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The Gummis were dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly, they marched through the forest and had stories to share.
This work by Andrea Zanin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Walt Disney Television Animation (September 14 1985 – November 11 1987), Walt Disney Home Entertainment (November 14 2006), 3 disc set, 640 mins approx. Zummi, Tummi, Sunni, Cubbi, Grammi and Gruffi – the Gummies return to our screens in this first collection of their original adventures, one of the first fully animated Disney television shows to hit the air.
From its first few episodes, it’s unclear on whether Gummi Bears is aimed more at girls or boys. And there are plenty of escapades like that to be had when we first meet the group hiding out in Gummi Glen, where for years they have lived as mythical creatures to the oblivious humans nearby.
If it sounds like something to come out from the classic Disney era, then that’s fully intentional, and indeed this premiere episode did accompany re-issues of Pinocchio in theaters as part of the international Gummi Bear rollout. Two more stories fill up the next half-hour; the reluctant dragon-esque Someday My Prints Will Come and Can I Keep Him?, in which another dragon, this time more typical, flies Sunni and Cubbi into the heart of Drekmore Castle. By the time the third season’s exploits were originally shown on television, I had perhaps moved on from being engrossed in Gummi adventures, as evidenced by only a couple of titles holding any memory connection for me. Season Three ends with the spectacular The Knights Of Gummadoon, based on the classic legend of Brigadoon when the ghostly castle only shows for one day every one hundred years.
Looking back on the twenty-something year old show today, and what immediately struck me was how ambitious in scope the show had been.
All in all, it was a pleasure revisiting Gummi Glen to spend some more time with some childhood friends.
As with most of the Disney-TV-On-DVD releases, Adventures Of The Gummi Bears comes to disc with plenty of main feature material, but a distinct lack of any bonus supplements. Making up, somewhat, for the extremely lacklustre video quality is the soundtrack, which although only presented in original mono, is more than serviceable for the show. As a show, Gummi Bears is warm and witty, and perhaps a good intro to Disney animation after the more soft and cuddly Pooh Bear franchise so popular with preschoolers.
The show had me and my pals wishing that Gummiberry juice was real and hoping that cute little bears lived in the trees populating our parks and gardens. Disney was trying the trick with another toy-co, Hasbro, at the same time, with the similarly colorful Wuzzles, a fondly remembered show that mixed animals together to create a comical cast of new ones! And, as it was shown back in 1985, this DVD collection presents the stories in their complete episode editions.
Certainly, the earlier shows cover both bases but are decidedly more boy’s action-adventure skewed, perhaps as an answer to the phenomenally successful Care Bears of which this feels like the more punchy cousin. In Disc One’s Season One debut story, A New Beginning, we meet Cavin, a young human full of hopes and dreams, and who believes the Gummi Bears exist thanks to a Gummi medallion left to him by his Grandfather.

