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It’s a lonely life being a dental principal and it’s often hard to assess or understand what your competitors are up to. And at One Shepherd we have a proven instructional pedogogy and incredibly talented, experienced staff and cadre. It’s no good asking them as they are generally guarded or exaggerate their successes to make them feel better and you worse. After a few years of standing still (or gently shrinking) all of the practices we work with are growing, taking advantage of the growth in the UK economy and the new-found confidence of the UK population to spend again. Our practices growing the fastest have embraced (at last) their online presence and have accepted they need to fund a functioning website which converts five per cent of unique traffic into front desk enquirers. Many principals have looked at services they have not historically provided and have now brought these services in-house through training or hiring clinicians to provide: facial rejuvenation, life prolonging perio, adult invisible ortho, specialist endo and oral surgery and implants. The paradigm has shifted at last and many (reluctant) principals and their teams have embraced extending their opening hours into the early mornings, evenings and weekends.

When practices hire a skilled, experienced, capable, clever practice management team they’re getting so much more than the traditional ops manager – their skill set extends to financial reporting and control, HR, sales and marketing. While we are a rite of passage for the warrior community, and employ military simulation extensively, it is not the intent or purpose of One Shepherd to establish a military organization.
The content of our curriculum is open source and readily available to every American citizen through the Freedom of Information Act.
All of their offerings are in demand but the real growth is in what patients want rather than what they need. They’ve also embraced SEO, PPC and social media in support of their site and they know the site needs to be responsive (mobile and tablet friendly) and needs constant updating, monitoring, investment and will actually need replacing every few years. Obviously, this enhances the capability of the practice for its existing patient base and usefully attracts new patients who are increasingly likely to self refer to these services. They often find these new sessions are the first to fill up and some practices are charging a premium fee for them (much like my train company charges a premium rate for getting me from Devon to London by 9am).

It is because of these skills that practices grow and in our experience you have to hire them ahead of growth, not because of growth! We tell it well enough to interest community members from the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Energy.
The wants are all about cosmetic dentistry or sophisticated restorative solutions to replace missing teeth or dysfunctional mouths.
This time around, the margins are tighter and therefore those out in front have had to put in place proper performance measurement and reporting so they know far more about their growth and the reasons behind it. This growth inevitably means the recruitment of more staff and expanding the premises and facilities – practice designers have never been busier.

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