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As we flew above the winding valley, I saw the Earth Conclave Astral House on the banks of the Spirit Mississippi River.
Soon I saw the Roadhouse shinning in the distance in the deep jewel tones that could only mean that the Samhain bonfires dotting the grounds had been lit. Spark then leapt into the air and joined a huge circle of dancers weaving in and out to the the music of the roaring winds.
After hanging my broom in the Broom Shed, I made my way along the sidewalk to the Roadhouse. The procession circled Flora who was standing in the middle of the room while a sextet of three harps and three flutes played a new composition in honor of the occasion. I saw my Great-Grandmother Lena and some of her friends (all devoted gardeners) sitting at a large round table across the room drinking their champaign and eating their cake, laughing, pointing out folks in the crowd and waving. The rest of the table suddenly broken into spirited discussion on tomatoes and how hard it was getting for the living to know what to do during this time of climate change. I sat for awhile listing to my Great-Grandmother Lena and her friends talk about gardening and the coming climate trials. As I sat simply enjoying the presence of my Grandma Lena, I noticed Dawn Isadora sitting across the room with a group of ancestors animatedly talking about something. Suddenly out of the crowd the Four Girlfriends (Hera, Quan Yin, Freya and Bridget) dressed in their Samhain finery, sprang laughing to swoop me up and away from Ganesha. Oshun was dressed all in white; a long flowing brocade gown, white shoes, white gloves, diamonds, pearls, silver.
Oshun smiled a welcoming smile and took my hand in hers saying, a€?It is a pleasure to meet you, Donald.
Grandmother Bear joined us as we made ourselves comfortable around a table in one of the alcoves lining the back wall of the bar. Dance circle dances in order to weave the Spirit Maps of Rich and Luscious Change into the Fabric of the Multiverse. Make sensible, step by step plans on how to bring your hopes and dreams of sustainable cultures into manifestation. Kwan Yin leaned over to me and whispered into my ear, a€?By the way, Njord and I are doing very well. Ganesha came over to the table to take me on a walking tour of the grounds to visit the Samhain Bonfire Magics. As soon as I stepped outside, I was drawn to a distance group of whales and other megafauna doing a working around a towering fire. As we got closer to the bonfire, Whale song began to fill the air supported by a chorus of dragons. It seemed as if I had spent many hours dancing and yoiking at the Great Onesa€™ Fires when I felt a tug on my coat sleeve. Part way back to the Roadhouse I said good-bye to Ganesha, who was going on to another bonfire. I placed my bottle of sunshine and box of watermelon seed on one of two matching marble tables standing on either side of the double doors already crowded with gifts. I also spent a long time listening to the ongoing discussions about the coming changes and the choices that those changes will necessitate, which would then demand that yet more changes would nyd to be made. On my flight home, I saw Grandmother Bear standing in the side yard of the Astral Clan House waving to me and pointing to a particular cave mouth.
Make sensible, step by step plans on how to bring your hopes and dreams ofA  sustainable cultures into manifestation. This week, my esteemed colleagues will try to convince you that chemistry is the most nightmarish discipline to cover as a science journalist, or maybe archaeology or biology or physics. These thin results can get a bit dangerous when they’re overinterpreted, as Sharon Begley brilliantly explained a few years ago at the Daily Beast. But figuring out how to use the brain’s signals to do something interesting is not the same thing as understanding the brain. In the grand scheme of things, journalists inadvertently misrepresenting neuroscience is a bit of a first-world problem.
That leads into the second comment: if you must use a computer analogy, a data flow computer model is much better than the current digital computer processor. And of course, the whole country where I live (Spain), believes that we use less than a 10% of our brain.
