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I found the sessions very helpful, being able to ask questions and clarify any points in the book I was unsure about. The Thrive book and accompanying sessions have been a huge help in enabling me to think much more positively about myself and life in general. Tania was very good at putting me at ease, meaning I felt comfortable to talk about what was on my mind and ask questions. I now feel much more confident and relaxed with higher self esteem and the determination to set goals and achieve them. Contact Tania for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and the most popular, The Thrive Programme psychological training.
Our informal face to face chat is an opportunity to tell me a little more about you and what you want to achieve.
Empower Others to Get All A's & Share!300026This section is all about emotions and learning about our mental health. As I attempt to write this June Emotion Commotion article on confidence, I’m getting stuck.
In addition to changing your mindset, there are other tactics you can try to help build your self esteem. As someone who started out stuck on what to write, I’ve certainly come up with quite a bit to say!
Identity writer Kimberly Elmore is currently employed by Delta Dental of New Jersey in the corporate communications department as the community relations coordinator.
In our culture, we are conditioned to focus on outer beauty despite the fact that many of us don’t meet the supermodel beauty standards.
Join over 65,000 women to Increase your happiness, self-worth and success by downloading over $1,500 in free tools and gifts!

It was very useful to get an objective viewpoint – particularly on the personality type exercise.
I now feel much calmer and in control in situations I would have previously felt anxious about – i.e.
Items provided (chevreul’s pendulum + cube vs pebble) helped me understand key points more easily. Kimberly Elmore, an Identity Staff Writer, has dedicated her time to educate and discuss a particular emotion in each issue.
Stuck with that song in my head, and stuck with what words to type about the word confidence! As a matter of fact, my confidence level has grown just from exploring the concept of confidence in order to write this article! During Kimberly’s college years she served as the arts & entertainment editor of her college newspaper, and interned in the public relations department at the March of Dimes.
It’s a great way for women to open up and become more aware of our emotions, feelings, and human behavior. Someone who has confidence is secure in who they are — emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
Feelings such as fear, anger, and being overwhelmed can make our confidence level take a nose dive, whereas, love, courage, and enthusiasm feelings can make our confidence level soar! Acceptance of ourselves and the things we cannot change, appreciation for what we offer the world and what the world has to offer, and striving to achieve on deeper levels all can positively impact our confidence. Reality is I would clam up, especially when I was in a new situation meeting new people — I wouldn’t feel confident.
To figure out what others were saying about confidence, find a top 10 list of things to do to build confidence.  I wasn’t confident that I could write about confidence!

If you perceive yourself as insecure, you’ll most likely be insecure and others will think you’re insecure. Talk to a trusted friend about your insecure feelings – in sharing with others, you’ll learn you are not alone.
I feel that I’m highly confident at work, but in my personal life, I still struggle with feeling confident when it comes to certain friendships and dating, as well as new experiences. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” Confidence can become a part of your destiny – it all starts with your thoughts and your perception of yourself. Appreciate yourself, your body, your imperfections, and what you can contribute to this world. When you give to others, you really are giving a gift to yourself – the gift that you are worthy and have much to offer. Its mission is based around helping women realize their true potential and self worth by sharing stories in a safe place that allows each of us to learn from one another and discover our true identity. I have a decent sense of self worth (being a contributor and reader of Identity has certainly helped me in this area) and my self esteem has certainly improved as I’ve gotten older and had more life experiences – but – confidence is still a little foreign to me! If you perceive yourself as confident, you’ll build confidence and others will think you are confident.

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