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I have a name on Steam, but when I play multiplayer Team Fortress, it shows my email address. Note: Everything might not look the same, as I use some addins (steamdb is displayed in first picture, lastpass in third) and your language might be different.
Go to the Friends List, hit the arrow near your name, click "Change Profile Name", choose your Name, and you are done! Hey, I'd edit your answer with more info but it looks like you will edit it, ping me if you want me to edit it.
Why did you create two separate answers when merging them both would have been a wiser choice? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged steam or ask your own question. Has the removal of radio operators, navigators, and flight engineers from modern-day commercial flight crew had a negative impact on safety? Changing the name on stock certificates is done through either an official transfer agent of the company or sometimes through the company itself.
In order to make the transfer several items are needed because it is a formal documentary procedure.
Strictly speaking, the executor should do this for you, because the executor has a duty to make proper distribution and simply handing over stock in a decedent's name is not a full distribution.

As you know, Facebook is always changing, but at the time this post is being written, if you have fewer than 200 Facebook fans, you can easily change the name of your Facebook Page in the Edit Settings area. However, if you have more than 200 fans, there are a few more steps you need to take in order to change the name of your Facebook Page. Step 2: When you click edit, you’ll see something that says, “Request Change” as you can see pictured in step #2 above.
When you click on request change, the box pictured below pops up and gives you information regarding the guidelines for changing the name of your Page.
Step 3: When you click that little box at the bottom that says, “I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name,” you’ll then go to a page where you’ll enter information about your current Page name and what you want it changed to. From there, there’s a dropdown where you can select an option that indicates why you want to change your Page’s name. Here’s the bad news: If you’ve done this more than once, you’ll most likely be unable to change the name of your Facebook Page again. Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. All stock shares list the transfer agent's name and address; however it is always possible that that transfer agent has changed and if so the company will notify you upon request of the new agent. Or perhaps you want to keep the name of the Page, but noticed you have a typo in the name and because of that need to change it.

However, if you’ve never changed your Page’s name, you have a good chance of getting it approved. I followed the instructions precisely, but when it comes to subnitting the change request to Facebook, it won’t take it.
I don’t really want my page name in quotations, but that seems to be what the error message is prompting. I bet you havent read one account of the many who were raped and sexually assaulted by Bill. For more information, just call the company itself and it will tell you everything it needs and may even provide some of the forms. In some cases, people have had to go through the process multiple time in order for it to finally get the attention it needs.

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