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Guildford Meditation was founded by Neil Tranter, and is now run in collaboration with Sarah Gulland, Rob Houston and Josey Tranter. We take a non-religious approach inspired by modern and traditional approaches, such as at the Zen and Insight Meditation traditions, and the more recent work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, Vidyamala Burch, Richard Miller and Tara Brach. At the core of our philosophy, lies mindfulness practice – bringing friendly, curious, non-judgmental awareness to the present moment.
In addition to working with private clients (individually and in groups), we also provide mindfulness and coaching services to organisations including Google, EA Games, Colgate and Allianz. We also adhere to the Good Practice Guidance of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers. With a background in physics, software engineering and management of large teams, Neil provides a pragmatic approach to mindfulness and meditation which balances the intellectual with the spiritual. MBSR training and ongoing supervision with Susann Herrmann, co-founder of London Meditation.
Trained as a Mindfulness Based Awareness Coach with Albert Tobler, co-founder of London Meditation.
I came to mindfulness through my work with horses although my original background was in practicing law. I am interested in working with a variety of populations including schools, alcohol and drug rehab centres, corporate settings and those with chronic pain issues. Mindful Movement training with Padmadarshini, (Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy). Rob has an open, down to earth and enthusiastic way of teaching Mindfulness and wishes to help people reduce stress and deal with the daily pressures that we all face in this busy life by incorporating Compassion, Kindness and Mindfulness into their lives.
Currently working at Google, Rob runs daily Mindfulness sessions throughout the organisaton. He is on a Mindfulness for stress and pain teacher training pathway with the Breathworks Organisation.
Josey has been running her own business, Woking Massage Therapy, as a Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist and Sports Yoga coach for the past 5 years. Since being introduced to meditation by Neil, she now has a daily meditation practice which has become an integral part of her daily life. This is a group for those who are seeking understanding, enlightenment, growth and knowledge. Midwintera€™s Day is the shortest one of the year, when the Suna€™s path reaches farthest south before it turns back north.
This meet up group is hosted by Bayou Bliss Yoga, a 2 story bungalow in First Montrose Commons. She is mad about cats, loves running and yoga, and is fascinated with learning and increasing her knowledge about the body and how best to look after it. In these sessions you will learn how to meditate and calm the mind, easily and effortlessly by using an old technique that been successful over the ages.
It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner in meditation, or advanced, you will learn levels of understanding that will move you to the level you need to be. One of my goals is to  avoid introducing organic or inorganic chemicals into the yard. Each day after the winter solstice is a bit longer, but here in the northern hemisphere we still have to transit through the heart of winter, the coldest time of the year, when life energy stays within, down in the roots, waiting for the thaw.
He found the impact of a daily Mindfulness practice greatly reduced his reactivity to stress and found his default level of happiness increasing.
We will also have topics regarding stress and anxiety and living life to be happy prior to the meditation. Yule is an old Northern European festival where the burning of the Yule log signifies the warmth and energy of lifea€”and the promise of the return of light, warmth, and the growing season.
Some of the things we do is: Tap into how visualizing in meditation, and dialogue techniques with your inner self or guidance can help you grow, Learn how to quantum jump to a parallel life, step into the DNA memory library of coding inside of you.
Cutting cost is not really a big priority for me, since I already spend a bit on my garden, but I think that I benefit from the knowledge of finding ways to reduce expenses to be able to pass that advice along to my clients. This solstice meditation will concentrate on diving deep within, and holding fast to inner light.

