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Oh great, another job search, interview process, and eternal wait to be hired to finally start making money again. Last year, Life Works Families Blog asked me to guest post for them on the topic of interviews. Head over to the Life Works Families Blog,  get the answers and learn how to be confident in an interview!
What People Are Saying"I love your website and social media pages, more importantly your overall concept.
It’s easy to be confident when you know people or when you have been doing a job or hobby for some time.

You know, that time you have to move across the country and find a new house, new doctor, new dentist, new school, new friends… and a new JOB? Once you’ve prepared and sent our resumes, you still have survive (and rock) that dreaded interview. Life Works Families is an employment support organization for military spouses and partners of British Military members. I have a great degree from a good school and can’t find anything in our new duty station. He has appeared on TV and radio, and is the author of several other books, including Brilliant NLP, Managing with the Power of NLP, NLP Business Masterclass and Beat Your Goals.

By learning a series of practical techniques you will create new and permanent states of mind and behaviours, enabling you to call on a core of inner confidence at any time.

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