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Cambridge United’s head coach Richard Money came out after his team’s match against St Albans City and slammed the Trophy for distracting the focus from the league and that the games shouldn’t be played on Saturdays but, instead, should feature in midweek. Money also said that draws should be played to a conclusion and not replayed as extra fixtures will result in more distraction as well as tire his players. Every season I have played in it, I have been extra motivated, like I would be in the FA Cup, as the chance to go to Wembley is a childhood dream.
I recall one year in the Trophy when we were drawn at home against a club two leagues below in the quarter-finals. I appreciate that some clubs have small squads and that the travelling can come into it as well, especially at the part-time outfits where players have jobs. Nonetheless, if you were to ask a player if they wanted to play at Wembley and that they were only a handful of matches away from it, I’m sure they wouldn’t turn it down. Making any changes to the competition would diminish it and cast a shadow over non-league history.
Not only will this generate money for clubs, it is about winning and being successful – the fundamentals of football. I know a few players who were in the York squad that season and they expressed how they had never had such an incredible feeling in football. Russell Crowe famously starred in Robin Hood, where he played the forest-dwelling British folk hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.A  Now it has been revealed that the Hollywood star made a secret donation of $20,000 to the Men Of League foundation - to help a rugby league player who broke his leg during a match Crowe organised. But it turns out that the New Zealand-born actor paid Geyer's medical bills - and more to other affected footballers - through a secret donation to the Men Of League Foundation.The gesture - while no doubt admirable - had its shine tarnished ever so slightly by the fact that it was Crowe himself who revealed the secret. In a personally signed letter to the organisation, printed by The Sunday Telegraph, Crowe said: 'Given that your organisation can make ex gratia payments to ex-players in financial difficulty, I would ask that you put some of this money towards helping Mark Geyer fill the gap between his medical bills and insurance for the broken leg he suffered while playing in the Orara Valley Sevens tournament. In December last year the Gladiator star donated $40,000 to the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Pool so it could buy a disability hoist for those in a wheelchair.

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His views appear to have been shared by many in non-league of late, with managers showing this by resting some players for the competition and not taking the same approach as if it were a Sktill Premier match. The Trophy should be taken as seriously as any other competition and be given the respect it deserves. It is also a great opportunity for fans to have a day out at Wembley to watch their beloved team.
It was a great draw, with us the firm favourites, and put us in a good position to get even closer to Wembley. I didn’t appreciate the way he dismissed the game and expected it to be a stroll in the park.
Players can be affected by the additional fixtures and become fatigued at the midway point of the campaign. Coming back from, say, Workington on a Tuesday night after a replay really doesn’t go down well. He is forthright in his opinion, fair enough, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be asking for the rules to be changed if he is lifting the trophy on March 23. Last year, York City did a double of sorts by winning the Trophy and the Conference play-off final, which was also staged at Wembley. These lads can keep those memories for years and they are also great tales to share with their grandchildren.
The revelation comes after Triple M radio host and former rugby league player Mark Geyer hit out at Crowe, who he said abandoned him 10 years ago after he broke his leg playing in a sevens tournament on the 50-year-old's rural NSW property.

Then he tried to drive a wedge between me and my life-long friend Spudd Carroll.'At the time I was a father of four on $45,000-a-year. Just three months earlier he was listening to the Kyle and Jackie O from Singapore and asked his manager to call in and donate $10,000 to a family who lost their home in a bushfire.Back in 2004 when he was filming Cinderella Man in Toronto, he gave $250,000 to rebuild Jewish school United Talmud Torahs, which was fire-bombed in an anti-Semitic crime. It is the non-league’s FA Cup and it is an opportunity to play at Wembley, which doesn’t come around very often.
It is probably their only chance unless the team progresses through the league play-offs and into the final. But we approached the game in such an unprofessional manner and underestimated our opponents. However, our mindset was completely wrong and we didn’t give them the respect they deserved. Non-league clubs don’t play in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy nor do they compete in the Capital One Cup. Only joking.'When he learned of the Oscar-winner's contribution, Geyer, 46, told the newspaper that he refused to back down.
He wouldna€™t even take my calls.'It's not unusual for Crowe to make a generous donation and not make a big fuss about it, in fact, he's well-known for his behind-the-scenes work.

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