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Whether it’s watching her favorite Disney show, looking at cute videos of kittens prancing about on YouTube, or spending time on Facebook, your daughter is surrounded by it: media. And as a parent (or aunt, sister, or any other caretaker), if you’ve spent time online, watching TV, or basically just being alive, you know that at times the media portrays girls and women in a less than positive light—as sexual objects, as victims, as the lesser half of a romantic relationship. Fortunately, however, there are several things you can do to help your daughter navigate this confusing virtual onslaught of messages she receives on a daily basis.
This topic is usually the first to come up when negative media influence on girls is discussed.
Every time I pick up a women’s magazine, I see a barrage of dieting tips on how to look better: “One-Minute Makeup Refreshes!”  “Ten Celebrity-Approved Braids for Back to School!”  “How to Lose 10 lbs.
In Hollywood and other mediums, women have historically been portrayed as either the damsel in distress or the weak second half to a relationship.
Encourage self-development.  This is easier to do when girls are younger but seems to become increasingly difficult as girls get older and reach the tween and teen years. What are some ways you support your daughter in developing high self-esteem?  Share below in the comments section! Shannon Ridgway is a Contributing Writer to Everyday Feminism from the great flyover state of South Dakota (the one with the monument of presidential heads). As parents, we want our children to go into the world of school, peers and friendships, and life feeling happy, confident and valued.
But what happens when they experience real issues that create obstacles to maintaining a good self-esteem?
Of course, if your support isn't helping your child or tween or teen, please reach out and seek professional help. If you suffer with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, good relationships are an essential part of your holistic health.
And yet, many people with mental health issues (and their partners) find their relationships are negatively-impacted by mental health issues. If you think you’re worthless, defective and flawed, you can feel completely stymied. When you feel depressed, you become critical; negativity replaces all the good things in your life.
If you suffer with anxiety, you can feel unsupported if your partner doesn’t agree with your phobias and fears. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can negatively impact relationships, but with care and understanding from both sides, you can forge a long-lasting relationship built on mutual respect. Call it co-incidence, an unconscious rebellion against the law of attraction or a tricky play of fate, but people with a low self-esteem tend to get attracted to similar people with low self-esteem. In the case that a person with a low self-esteem is in a relationship with someone who has a high self-esteem, the weaker person automatically assumes the role of a victim and a person who doesn't deserve any good that is coming his way. When a relationship reaches its mature stages, that is after about 2 years of being with the same person, the two people in it begin to understand each other properly.
A healthy relationship can survive only when there is a balance between what is given and what is taken from the relationship. There are many other ways in which low self-esteem affects relationships, but none of them are positive. Comparing, gossiping about others, putting others first, even excessive Facebook or Instagram stalking are all signs of low-self esteem.
Studies show that while teens and preteens spend less time watching TV, they spend more time than ever on their cell phones and using social media. Seek out girls within various forms of media who use their talents or intellect instead of their sexualized bodies to succeed and talk about them with your daughter.
It may seem obvious, but make sure your daughter knows that the princess stories and fairytales are exactly that: fantasy. In fact, studies show that once girls reach the age of 12, their self-esteem has drastically decreased from when they were younger. And subconsciously or not, these idealized images start to filter into our daughters’ brains, taking hold there and demanding perfection in all they do. If your daughter is young, explain to her what programs like Photoshop can do to alter images and how it is not an accurate representation of girls and women. In her free time, Shannon enjoys reading, writing, jamming out to ’80s music and Zumba, and she will go to great lengths to find the perfect enchilada.
We do our best to fortify their self-confidence within the home so that they are equipped to be strong and successful in the rest of the world.
Anxiety is common in young people's lives, especially in the school arena where they are under constant pressure to get good grades and perform. Run the update (Its Free) or Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.