It happens the same with other science areas and specially with drugs and science: people believe first a newspaper highlight than years of study of a real sciencist about a matter. Even in this post, one of the few people you deemed worth naming is Susan Greenfield who has a track record of extremely simplistic neuroscientific statements. As an interesting aside, you also question the utility of knowing the brain regions that most change when one images playing tennis, but positively note the studies that use fMRI to communicate to people in vegetative states. All biological systems- a piece of DNA, muscles, neurons, glia, the digestive system or the nervous system- are complex. It’s well said that linking some forms of brain activity and brain functions is often misleading. Neuroscience (like the other sciences) is in its infancy, but we’re all susceptible to the human push to produce a conclusion, a meaning, a concrete result. I think good neuroscience reporting should, at this point, avoid conclusions, and should instead concentrate on the questions we’re asking about the brain, how current studies are refining the questions, any successes at identifying specific molecular mechanisms in the brain, and any interesting developments in new tools to make less and less crude observations. Congratulations to LWON guest Stephen Ornes, and Persons of LWON Michelle Nijhuis and Erik Vance for having their writing on, respectively, Archimedes & carpenter bees, on caviar in the Ozarks, and on decoding Teotihuacan AND a desert-adventurer-doctor chosen as notable stories in the Best American Science and Nature Writing 2015!
Erik Vance won the excellent 2015 Science in Society Journalism Award, sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers, for science reporting: "Why Nothing Works", published in Discover magazine. I awoke and went down stairs and walked to the refrigerator to start retrieving what I had prepared earlier for my lunch. We kissed each other, wished each other bon voyage and prepared ourselves for our journeys.
This time the indigo hooded cloak was heavily embroidered with red, gold and turquoise sigils.
It had been so long sense I had last seen him and I suddenly realized how much I had missed him.
I am afraid it is going to be a rough and wild flight tonight.a€? Spark called to me as he leapt into the air. Again this year, the docks and the lots were filled with all types of vehicles from a wide range of times and places: autos, buses, dirigibles, submarines, ships, planes, helicopters, canoes, sleds, etc. Pyramids of purple, orange, yellow, white and green pumpkins intricately carved into skulls lined the path from the parking lots and docks to the Roadhouse.
I turned to find the handsome Ganesha in his bright red robs and golden shoes sweetly smiling at me.
What do ya say, Sweet Thing?a€™ and he put his arm around my shoulders and his trunk around my waist. There were towering creations at least twelve feet high made of orchids, clouds, ferns and lighting bolts.
Flora was then presented a necklace of golden roses crafted by Alfrigg, Dvalin, Berling and Grerr themselves.
Each ancestor around the table was worrying out loud about their decedents and their beloved green bloods. They were wondering what advice they could send to the living that the living could actually hear? I also saw Susan Farley and some others (living folk?) in a lively discussion with Welsh garden Mysterious Ones. I greeted the Winter Queen all dressed in white and the palest blue sapphires escorted by a Spirit Polar Bear, a great hero of the Arctic Peoples. Grandmother Bear joined us at the table bringing us a tray of fresh pistachio baklava, a large ewer of a shinning honey colored liquor and seven tiny ruby red glasses. All seven of us then raised our glasses, declared, a€?To Life!a€? and drank our shinning honey liquor. The flames were a multitude of colors: blue, white, orange, purple, turquoise, red, green, gold.
Gigantic primates of many different species beat out an hypnotic rhythm which took us physically, shaking and shimming, into the dancing circle. As I went up the veranda steps, I decided to see if I could get into the big working, the Great Dance. I then made my way back to the bar to just sit and hold the memories of my experiences at this yeara€™s Roadhouse. It is always so delightful to just watch the incredible variety of beings intermingle at the Roadhouse on the holidays. Folks hoped that the Living would remember the Mystery of the Knowing of the Never Ending Cycles of Beingness.
I quietly made my way out of the front doors of the Roadhouse to get my broom out of the Broom Shed. It came to me that it was a portal that led directly to the Roadhouse of the Dead, the Effigy Bear Mounds and perhaps to other sites in and out of Midgard. This time the indigo hooded cloak was heavily embroidered with red, gold and turquoise sigils.A  All in all, my outfit was a variation of the traveling togs I wore the first time I flew to the Roadhouse with Hera, the Queer God and Eponia. I could see the bonfire flames reflected off of the low cloud cover.A  I also noticed the silvery waxing moon peaking through the clouds.
