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What can I do to prevent my air conditioner from smelling moldy as the temperatures begin to rise? I don't want to change my steam user name I just want to change my name in GO is this possible ?
I assumed that once my divorce was final, it would be easy to go right back to my maiden name. I always imagined I'd go back to my maiden name, my family name that I feel connected to through generations of family.

My daughter is a teen and vacillates between not caring about my last name, asking me to keep her name, or suggesting I go back to my maiden name. There doesn't seem to be a concrete method, though it may be possible through changing your gamer tag. I'm in the midst of this decision and choosing which last name to use is not as easy as I thought it would be. I keep thinking about what last name I'd like to sign or type everyday as I sit down to write. But to make my child feel connected, do I have to keep this last name that isn't really even mine?

Do I walk around this planet with a last name that isn't an accurate label of me just so I don't upset my child? A Tell us in the comments below, or share this with someone you know who is currently going through this decision themselves!

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