sewage, pollution or a water-treatment process.
While it looks remarkably like a face from above, this formation in Alberta, Canada, is entirely natural.
With the upcoming election on everybody’s mind, we thought it would be a wonderful time to reflect on our past Presidents. The Titanic tragedy was a big one, and one that claimed the lives of 1,517 innocent people…. The Land of Oz was an amusement park located in the resort town of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, USA. Every now and then we come across a teacher who is truly the master of mocking their students.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has going for him, it’s his ridiculously hot wife Melania Trump.
For those who are already Game of Thrones enthusiasts, this gallery of need to know facts will be fascinating. But, while for some it’s just a harmless hobby, there is another more serious aspect.
The Navy says that, as a result of this embarrassing fact, they will now have to spend more than $600,000 to mask the shape. It has helped scientists discover unknown ruins, and has even helped police locate hidden marijuana fields.
Ministry of Defense called it a motorcycle range, but some claim it is a calibration tool for satellites. The more mundane explanation is that they are actually a combination of a road and an oil well.

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