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The game is telling me that in order to drink potions, I must enter Meditation Mode, but it doesn't give me any clue how to enter Meditation Mode in the first place. The Meditation option is in the center of the radial menu, which is accessed through left-Ctrl. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged the-witcher-2 or ask your own question. Is making characters who go off the rails unlucky a good technique for keeping the plot moving? In The Witcher, the player character, Geralt, advances or develops as accumulated experience points earn him talents which can be allocated to various attributes.
Select the category you would like to enhance from the list on the left side of the Hero screen, then choose from among the highlighted enhancements in the tree on the right side of the panel. Similarly to the original game, Geralt earns talent points whenever XP adds up to a new level.
The game has a level cap of 35; since you start at level 1, you will find yourself with 34 talent points at the end of the game. The major branches (Alchemy, Magic, and Swordsmanship) each have 15 talents and each talent has two levels of mastery.
Therefore, even spending as much as possible in a single major path, you will either miss one talent or leave two half-mastered. Here’s another Witcher 2 tip on beating one of the earlier bosses you face in the game, the Kayran monster in its lair.
Once you manage to cut 3 of the tentacles and it will go into an animation where you climb on one of the swinging tentacles.
Once you are back on the ground, run up the slope that is created from the debris to the top of the Kayran and you will then plant a bomb in it’s head for the win!
You find out the way to destroy the Nekker nests by obtaining enough knowledge about the Nekkers, either by reading a book about them (available in Flotsam) or by fighting them. To build a Grapeshot bomb you first need the schematic, which is available from the elf Cedric. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site.
Has the removal of radio operators, navigators, and flight engineers from modern-day commercial flight crew had a negative impact on safety? Is it possible to improve brute-force guessing of a password with a picture of the keyboard used to enter it? I just stumbled upon a bunch of wolves, and while I defeated them, I really have to regenerate my health now. You can then select the span of time (You can see the current time you're on and select When you want the meditation to end.) and it will fast-forward to that chosen time healing you in the process.
If you're playing in higher difficulties (Any above "Story and Sword") you will not heal during meditation but the game will always warn you about that.
Another way to meditate is by pressing "X" (xbox) on the screen that allows you to change the sign you're casting.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged the-witcher-3 or ask your own question.
Is there definitive information about how long dropped items stay around for a way of permanent storage?
The cow exploit used to allow you to kill cows, loot, meditate, kill other cows and loot again, so you could go to a merchant and sell everything you looted for a conspicuous amount of crowns. As you can see from this video, you can still kill cows but, if you meditate in the same place where you killed those cows, a level 27 chort appears. Someone's even practicing with the monster, making the exploit on purpose to just face this huge challenge.
Go to the following location at the Clan Tordarroch Forge in The Skellige Isles, and kill all the goats. The Serpentine Witcher gear set can be found in White Orchard (Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear).
The Ursine Witcher (heavy armor) gear set can be found in Skellige (Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear).
The Enhanced (upgraded) Ursine Witcher gear set (heavy armor) can be found in Skellige (Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams). The Superior (2x upgraded) Ursine Witcher gear set (heavy armor) can be found in Velen (Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 3). The Mastercrafted (highest tier) Ursine Witcher gear set (heavy armor) can be found in Velen (Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4). Commander's Horn: Purchase for 10 Crowns from an Innkeeper at Inn at the Crossroads in Velen.

