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Did you know that your one thought has the power to change how you feel or even how you act?
If you ever catch yourself thinking negatively, think of a more positive spin on the situation. On a side note: There is a difference between having some occasional negative thoughts and being depressed. Baninti I will go a step further when it comes to depression, i will recommend herbal remedies for depression rather than taking antidepressants. Whenever you feel as though you’re just stuck and you are making very little if any forward movement in life you should come back to this self-confidence checklist to see where you may have gone off track. In the struggle to succeed at any difficult challenge, there is probably no psychological problem more common than a lack of self-confidence. Out of the seven major conditions for success spelled out for you on the previous page I suspect there is not one more commonly violated then this one. Self-confidence plays a critical role in one’s journey toward success and if you are weak in this one department it can and will hold you back from achieving your greatest dreams, desires or goals.
As you examine your life and the lives of those around you I tend to believe that you will agree with me. To get a better handle on this problem let us take a look at some of the deep foundations of confidence in human life.
Whenever we have confidence in a person we believe that he will get the job done or that she will succeed. When we believe in ourselves we believe that we have what it takes and that we will succeed in accomplishing the task at hand.
Anytime I have a belief that I will accomplish something, that belief is rooted in other more basic beliefs about what can be called my personal ability and my moral capability. Whenever I believe of anything that I will do I must also believe the following: One I have the power to do it, two I have the skill, three I have the opportunity and four I have the practical knowledge. I also have to believe that I am morally capable of it and I am ethically open to the task. Here we have an almost complete analysis of the background beliefs for any instance of self-confidence. Self-Confidence – You Do Not Only Believe You Can Do Something You Know You Can Do It!
Power operates on many levels, there is for example physical strength, political power, organizational power deriving from institutional status and less formally instituted forms of interpersonal power. It is possible to be powerful without being skillful, we see it all the time in government and sometimes even in business life.
Although skill requires some degree of personal power for its cultivation it is possible to have a skill level far exceeding your organizational power to act, so power and skill are different things. Does your schedule, with all of its other commitments allow for the task to be undertaken well and accomplished?
Can you position yourself in such a way as to plug into the assistance needed to complete a project?
Practical knowledge is a form of understanding, when we ask whether a person has the practical knowledge necessary for undertaking a particular assignment we want to know whether he or she knows how to use the power and skill they possess in the opportunities available for accomplishing the task at hand.
Practical knowledge ties all these other conditions together and makes them all realistically available for effective action. What is at stake here is a small group of what might be called, broadly speaking, moral attributes.
A person may be incapable of performing an action even if he has the power, skill, opportunity and practical knowledge required for it, as long as that action is contrary to his formed moral character. A serious intention to act in this sort of way could not arise or at least could not be maintained among his habitual tendencies.
Some plants can’t grow in some soil and in the same way some people just cannot do some things and that is a very positive fact about the world. When we are wondering if some individual will be able to do some particular deed, one relevant consideration is whether he is morally open to it. If this condition is not fulfilled we should not be confident that he will do it, rather we should have the opposite confidence, he will not do it!
By this I mean that the individual just cannot muster the will or determination needed to see the task through to completion.
This seems to be a separate matter impinging on whether a person both can and will manage to do something. We always have to be on guard for this little bit of misdirection in our own minds or in the reaction of those around us. Whether we want to access our confidence in another person or confidence in our self or our own confidence in our self these are the touch stones we need to ask about. Does the person assigned to do a job have the personal ability and the moral capability and does she believe she has? One of the most important things about the self-confidence checklist is that we can use it to diagnose any problem of confidence.
Whenever we have a high level of confidence that a particular outcome we are shooting for will happen, we must already believe three things. These three belief’s are just positive responses to the three simple questions; Can it happen?
We do not work confidently toward what we believe is impossible, this is widely understood.
What is not so commonly realized is that we also don’t act very confidently to bring about something we strongly believe would be wrong or even less preferable than some other alternative. A strong self-confidence in what we are doing requires a conviction that our goal is attainable that it’s permissible and that it is a preferred result, from a prudential point of view. Now this maps out some interesting territory that seems to be not well enough understood by executives and managers in the business world, at least it is not widely acted on at all. If we give people who work with us new goals and want them to work confidently toward the achievement of those goals we need to engage in a multiple level confidence building exercise.

We need to do everything that we can to convince them that the goal is possible that it is permissible and that it is preferable. We need to build their self-confidence into believing that they have the power, skill, opportunity and practical knowledge it will take to make the target.
What are the values behind the target that they can share and believe in and let them know why this particular strategy or goal was chosen rather than some alternative. Simply involving co-workers or associates in the process of arriving at new goals and targets and not just delivering them ready-made and unalterable, we make it easier for everyone to buy into those goals. When their values have been consulted along with their sense of what they can accomplish you will not face a hard sell from ground zero. Building The Self-Confidence Of Others Is All The While Building Your Very Own Self-Confidence.
People are creatures of habit and any new challenge will be a stretch and any such stretch produces the conditions under which doubts can arise and grow. But if we excite our colleagues imagination in the right way we can stretch their conceptions of what they can do.