For example, fMRI studies of people trapped in clanking, claustrophobic machines for several hours have revealed that when they think about swinging a tennis racket, maybe some part of their brain gets a bit of extra blood flow, as revealed in some false-colour images.But when someone is in an fMRI machine, thinking about playing tennis, how similar is it to actually playing tennis? The human brain has about 100 billion neurons, each networked with up to 25,000 other neurons by way of communication channels called synapses.
The neuroscientists know the score; the journalists will keep getting either bamboozled or ignored. We may use 100 per cent of our brain, but I’ll be damned if we understand 10 percent of it.

The articles that get the most press and excitement are the ones that tell the simplest stories (i.e. What is a science journalist supposed to do when they have 400 words of allotted space for a story that should take into account 3 gigabytes of papers ad replication studies?
The placebo effect, in it’s many forms, is still completely mysterious at the molecular level. And even if we had the observational tools, we don’t have the computing capacity yet to model more than tiny pieces of such cascades of complex molecular interactions. The reason is that most read articles online, the news findings, the research blah-blahs and yet somehow we miss to ask the questions that have been asked here.. Sitting on the our kitchen table two presents sat wrapped and ready to go: a literally shinning bottle of sparkling liquid sunshine and a golden box of watermelon seeds (Moon and Stars?).
We flew through frozen clouds and light Autumnal rains into the darkening sky above the weather. It was a life time achievement award flower show and dessert dedicated to our Mistress of the Blossoms. There were huge mounded bouquets composed of massive blooming fruit branches, hanging mosses and silver mists. I left Ganesha chatting with a group of orchids and calla lilies and walked over to Grandma Lenaa€™s table. It is always amazing to see the dolphins swim through the air next to the flock of meadow larks and the kangaroos sharing a table and drinks with the horses and badgers.
I also slipped on my wedding ring, an amber, jet and pearl necklace and of course, my new dark gray suede traveling boots (still the most comfortable foot wear I have ever had the pleasure to have upon my feet). The most dangerous science is neuroscience, because it gives journalists so much rope to use to hang ourselves. Try not to smoke a cigarette after two glasses of mulled wine, and extra blood flows to the executive manager in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. No idea, because no one’s ever managed to wear an fMRI machine during a game of doubles. The reason they can’t be answers is that there is as yet no general theorem for neuroscience. A synapse will only pass information to that of a neighbouring neuron after an electrical impulse called an action potential has motivated the transfer; then some ion channel will open and neurotransmitters will be released.
To be truly honest about the significance the latest finding would require 1500 words of caveats. I agree with your point on the usefulness of the tennis study, but it was one specific useful application.
And, of course, the brain is an integral part of the body, so brain processes are just parts of larger processes which are constantly cascading through our bodies. There were dragons, eagles, ravens, swans, pterosaurs, horses, moths, honey bees, wolves, cattle, dolphins, cheetahs, primates and beings composed of raw energy that looked like spiraling galaxies. It was a tiered cake built of layers of chocolate, vanilla and orange sponge cakes dribbled with a rose water glaze and then decorated with sugared violets and rose petals. As we continued to walked to the bar to freshen our drinks, I overheard Mark talking to a group of folks dressed in dark evening wear standing casually by one of the large windows overlooking the gardens. From amongst these flames, beautiful fiery images (sigils?)shot into the air, through the clouds and (it appeared) straight to the heart of the multiverse. It was a wordless yoik, a yoik of celebratory power, a yoik of gratitude for healing and restoration, a yoik of determination and purposefulness. The Dance That Renews the Balance Between Death, Life and Rebirth, The Dance That Weaves the Fabric of the Multiverse had already moved into the parts that the Living are not allowed to witness.
It is amazing to see Mysterious Ones, bears, egrets, eagles, primates and octopi interweave with the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.
No one seemed to know for that matter, what the exact choices will actually be when the time comes, let along what choices will be made. At the last moment I decided to pin the new antique ivory bee brooch that Larry gave me to the left shoulder of my cloak. It is amazing to see Mysterious Ones,A  bears, egrets, eagles, primates and octopi interweave with the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.
