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Le Hatha yoga est une pratique du yoga ne au XVeme siecle en Inde et qui se traduit litteralement par « yoga de l’effort » ou « yoga de la tenacite ».
La pratique du Hatha yoga differe considerablement selon les zones geographiques ou il est pratique. La meditation en Hatha yoga est un exercice transversal aux exercices de postures et de respiration.
The Classical Hatha style Sun Salutation that is taught at Yoga Meditation Healing is a Powerful and Dynamic routine that really helps to Detoxify and Tone the body, as it generates a lot of heat within the body, and is a fantastic way of releasing Stress and agitation that seems to plague many of us within this modern lifestyle.
A visualization practice using the lotus flower symbol involves bringing your attention to your root chakra, located at the base of your spine. Upon reaching the crown chakra, located approximately 2 inches above your head, imagine the lotus flower opening and receiving the Sun’s energy from above. Les exercices d’Hatha yoga font partie integrante de la methode de Reduction du stress a partir de la pleine conscience, mise au point par le medecin Jon Kabat-Zin. En Occident, le Hatha yoga comporte quatre elements essentiels : les postures, la respiration, la meditation et la relaxation. D’intensite variable, elles respectent toujours l’integrite de son propre corps afin de ne jamais lui faire violence. La respiration se decompose en quatre etapes clefs : inspirer, retenir l’air dans ses poumons gonfles, expirer et maintenir ses poumons vides. It is a popular belief that Yoga merely involves simple and gentle stretching postures, and that it is somehow the realm of women only.

The Nadis would seem to correspond to the Meridians of Chinese medicine (As used in Acupuncture) Nadis could be likened to an energy network running throughout the subtle body, akin to what is known as the nervous system within the physical body.
Vinyasa yoga is based around sun salutations, offering a challenging, rewarding + meaningful hour on your mat. Proceed to imagine a stalk growing upwards through the chakra line, root-sacral-solar-heart-throat-third eye-crown.
Il est tres important d’eviter les reactions d’orgueils qui poussent le corps a ses limites a l’instar de l’acrobatie. La maitrise de ce cycle de respiration aide le participant a developper sa capacite a la concentration intense et soutenue. Yet it is good to see that increasing numbers of men (of all ages) are turning to Yoga to help complement other sports activities, or simply as a way of releasing stress and strengthening their bodies. Modern science has only recently become aware of these forms of energy lines and centres, of which ancient cultures already knew of many thousands of years ago. Ces dernieres sont des incantations rituelles repetees a l’infini et selon un certain rythme dans le but de progresser dans la meditation. Petit a petit, l’adapte gagnera en souplesse et en force musculaire, ce qui lui permettra de donner davantage d’amplitude a ses mouvements, que ce soit au niveau de la detente, de l’etirement et de la contraction des muscles.
A mesure que l’adepte progresse dans sa pratique, la concentration devient de moins en moins un effort : elle devient un reflexe, une disposition naturelle.
Of course yoga does involve a lot of stretching, but it also includes many other things beyond that.

Asana, (Postures) open the body in order to prepare it for the next step, Pranayama (Breathwork).
Premierement, elles etirent le corps, permettant d’apaiser les douleurs musculaires par le relachement. La respiration doit etre coordonnee avec les differentes postures : inspirer pour les postures d’ouverture et expirer pour les postures de fermeture. Learning to listen to our bodies is the first step, deepening our understanding of awareness, and releasing ourselves from any form of competition, whether that be competition within ourselves, or with another.
This breathwork aids in stilling the mind further, preparing it to move towards Meditation. Deuxiemement, elles provoquent un massage interne par les pressions changeantes appliquees aux organes internes. Hatha Yoga will therefore incorporate to different degrees elements of Asana, (Postures) Pranayama (Breath Work) and Meditative practices. Enfin, elles permettent de progresser dans la connaissance de son propre corps : l’adepte comprend quels sont les muscles strictement necessaires a la tenue d’une posture particuliere.
Il peut alors laisser au repos le reste de son corps en evitant de contracter des muscles inutilement.

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