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But the rumour has it that there exit another critical vulnerability but it’s knowledge is limited to only the hackers who frequent the dark web. Even our website came under Ddos attack on 17 april because of leaking the information to the public. Rest assured, our team is actively scorching the deep web to find out more information. I need to gain access to a account, I will pay for the password but i can only pay after i have the password but I will give you ?1000 for doing it. Setting up email accounts in desktop email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook is usually a do and forget type of operation. Sometimes email account information, such as the username and password, need to be retrieved. Thunderbird, like most other email clients, hides the passwords by default, but provides an option to display them in the password manager. For added security, a master password can be configured that needs to be entered before the stored email account information can be accessed by the user. All email account passwords that are stored in Thunderbird can be displayed by clicking on Show Passwords which you need to confirm when a prompt comes up. To change passwords, simply select the email account that needs to be changed and click on the Remove button. A right-click on an account displays options to copy the username or password so that you can paste it somewhere else.
Since anyone can access the information if they have local access, it is highly suggested to select "use a master password" if others have local access to your computer.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. A critical vulnerability allowed anyone to remotely change the password of any Hotmail account.

Many users who linked their email account to financial services like Paypal and Liberty Reserve were targeted and the money looted away. It involves using a Firefox addon called Tamper Data which allows the the user to intercept the outgoing HTTP request from the browser in real time and modify the data. Many users, especially from the Middle east countries notified the company in their support forums but the damage was already done by then.
They are lying low with the exploit now to prevent another leak to the mass and thus ensure a quick patch by the company.
Be sure to check this space! For the members who wanted a more detailed explanation about the old exploit, please download the full video demonstration of the hack from here. Once the accounts have been setup they do not need any attendance or maintenance at all, unless the email provider happens to make changes to the system or you change your account password on the provider's website.
A user may want to configure the email account on another computer, a mobile device like a smartphone or access the email directly if the provider offers webmail as well.
We are using the 3.1 branch in this guide but it works in all newer versions of the program as well.
This displays a list of all email accounts with a saved password, and you may find other accounts listed here as well. The very same listing displays the username, and site (that is the email provider) as well. Next time Thunderbird tries to retrieve emails from removed accounts, it will prompt for a password for that account. As you can see, this can also be helpful to remove passwords and email account information that are no longer in use in the email client. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.

Have you verified that all account information are removed from the master password dialog? It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. The underground hacking scene was abuzz with hackers who hacks any hotmail email accounts for as little as 20$. All hell broke loose when a member from a very popular hacking forum offered his service that he can hacked “any” email accounts within a minute. All the attacked had to do was to select the “I forgot my Password” and select “Email me a reset link” and start the Tamper Data in firefox and modify the outgoing data. Note that changing passwords only applies to the stored password, the actual email account password can only be changed on the provider's website. For some reason the password attributed to this account disappeared from the the list of saved passwords.
Those can be deleted by the user by selecting them first and hitting the remove button thereafter. Googling the Phrase” ???? ???????? 2012 “will bring up several videos demonstrating the same .

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