No one wants to slog through 1500 words just to get to the conclusion that, ho-hum, we haven’t solved any big mysteries, we just found another interesting clue, and more research is needed. I’m not saying neuroscience is flawed, I am saying it is incredibly difficult to write about it honestly, and without taking small and interesting results and overgeneralising them. Somehow I am a newbee into neuroscience although I am closely related to it as I belong to psychology, but I can very well see the point here and that is Neuroscience is somehow being framed into a structure and dialogue that it does not belong to and rather it is far wider in scope and size to fit into this at all.
Among the crowd I saw such folk as Gertrude Jekyll, Gregor Mendel, Vita Sackville-West, Luther Burbank, Thalassa Cruso, Claude Monet and my Uncle Conrad. The cake was carried on a litter by four huge green beings with bulging biceps and flowering hair and pansy faces.
Nevertheless, everyone agreed that The Cauldron of Change is simmering and will probably not come to a boil until Spring Thaw. Trying too hard to be funny in a post about neuroscience strains the neurons in the anterior flank steak. So that’s biology (neurons), physics (action potentials), chemistry (ion channels), pharmacology (neurotransmitters), and a lot of calculus. We have not even started to read the book that explains the mysteries of the human brain and we cannot expect to get much from the whole lot of research as of now.
As I started to pack my lunch box something caught my eye outside on the deck through the patio doors. The huge circle must of held thousands of folks, all singing and dancing, doing the magic of the eveninga€™s work.
The Folks in the bar were moving back and forth between the main dance hall, the bonfires the kitchens and meeting rooms.
One of my particular favorites was a colossal cast iron cauldron filled with black blossoms that icily steamed from their deep frozen depths. I will never forget yoiking on Samhain night with the Whales, Dragons, Giant Polar Bears, Short Faced Bears, Giant Sloths, Saber Toothed Tigers, Giant Dragonflies, Primates, Dire Wolves, Giant Bees, Dromornis, Mammoths and Mastodons. Spark, who was standing guard at the big doors, whinnied softly as he rubbed his velvet nose on my neck, a€?Next year, cowgirl. The group seemed to hold a solid hope and confidence that the probabilities were high and getting higher for a successful move into the Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight.
Such a study might not have been possible if the response to imaginary motions wasn’t reasonable mapped in earlier seemingly useless studies. We can however keep an eye open to see what is going on and yet nothing is certain as the explanations and truths are far deeper than what scientists can ever expect. I walked over and looked out into the dark and immediately was blinded by an immensely bright light with rays and spikes resembling fire. Spark was bare headed except for a single large orange sapphire in the middle of his forehead. These blossoms included roses, grasses, mums, orchids, euphorbias, sunflowers, glads, and many other unknown flowers, all of them as black as the depths of outer space. When I could clearly see the golden lights shining out from the Roadhouse windows my heart filled with a longing to see my beloved dead once again. Henry Markram, a neuroscientist at EPFL who has spent almost a decade trying to simulate the human brain on a supercomputer, thinks the basic unit should be the neocortical column, a small cylinder that in human brains is comprised of 70,000 neurons. The best standpoint at this stage is to watch the developments and gather the most of data for as long as possible so that the actual truth can be confirmed. The danger is that under enough scrutiny, any of these bricks could eventually begin to seem as complex as the house itself. I hung on with every last ounce of breath that I had-- for I had known from the start that this was pure evil. Slowly but it was leaving the house and vanishing into the night like a balloon drifting into the atmosphere and then disappearing. I staggered back completely exhausted knowing that a battle just had been fought for my soul. I believe the battle was real and that I really experienced it but maybe in a different dimension or realm.
I had defeated the devil with the name of Jesus.===================================================================Sometime in our life we all will have to battle demons that try to control us.
Whether it is a fight for our soul or some other evil in our life, it will be a fight that you need to win. In the book The boy who came back from heaven, Alex Malarkey says that Heaven is guarded by large angels.
In the book of Daniel a messenger from God tells Daniel in Chapter 10:12-14 --"Daniel, do not be afraid.
