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I decided to give it up after the second time I got “dumped on” by snow falling off the rather large shutters I had to remove to open it up every morning! Presents a grand synthesis of the most satisfying explanations of mental life that have been proposed in cognitive science and evolutionary biology, with insights from disciplines ranging from neuroscience to economics and social psychology. Muscle Teamwork has been around for as long as animals with muscles have lived on our planet. In biomechanics, researchers have found that faulty Muscle Teamwork underlies many common joint and muscle problems.
Like how I can remember the name of the kid who fell nuts first onto a merry-go-round bar in kindergarten but I can’t remember how to do any form of calculus (which I took in high school AND college). Most people also know that muscles don’t work one-by-one but coordinate and work together as a team.

Your personal MT began developing the moment you began to move in your mother’s womb. Poor MT can cause stiff and sore muscles, bad posture, balance problems, wear-and-tear injuries, limited sports performance, and a failure to recover from soft-tissue injuries that should otherwise heal. Here Darwin meets Turing - the theories of evolution and computation - and Steven Pinker effects the introduction with penetrating clarity, superb writing, and delicious wit.
Until very recently, professionals assumed that MT was learned automatically and correctly. On the bright side, MT can be readily evaluated and permanently upgraded regardless of age. The science is authoritative, the style accessible, and the range astonishing' - Helena Cronin.

MT depends on highly specific feedback from muscles and joints, from the eyes and inner ears, and from various parts of the brain itself. Now we recognize that just as with language skills, MT may be learned with gaps, inconsistencies, and errors. The brain instantaneously compiles this feedback and sends signals back to the muscles to hold your posture and move your body. In an otherwise normal adult, MT can vary from poor to excellent depending on which movement task is being evaluated.

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