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If you've ever been confused by one of the many, many, hashtags you've seen floating around on Instagram, here's a quick starter guide to some of the most popular ones for every day of the week. Like #MCM, #WCW is a place for guys to post pictures of the women in their lives, celebrities or otherwise. Instagram studied emoji use on its app to try to establish the context of popular, and more obscure, emoji.
Data scientists used a tool known as word2vec to read through text containing emoji and predict the context around a given word or symbol. For example, 'omg' - slang for 'oh my god', has been replaced with the 'face screaming with fear' emoji (left).

The research also revealed that the 'person raising both hands in celebration' emoji (left) is more commonly used in place of words around waiting and stopping. The most popular emoji on Instagram is the 'face with tears of joy', followed by the face with love hearts for eyes and blowing a kiss emoji. Swiftkey recently analysed more than one billion sets of emoji data, covering 800 emoji across 60 categories.
Guys can post pictures of themselves and girls have an excuse to upload pictures of their celebrity crushes.
The most popular categories for each language are picturedIn the US, gadget users send 30 per cent more LGBT-related emoji than the average, including a rainbow, men holding hands or women holding hands.

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