Then Michael, one of the most important angels, came to help me, because I had been left there with the king of Persia. Battles are surely being fought every minute of every day in the supernatural and spiritual world. Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today for it is written that the devil will lose in the end. If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?
13 And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off. 14 In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.
Si un hombre tiene cien ovejas y una de ellas se ha descarriado, no deja las noventa y nueve en los montes, y va en busca de la descarriada?13Y si sucede que la halla, en verdad os digo que se regocija ms por sta que por las noventa y nueve que no se han descarriado.14As, no es la voluntad de vuestro Padre que est en los cielos que se pierda uno de estos pequeitos.Never believed in God? Jesus still loves you.Colossians 1:13 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)13 He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, Porque El nos libr del dominio de las tinieblas y nos traslad al reino de su Hijo amado,Broken hearted, beaten, and broken?

29 All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves.
28Venid a m, todos los que estis cansados y cargados, y yo os har descansar.29Tomad mi yugo sobre vosotros y aprended de m, que soy manso y humilde de corazn, y HALLAREIS DESCANSO PARA VUESTRAS ALMAS.Failed? He'll save you!"As que, los que son de fe son bendecidos con Abraham, el creyente.Fortaleced las manos dbilesy afianzad las rodillas vacilantes.Feel you are not worthy? 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 New Century Version (NCV)17 If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. Through Christ, God made peace between us and himself, and God gave us the work of telling everyone about the peace we can have with him.19 God was in Christ, making peace between the world and himself.
So I wrote the following that is below: A ==========================================================================================================================A Season Finale--- This may be my last Pastor Pop-Pop Sermon.
I may leave the web site up and running for a year in case it picks up but there probably will not be new words of wisdom in a message.
I feel that in body, mind, and soul that I am under attack from the evil one and it is totally exhausting me spiritually and physically. At one time there was a period that I was getting over 200 hits per month but now it is down to just a few. One child only comes here when coached and the other I have not seen or heard from in months.
Here are some of my prouder moments: Hundreds have visited my Altar Call tab (souls have been saved), I taught a Spanish gentleman who had never prayed before to pray, several people said that I would make a good Pastor, one young man who did not go to Church told me that if I started one he would come to it, at one time I was rated #1 by several internet web service search engines, and through Jesus I helped cure someone of an affliction. You can still follow me on Twitter if you choose and I may come back to this site occasionally to add a Bible verse or two. Consider this a season finale in which you dont know if the show will be cancelled or back next season. He stated that he did not want the Lord to come back yet even though all the people he knew could not wait for Jesus to come back. Pastor said that when people tell him that they want Christ to come back that he says, No, not yet, there is at least one more soul to save! I pondered and prayed on that for a minute or two and decided not to cancel my web site and mission. Since posting the latest message my hits again went well over 200 and I was again rated by one search engine as #1 and another at #2.
After publishing the latest message I had two Spanish people seek the Lord more and now a friend has asked to go to Church with me. I will take out the stubborn hearts of stone from your bodies, and I will give you obedient hearts of flesh.A What is my point? And most importantly, do not give up trying to save souls in your family, work place, community, or the world. Encourage them with great patience and careful teaching,A Matthew 16:26 --- It is worthless to have the whole world if they lose their souls. You see, we did not have video games then unless you count Pong and the snow made the four channels we did get on TV full of static.
As we rounded a portion of the mountain the ledge that I was walking on gave way and I fell about 20 feet down a cliff. The snow below cushioned my fall but where I landed - there was about a 60 degree slope covered with snow and ice.
Below me was a very large straight down drop that would have been disastrous for me if I went over it. I dug in my heals and my hands but could not stop or slow down so I started to steer myself toward a small tree. Knowing that I would not be able to hang on to it with my hands, I decided to let it hit me in the body.
Stopping within 3 feet of going over the edge I hurt all over with the breath knocked out of me. I could have stayed there and yelled for help or rested awhile but knowing that my friend was up there alone and I had to get out of this situation, I just started to slowly and safely climb back up. A You may make a climb to the top of the ladder at work and end up falling due to a lay-off or closure. A You may get married and start a family and it end up in divorce or maybe a spouse will die.