Depending on the group and the level, I will also be teaching advanced meditation as well including: Quantum Jumping, Parallel shifting, connecting to the Higher Self and more. We have learning sessions at times, practice sessions at time and discussion groups as well.
As for my children’s enjoyment, I feel that children love to be outside more when they have a space where they are engaged. Come join with us as we delve into our own fire, bank some things till spring, and set a mood, a focus and an intention to carry us througha€”till the sap begins to rise and the promise of spring can be realized. Come join this group and learn how to tap into the inner personal you that is stored deep within. The releasing of the ladybugs became a big event for my children (and for the parents too), and this may kindle the desire to explore your own yard in your own children.
I have nothing against going to the beach, but his daughter could be outside on a regular basis if they let her loose in her own garden. Later that same day, my niece was shocked when she saw my daughter pick something off of a plant to eat. She immediately reported this infringement to me, whereupon I explained that she had picked a piece of broccoli for a snack. We sat down in front of that section of the garden, and I explained which plants were edible. My daughters rushed to see the bee, while I placed myself between the bee and my niece, so she could pass. I think most are selling for around $10 You are supposed to release them at night, but I found this hard to do when having the little ones involved.
This is not always suggested on the package instructions, but it does help keep ladybugs in place until they settle in. The girls squealed with excitement as they watched the beetles go along the top of the cover. The big hope is that they find food, and they lay eggs, so you will start having your own ladybug colony. I came home Sunday afternoon to two excited little girls and a son who was happy that he was not babysitting anymore. We made a tuna salad that included cilantro, celery, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrot, and onion from the beds.
With so many flowers in bloom, they began to collect them for an arrangement, and to spill petals over my head. I think the method of causing real interest in trying a vegetable is allowing them to harvest it from their own garden. I was harvesting beets with at least an inch in diameter, or that was my intention- the girls became a little to excited. The roots can have a sweetness to them (sugar is produced from a beet variety), but the leaves do have a stronger taste, which does not appeal to all.
When creating our garden, I thought that there are lessons for others planning their own special place. In between the flat stones of the cross, I moved a thyme plant from another part of the garden.
Curious about the new space, and wanting to put his own stamp on this garden, the dog rolled over the plants and stones. Instead of visually interesting smaller annuals, I should look into a bush that has some lasting blooms.
I heard someone say that gardeners will fill up every available space, and that they will create vertical gardens when the horizontal space has been used.
I have been playing with all of these concepts, so I wished to share my experiments with you.Raised container beds I have seen some beautifully constructed wood structures that can be best described as a cross between shelving and raised beds. Along those same lines, I have seen elaborate PVC pipe systems which are angled to allow water flow down gentle slopes to the bottom. Since I had many goods which could be recycled, my focus was to find ways of using these materials. With cuttings from my crepe myrtle and old plastic bottled drink flats, I made a few starter flats.

A piece of plastic that came from a sliding door blind helped cover the holes of the flats.
I am now growing strawberries, cucumbers (which I hope will spill over), and brussel sprouts.
I also used old lamp shades as containers that were placed on a pole.Climbing plantsTrellises, poles, and fences all serve for climbing plants.
The grapes will be pruned to cascade from the top of the pole, creating a grape vine fountain. Cucumbers, squashes on vines, beans, and grapes are a few standards for this type of vertical gardening.
Some of these plants have wonderful flowers, so a trellis on a porch can make a great screen while providing a harvest.The plant wall Have you seen the work of Patrick Blanc? His work in vertically landscaping might be the best known, and many gardeners are finding ways to imitate what he has done for their own vertical projects. After the spring frame had been filled, I covered the frame with the window screen material. Maybe I can use a solar powered pump to create a vertical garden wall like the others have done.
I am considering the drought and its effects on my garden this last summer, so I want to think about how I should proceed in a better way. My design worked well with a small amount of kitchen waste, but when I loaded the bin with yard waste, the bin collapsed.
The spinnable bin worked well for kitchen waste, but I wanted a larger compost production method, which for me meant the standing bin.
For the most part this did work out; however, I should consider plants that do well in droughts, or when I plant. Established plants going into the garden have done better, so next year I want to do better with starting seeds in flats, then moving them into the garden. The drought caused me to water more, which was an expense, and as I said, I wasted money on plantings that failed due to a lack of watering. To be more successful, I have to plan out ways to save on water while producing vegetables. Composting does not need to take place in a bin, leaving the leaves on the ground will allow them to decompose.
I use leaves as a mulch in a few of my garden beds that are not in the obvious line of sight of my visitors, yet with so many leaves, I had to find other locations, which was not always with my wife’s approval.
I had an idea last fall where I could use the leaves as a mulch path along the side of the house. I was not sure how this would work; however I am reaping the rewards of this compost for my late fall garden. This is a well traveled path, and it is located through garden beds where I frequently work. I have performed a few new construction home inspections recently, and I am always impressed at how quickly the bare yard is transformed into a garden. My only problem is that these scenes have been standardized, and I realize that I should not expect something else. I moved the current landscape out of the way to begin making the path in a shape of a cross. The children and I began working on making decorations for a tree in the front yard that we want to look like a Christmas tree.
With all of this going back and forth through the gardens, I noticed that the ginger was receding.
The few Houston cold snaps had convinced my ginger to go dormant, which means that harvesting was in order.

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