In the same survey by MIND, 80% of people with mental health issues said they felt it affected their sex-life, with many sufferers feeling unattractive, self-conscious, or losing their libido. You may question how your partner perceives you, and doubt that they love you the way they say they do. If self-doubt leads you to doubt the person is with you because they love you, this will destroy your relationship. A mild annoyance, such as your partner leaving the clutter around the office, can become World War Three, as you rail against how inconsiderate the person is, and that you don’t know what you ever saw in them. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Health like depression and anxiety, Education,Travel and technology etc. And how can one work towards rebuilding the lost self-esteem in order to harmonize a failed relationship?
Since they already have a very low sense of self worth, when they find someone that echoes their own thoughts, they take it as a sign and go forward with what can only be a disastrous result. This feeling leads to the stronger person in the relationship to assume the role of the caretaker and the protector. The strong person knows that his or her partner is weak and hence fuels his need for attention and support all the time. When one person in the relationship has a low self-esteem and thinks that it his duty, responsibility and his sole purpose to only keep giving and giving to the other person, he begins to be taken for granted. If you can identify the characteristics of low self-esteem, the next step is to change the way you think about yourself and how you handle things in your life.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you discover that she’s a fan of a certain celebrity who dresses sexy, for example, don’t trash-talk that person or say she dresses like a tramp. Today, girls younger than ever are internalizing the message that it’s important to be thin. For the 10-18 year old girl, Katniss Everdeen in the popular Young Adult series, The Hunger Games, is a prime example—she’s a skilled hunter, she saves her family from starvation, and (spoiler alert!) she battles courageously to overcome obstacles after being thrust into a post-apocalyptic battlefield and forced to fight to the death.
Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty—all waiting around to be rescued by the handsome and elusive Prince Charming. It’s okay that she likes princesses (some of them are pretty cool—check out this ranking of princesses from a feminist perspective), and she most likely will due to their pervasiveness in media, marketing and the like, but it’s important that she realize there will be no prince—or anyone else—coming to rescue her.
Part of this may be due to the role that teen songs and magazines have in pop culture—how to get a boyfriend, why it’s amazing to be part of a couple, or the latest—insecurity is sexy. And the heavy use of social media has only increased the demand for perfection.  A recent study by Common Sense Media found that 28% of girls have edited photos of themselves before posting them online, compared to only 9% of boys. Notice if she seems to be taking on too many projects, spending too much time getting ready or putting on makeup, or trying overly hard to please people.
She dreams of effecting great change in the world by working for a nonprofit agency or an organization that works toward social revolution. A little stress is normal, perhaps even healthy, but what happens when your child's life is dominated by worry? You can also do this by helping your child to try something new -- take a new class, go to a new place, try a new activity.
The more confident your child feels about his or her ability to solve problems and handle situations, the better he or she will feel inside -- and this strength will show up on the outside. Meanwhile, having close people to talk to eases anxiety, helping to calm stress and makes the sufferer feel less alone. 5% of sufferers of mental health issues even say that their partners dumped them when they heard about their condition. Try and remember all the good traits that attracted you to the person, and remember that this sense of irritation will pass. Relationships can quickly end if the healthy partner doesn’t try to understand why their ill partner feels as they do. It's true that they may get along like a house on fire and know and understand each other perfectly well, but how healthy is it to be in a relationship with someone who thinks he is not worthy of his own or another's love?
While this may be the case even in a normal relationship, the peculiar factor is that with a person who thinks little of himself, it becomes the responsibility of the stronger person to constantly keep reassuring the person that he is not as small as he presumes himself to be and that he is much more than that. However, when he sees that nothing that he does is able to help his partner and that his partner is still the same depressed and self-sabotaging person, who refuses to have a bright perspective towards life, there is bound to be a level of frustration building up in him. The stronger person may see that taking from his partner seems to give him or her a sense of purpose and thinking that this makes him or her feel better, he may begin taking the partner for granted. So, if you recognize these signs in your partner, help him or her to improve their self-esteem and see life through bright and sparkling lenses!
You may find that being alone with yourself is uncomfortable, that you feel anxious or uneasy with other people, or that your mind is filled with negative self-talk.

The truth is when one is content with themselves, they have healthy self-esteem; external validation is simply an additive, not a necessity to their lives. A Debby Downer is someone who always looks at life pessimistically; nothing is ever good enough.
This will lead to more positive self-talk and experiences that can radically boost your self-esteem into a positive and beautiful place.
However, in all the advice out there on the topic, there are a couple of main points to remember.
If she has a Facebook page, scroll through her “Likes” and the people she follows to learn more about her interests.
This will only make your daughter more argumentative and reluctant to absorb what you’re telling her, and worse, it reinforces the negative connotations we’re working to overcome. Her looks and clothing are rarely mentioned, except when she’s being prepped for the arena, and even then it’s in passing, as in something she doesn’t want to focus on but is being forced to do.
If our girls are reminded early and often enough, we can combat the negative messages they receive and help them grow into strong, confident women. The key thing is for your child to experience a victory -- knowing that they can do it -- in the face of something seemingly hard or scary. And the worst part is they don't even realize that they are in a self deprecating relationship, because both of them have the same self belittling outlook towards life.
A stronger person, because of his high level of self-esteem may find it to be a boost to their ego, but soon, it can progress to the next point mentioned below. The methods that he may resort to, to vent out this frustration can turn out be rather disastrous, not to mention detrimental to the essence of their relationship.
Both of them may feel that they are right on their part, but what they fail to see is that though they're both unconsciously getting what they want to believe is better for the other, they are only further cementing the insecurity and paranoia that the weaker person feels about himself. A person with healthy self-esteem spends the bulk of their time doing things that promote positive vibes for themselves and others.
If you try to do everything perfectly and fail (which is bound to happen), frustration and negative self-talk occur. Going out of your way to constantly be there for someone else, builds up resentment and is a constant reminder to yourself that you are not number one. If she’s reading something that exploits women and girls for their sexuality, discuss what that means with her. The unattainable standard of beauty set by the media and fashion world has only gotten more unattainable, and everywhere our daughters look they see examples of this. So it’s important to let your daughter know from the start that her most valuable asset isn’t her looks.
Praise her for her talents and try to get her to focus on one or two areas in which to excel so she feels good about herself and stops trying to please everyone. As a result, they often feel less confident in their abilities to solve problems and manage every day situations.
This will help them feel stronger internally and motivate them to try something else which will also increase their self-esteem and confidence in themselves.
Suddenly, your life is one constant round of medication, therapy appointments, and sitting staring at the TV.
After all, it makes him feel like he has been inadequate in providing what his partner needed and this can take a toll on his own self-esteem, leading him to take some unwarranted steps and bring doom to the relationship. One must put their health and mental health first in order to be the best they can be for everyone else in their lives. A Debby Downer has a general negative outlook and this pessimism creates low-self esteem and feelings of unhappiness. If you don’t discuss the reasons behind this with your partner, they can feel you’ve lost interest in them. They have enough self-regard to keep these thoughts to themselves or to change them into positive, loving comments.
If no, then you need to be introduced to the harrowing effects and the amount of strain that low self-esteem can render to a relationship. If your daughter plays sports or seems interested in a certain activity, focus on how food fuels her body so that she can perform well while doing those things.
The most prominent signs of low self-esteem include self denigration, anger, dwelling on past events, and other forms of behavior which portray them as trying too hard to impress everyone around them and then losing confidence because they feel that they can never match up to the expectations.
In this Buzzle article, we'll go through some of the most troubling effects that low self-esteem can have on relationships.

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