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In this tutorial we will show you how to create and apply your own bullet styles in an InDesign CS5.5 or CS6 document.
I have just added another tutorial on handling multi level lists hopefully that will help you.
In other programs, I’ve used a solid dot for the main items and an empty dot for the next level, etc. First we are going to create our custom bullet style then we will apply it to a short list.
This is the name that will replace the Paragraph Style 1 that is its current name in the Paragraph Style list when we save our style. Now as we are only interested in modifying the bullet list character we are going to change to the Bullets and Numbering tab.

We then Change our List Type to Bullets and click on the drop down menu for Character Style.
Now click on Basic Character Formats and select the font family we want to use for our bullet.
This is good news for us because our bullet characters have to be found somewhere within the characters in our font. Try using it for now and if you wish you can explore other characters that are available later. We now change to the Character Colour tab and select what colour we want our bullets to be. I have selected my red and we now hit OK to return to the Paragraph Styles box still in the background.

Now all we have to do is highlight the text we want as a bulleted list and then select our paragraph style. To do numbered list simply create a New Paragraph Style based on our previous style and instead of selecting bullets in the Bullets tab select numbering.

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