By now, Duke Igthorn is also well aware of the Gummies’ existence and has added finding the secret of their Gummiberry Juice to his plans to ultimately take control of Dunwyn and rule the kingdom. Meanwhile, Calla herself has decided to give up the Royal life and heads out disguised as a peasant.
When an airship crash-lands in Gummi Glen, the Gummies are surprised to find another Gummi, Chummi, on board. Ironically, it’s with Season Three that the show really finds its feet, with much better quality in the animation and storytelling. Encounters has Gusto creating a mechanical Gruffi that fools everyone from the commoners to Duke Igthorn. Here, the Gummi version appears in Gummi Glen, where Cubbi fulfils his life-long ambition to become a Gummi Knight, but a dangerous situation soon ensues when Cavin is mistaken by the ancient Gummies as a hostile human, not helped by the fact that Igthorn is up to his usual dirty tricks. Day Of The Beevilweevils is another such grandly designed episode that transcends the usual needs of Saturday morning cartoons. In later shows, vocalists Corey Burton, Jim Cummings and Frank Welker participate…all now huge names in the world of genuine animation vocal artists.
The amount of material that had remained ingrained, though locked away, in my mind was incredible: apart from the flooding recollection of episode titles, various lines of dialogue (“Time is money! I’m sure the producer-writer-directors could have been persuaded to sit in on a commentary for a few select episodes, particularly the more resonant half-hour slots, or even a ten-minute, simple talking heads retrospective? While Gummi Bears was shot to film elements, the final mixing, titles and occasional video effects meant that the show was mastered on one of the two most popular broadcast formats of the time, U-Matic tape, or BetacamSP.
What could have been looked at, however, was the state of these originals: tape dropout is abundant, and most noticeable is that the color levels fluctuate between pastel and particularly over vibrant saturation.
Music and dialogue are clear in that very 1980s way of having everything fighting for mixing space, while sounding perfectly audible if a little aggressive. Though the video quality doesn’t hold a candle to the majority of Disney DVD releases, the original source tapes were never mastered for anything other than the Saturday morning television broadcasts the show was intended for. For me, it was an unexpected delight to find that I still enjoyed it for what it was, though the highlight for my now adult ears was picking up that the grumpy one sounds like Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot!! In this pic the secret entrance to the quick tunnels that the Gummi Bears use to enter Dunwyn is pictured.
Though that show probably had the stronger concept and was much more comedy driven (it would probably have beaten the pants off Spongebob if it had premiered today), Gummi Bears won the day and remained on the air for six full seasons. Even though I was probably a little older than the target age, the Disney fan in me urged a look when the show began its run on UK television early the following year.
Let me explain – although it was shown in ostensibly a half-hour program format, Gummi Bears was very often split into two halves, with each presenting a story, a Gummi short if you will, of its own.
For most of Season Three, Calvin is nowhere to be seen, even though the episodes still center heavily on the castle for their primary location, so it’s a nice season capper to have the boy return.

Likewise, the scriptwriters never feared to send their characters off to far away or new lands and locations, meaning that each show was fairly rich in unexplored regions and fresh vistas.
Then there’s also the Eye Of The Beholder story, which has a Mermaid Vanessa clone putting a spell on the castle when she intends to marry the King – with a comical French chef even thrown in there to boot! Apart from the Fisher Price promos of the time, a still frame gallery that plays up the extensive design aspects of such a packed series would have been fascinating to see, especially now with my more appreciative eyes.
Sure, sharing the program with your own kids is a given, but what about us collectors who loved these shows as kids and now have that all-important disposable income!? These are basic correction tweaks that might have glossed over the other issues with the image and provided more consistency overall. Things look a bit better away from a PC screen and on a true TV tube monitor, but with the lack of extras we should be expecting better than this from a Studio who usually get awarded such high marks for their visual presentations. It's coloured a pale yellow, a different colour than the rest of the wall surrounding it.I picked up a set of these beautiful layouts from an artist who worked on the show.
Finding a friend and human ally, the Bears confide in Cavin and share with him their Gummiberry Juice, which has the unexpected effect of awarding the weak boy with superhuman strength! Sunni adopts another child-like, cuter-than-cute character in the Boggling story, though the shape-shifter soon causes all sorts of chaos for the teenage Gummi to clear up! By now the writing has improved a great deal, and though the show would continue to become more girl-centric, an influx of new characters, most notably the artist Gusto Gummi, keep the stories fresh enough to avoid repetition. I can only assume that this show is a left-over from Season One, though why it wasn’t placed there is a mystery since the set would have otherwise closed properly, at the end of the third series, with the neat Gummadoon season wrapper.
The characters themselves, though actually animated by TMS in Japan, work well too, with a suitable feel of familiarity despite the fresh concept.
Finally, we get about as close as we can to The Little Mermaid… when Aquarianne, shows up! Later shows fare better, perhaps due to a move to better archiving on the more stable BetaSP?
They're extremely impressive and it just goes to show how talented you need to be to work for Disney.These layouts really bring Dunwyn, Gummi Glen and the world of the Gummi bears to life for me. Have no fear, Gummi fans, nothing has been cut or left out, or indeed added…this is exactly as you first saw these episodes back between 1985-1989, the two-story shows being presented as was, with title sequence and double-bill credits intact.
Keeping this powerful capability undisclosed, Cavin and the Gummies are able to see off Igthorn’s latest attempt at a castle coup, thus sealing their friendship forever.

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