Your exhausted, depressed, tired and disgusted and feel just like giving up or taking a rest on life for a time. Dont allow yourself to be buried in that pit you have fallen in and (one step at a time) climb out of that valley and charge up that hill.
It may take time, maybe years, but if you stay put and do not move forward (even a little at first) you will be like that bear caught in a trap in the middle of the dark woods. A And sometimes a person starts to climb out of their mess and then starts to back-slide so doubt sets in.
Peter, one of Christs disciples trusted the Lord and actually walked on water but when the storm kept up - his faith started to slip. The Lord will not give you something that He knows is disastrous for you even if you think it might be good. She had her hand on the throttle of an F-16 and she had her orders: Bring down United Airlines Flight 93.
Penney, one of two combat pilots in the air that morning, was told to stop the plane before it reached the nations capitol.
The problem was that her and her wing man had to scramble so fast that there was no time to load ammunition or missiles. This was the end of her life and she knew it but this would be the ultimate sacrifice for her country and would save Washington from the airliners destruction.
Fortunately for her (not the passengers) the airline crashed in a field inPennsylvania before the F-16s arrived at the scene.
The priest will perform the acts to remove that person's sin so he will belong to the Lord. 7 " 'But if the person cannot afford a lamb, he must bring two doves or two young pigeons to the Lord as the penalty for his sin. One bird must be for a sin offering, and the other must be for a whole burnt offering.8 He must bring them to the priest, who will first offer the one for the sin offering.
In this way the priest will remove the person's sin so he will belong to the Lord, and the Lord will forgive him.However, God decided that this practice was going to end and through His love he was going to offer His own blood sacrifice for all of our sins. He asked His son to give His life as a perfect blood sacrifice and an offering for all that we have done badly. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us on that cross that day even though we did not deserve it. As Heather Lucky Penny was willing to do for her country, Jesus was willing to do the same for His Father and all of His followers.
All those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior shall now have the forgiveness of their sins through His blood.
That new person is made to be like Godmade to be truly good and holy.=============================================Check out the new song by Tricia Brock --"Always", on my Song tab.
We as humans can live to be 100 years old if we are not struck with cancer, a major disease or hit by a car.
This latter group is the one that I will address.Lets look at the validity of the Bible for a minute. Some people will argue that you can't believe the Bible because it was written by followers who believed in God or Jesus. If you were to use this argument regarding autobiographies, biographies, and history books, you would have to remove all these books off the library selves. Others would argue that the Bible can't be trusted because we do not know if the original manuscripts are accurate.
To determine the accuracy of the manuscripts, we can compare the Bible manuscripts to manuscripts of other literature. If we are going to be fair, we should not require more of the Bible than we do other literature, but the Bible will hold up to even more scrutiny. Notice that the time frame for the New Testament of the Bible is much much smaller and there are many more copies. Over and over again, archaeological digs are finding artifacts that prove the various stories that are in the Bible. There were over 40 authors so there is no way they could have conspired with each other.So, if we are to consider the Bible as factual then lets look at what it says about getting to Heaven where the Father resides.
This is true for all who believe in Christ, because all people are the same:As you see, according to the Bible, there is only one God and the only way to Him is through faith in Jesus and accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. There are many more passages to quote but I encourage you to get a Bible in an easy to read translation and read it yourself. The other religions, besides Christianity, in the world follow a person, thing, idol, the earth, nature, or a prophet. The Jewish and Muslim people believe in the same Father (the Muslims follow a prophet though) but Jesus declared himself part of God and proved it through numerous miracles. We Christians believe in a Trinity the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit, as proved through the Bible. Nothing you do here on Earth can save you only the belief of this God and acceptance of His son Jesus. He was mad at the idea that his wife became a Christian and went on a journey to prove that Jesus was a work of fiction. The book contains, in an easy to read format, all the evidence that he found and the interviews with experts.

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