Commander's Horn: Purchase for 20 Crowns from Stjepan at The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt in Novigrad.
Scorch: Purchase for 50 Crowns from an Innkeeper at New Port Inn, Kaer Trolde Harbor in Skellige. Scorch: Purchase for 50 Crowns from an Innkeeper at Urialla Village, An Skellig in Skellige.
Vesemir: Purchase for 20 Crowns from Vivaldi at the Bank of Vivaldi, Hierarch Square in Novigard. Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff: Randomly awarded after winning from the Crafter or Merchant.
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach: Randomly earned card after winning from Crafter or Merchant. Yaevinn: This Close Combat Agile card is acquired for 50 Crowns from Sjusta the Tailor at Kaer Trolde Harbor, Ard Skellig in Skellige.
Dwarf Skirmisher: This Close Combat Muster card is acquired for 10 Crowns from Stjepan at The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt in Skellige.
The Siegemaster: Acquired during the "Imperial Audience" main quest by defeating Nilfgaardian Nobleman.
Effect: Increases Axii's effectiveness in dialogues and the targeted enemies do not advance towards Geralt.
Effect: Damages and slows all enemies within a 10 yard radius and destroys projectiles passing through this area. As long as you do not meditate, you can still change your mind about the allocation of talents. Don’t forget to Meditate and take all necessary potions (Mongoose, any vitality improvements, etc) in preparation for the fight against the Kayran.
In order to prepare the Mongoose you will need a few ingredients, out of which one is very rare - the ostmurk. If you ask him about the ostmurk, he will point the possible location - the caves right below the elven ruins in the south of the region. You can now eave the cave (M12, 1) - you will be probably attacked by a couple monsters, even if you killed all of them before. There will be an appropriate information displayed during The Kayran, reminding of the potion. I found my first Nekker nest, but when I try to destroy it, Geralt just says, "I've got to blow up this nest," and doesn't do anything. The tutorial explained that I can do that by meditating, but I can't find any way to actually meditate in the controller scheme. Of course, CD Projekt RED has worked to fix that exploit and gave a solution in the patch 1.05 released yesterday. On Reddit, a gamer says the monster slayed him with just one hit; another, instead, killed it after a 10 minute fight.
To use this glitch, you must either not install the patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. Before crossing the Woesong Bridge to leave the town of Midcopse in White Orchard early in the game, jump over the fence to enter a grass pasture with some cows at this location. Go under the water (near the wrecked ships), and start shooting at the three Level 10 Drowners with your crossbow to one-hit kill them. Purchase for 50 Crowns from a druid after the quest, in Gedyneith, Ard Skellig in Skellige. Purchase for 20 Crowns by winnning a match at the masquerade ball at Vegelbud Estate in Novigrad. These four in turn allow advancement of skills like signs and the mastery of steel and silver swords.
To cancel and start over, left-click on the Erase' icon, or right-click on an allocated (but uncommitted) talent to free it up again. I also recommend that before you face off against the Kayran, you first complete the side quest to gather the necessary materials (finding the ostmurk) and craft the Mongoose potion. I started off playing old school consoles like Atari, SNES, Sega Genesis, moved onto PC gaming for awhile, took a small break and now I am back primarily on consoles only because I just prefer to just load up a game and sit on my couch. You can however use a different ingredient - the Essence of Death which you will get it in the side quest In the Claws of Madness or the Endrega Fetus which you can get during The Endrega Contract.
You have to go through the whole woods, to a waterfall behind which there's a cave entrance (M8, 14).
Turn the camera in a 360 degree circle or walk a short distance away from the nest, and then loot the nest again for all items to have respawned. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install the patch.

After killing the three Drowners, simply turn the camera in a 360 degree circle, and they should keep respawning. Simply collect any of the pieces to start the treasure hunt (you do not need to accept a quest -- just go to any of the shown locations in the video and collect the diagram). Simply collect either piece to start the treasure hunt (you do not need to accept a quest -- just go to any of the shown locations in the video and collect the diagram).
Try to kill the Nekker Warriors, as thanks to them the normal Nekkers are more organized and don't attack so blindly. However do look out near the end of the fight, as the monster will explode casing poison damage, which will last for a couple seconds.
Then, meditate for two hours where you killed them by pausing the game, selecting "Meditation", and advancing the time by two hours. They are guarding a nearby chest -- so do not open the chest or the Drowners will stop respawning. You can craft them at the armorer and blacksmith in Oxenfurt (large town in the east of Novigrad). You can buy the maps for this scavenger hunt from the armorers in Kaer Trolde and Oxenfurt. You must buy shells from a merchant, dismantle them, and then sell the pearls for a higher price.
If you keep shooting your crossbow towards the Drowners, the game will simply auto-aim at them so you can easily kill them without much effort.
To add something else to the pile, pick up the bag, and then drop it again after it has the additional item. To get the required materials, loot all the monsters you kill during story missions and side quests.
You must craft the upgrades at an armorer or blacksmith after collecting the upgrade diagrams.
You must craft the upgrades at the Master Armorer in Crow's Perch (Velen) or Master Blacksmith in Novigrad (near the docks). Kill the cows again, and repeat the process to accumulate a large number of cow hides, as well as meat for healing. You must also have the Normal and Enhanced Ursine gear set to upgrade to the Superior version. Above all have an active Quen for protection and use Aard to stun the monsters - there's a high chance of performing a finishing move. For example, to get silver ingot you can dismantle one of your silver swords at the blacksmith.
You must also have the Normal, Enhanced, and Superior Ursine gear set to upgrade to the Mastercrafted version.
Then, exit the shop, talk to the merchant again, and he will have all the shells in stock again. Talk to him, then select the "Other" tab from his shop's inventory to find the "Cow Hide" option to sell all of your hides to him.
If you are Level 9, you can reach Level 11 in approximately 30 minutes using this farming method. Alternately, go to the Loan Shark in Navigrad since his money comes back each time you leave.
Note: If the Drowners do not respawn, move around a little or turn the camera in the opposite direction to get them to respawn.
You can also buy florens so he has more money, and then just convert florens to crowns at the bank in Novigrad. Note: Since the nearby merchant only has a limited number of crowns, you will need to sell the cow hides to other shop keepers to get more crowns. Selling the pearl you get from it gives you 109 coins, which is a 101 coins profit per shell.
Note: The game stops saving your crowns if you go above 65,535 and will revert them to a previous state. If the merchant does not have shells in stock, either meditate or fast travel to another map, then check again. Additionally, make sure to do this during the day, as merchants and armorers are not around at night.

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