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Each pod is made entirely from wool, the rigid part is formed out of SBW, or cooked wool, an entirely new sustainable material developed by Freyja for the London Design Museum. The native sheep breeds in the UK produce a particularly durable, course fiber; perfect for use where strength is needed. Also in store are several of Freyja Sewell’s acclaimed HUSH pods, constructed from a single piece of 12mm industrial wool felt.
A blog for art-lovers and adventurers, fashionistas and culture vultures, who believe in fair play, fair trade and fair travel. There are more than 50 of us here all dressed in white t-shirts, sitting lovingly at the feet of our white-shirted chief Andy Puddicombe – the founder of Headspace – as he guides us through a 10-minute mindfulness exercise.
So what’s on offer for stressed-out shoppers as they dart between the lipsticks and the Louboutins?
One of the most appealing things about No Noise is that, while it is doubtless rather innovative, it doesn’t have to interrupt your normal shopping experience if you don’t want it to.

As we become increasingly bombarded with information and stimulation, the world is becoming a noisier place.
A simple bio plastic made from potato starch is used to bind the wool together to form a new British composite material.
Wet felting is an ancient technique dating back to 600BC, each pod is a unique work of art, combining the traditional with the innovative. Instead, it’s just about offering people a chance to experience certain aspects of mindfulness practice in a new environment; giving people the opportunity to stop and breathe, and promoting calm as a catalyst for wellbeing. In an initiative that goes beyond retail, we invite you to celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds. Maybe a little, but this is not some kind of protest against early morning opening hours or the stocking of unethical products.
The recording in each pod is geared towards whatever section the listener happens to be in; the topic of beauty and feeling beautiful in the beauty section pod, food and taste in the food hall pod, and technology and how and when to best use it in the technology section.

This was first created back in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge (who was just a little bit ahead of his time) and offers shoppers somewhere to sit and be, well, silent – and off-line, since mobile phones and other communication devices must be left at the door. Freyja has partnered up with Headspace, the modern meditation experts, to deliver an extra helping of peace and quiet with your shopping.
Look out for the Headspace pods throughout the store - each one offers a different guided meditation, to help calm busy heads.

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