We can help them satisfy the second condition for success, a strong self-confidence, thereby raising the objective probability or their attaining success in the new venture. The power of belief is great and needs to be tapped more deliberately as well as more regularly in our efforts together, but first of course, we need to deal with our own personal problems with self-confidence. Number one-Think of one instance where you or someone around you have seemed to lack a measure of self-confidence that would have been good to have. Can you use the self-confidence checklist to identify what the source of the problem might have been? If you ever begin to doubt yourself or your abilities you can always come back and refer to this self-confidence checklist. Never Allow The Daily Trials We All Face From Time To Time To Derail You From Your Self-Confidence Checklist.
How to Build Self Confidence Articles about gaining self-confidence and improving self-esteem.
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Not Only Will You Be Getting One of The Greatest Personal Success Books Ever Written, If You Sign-Up Today You Also Get My 7 Part Video Series "The Secret Behind The Law Of Attraction" Absolutely Free! As most skinny guys eventually do, I decided one day that I didn’t like the way I looked, and that I wanted to put on some muscle; thereby kick starting my love affair with lifting that has now eventuated into a career.
At my heaviest, I tipped the scales at just over 100kgs, and although I don’t walk around at that weight anymore (I generally stay true at around 87-88kgs), I haven’t forgotten about all of the effort (read: eating) that it took to get there with the genetics of a skinny guy. It’s for that reason that I hold a special place in my heart for my skinny-bastard clients. So I guess you could say that this is kind of a passion post of mine; my bid to do a good deed, and help my skinny brethren out. A guy ever doesn’t opt for extra meat on his burger; he’s probably a skinny guy (either that or he’s a fat guy who’s paying the price for past sins).
You see a guy walking around with a weight belt on when it’s windy out; he’s probably a skinny guy. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that skinny guys, or ectomorphs (which is the scientific word for it) tend to share a few common, easily picked traits. Now, while this might paint a picture of doom and gloom, it has to be said that skinny guys can grow – and grow big.
Secondly, due to your smaller bone structure, your waist will always be quite narrow, meaning that if you were to add any significant width to your shoulders, it would exacerbate this effect, making you look even broader than you actually are. Thirdly, you get to eat a bucket load of food each day, and claim it’s entirely in the interest of adding muscle to your frame.
So being a thin guy isn’t all bad news, but it does mean that you need to make some adjustments in order to ensure that you can build muscle effectively. As with any training protocol, you’ve always got 3 major areas that you need to optimize in order to maximize your progress. All of these are as important as each other, and all of these need to be modified specifically for the skinny guy. I know every skinny guy says that they eat all-the-time, but it’s not true – if it were you wouldn’t be skinny! The problem with simply saying eat more food to a skinny guy is that they never feel like eating more, and often have to force-feed themselves just to get enough calories down their throats.
1) Drink calorie-dense super shakes between meals – super shakes are an idea that I took from Dr John Berardi, of Precision Nutrition, and they work wonders for skinny guys. 2) Add a cup of rice (cooked measure) to your lunch and dinner meals – rice is an easy to eat, calorie-dense, carbohydrate source, that I find guys can add to their meals without having to really force feed themselves.
Beyond that, I suggest that skinny guys used some sort of food log, or calorie-tracking software, so that they can figure out exactly how much they’re eating each and every day – and then try to be consistent with it. I know that my major problem when I was starting out was that I could eat 3,000 calories one day, and then inadvertently eat less than 2,000 the next. This is because hormonally we weren’t designed to grow muscle effectively, nor do we have the recovery capacities of a mesomorph. In this 45-minute blocks of training, skinny guys should be focusing on working with heavy loads on the bigger, compound movements (squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, chin ups), and when they choose to focus on the smaller groups (i.e.
In other words, skinny guys shouldn’t have a whole day dedicated to training only their arms (you’ve got plenty of time to do that later on, after you’ve built a solid foundation of mass).
So ditch the 90-minute training sessions, 5 times a week – it’s a complete waste of time for ectomorphs. The crux of recovering like a boss is getting enough sleep in order to allow your body to recover, repair, and grow from your training sessions. Building more muscle for the skinny guy is as simple as optimising these three facets of training.

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James Garland is a strength & conditioning coach, pseudo-writer, fitness entrepreneur, blogger, lover of all-day breakfast's, as well as a terrible poker player. You had energy for days, an abundance of time, less responsibilities, and a body that seemed to never break down; regardless of the torture you put it through. More in Nutrition, Recovery, Strength Training17 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Progress In The GymI recently had a gym member, Shane, approach me to see how I could help him with his training.
When I was younger my mother told me that “your thoughts become your actions and then your actions become you.” I never really understood what she meant until recently.
When I catch myself drifting into negativity, I take a deep breath and gently bring myself back to positive thoughts. A couple years ago when I was going through a rough patch nothing seemed to make me feel better.
If you think you may be depressed talk to someone you trust — a friend, a parent or a sibling. An ability to use the power you have in an effective way, it is typically the result of relevant experience.
Sometimes a person is morally open to a task and even possesses every ability relevant to the task but just does not have the heart for it. How would you explain to someone else why you would think it is; one, possible, two, morally permissible and three, preferable to the most obvious alternative that might be identified? As you work towards building your Self-Confidence Checklist you should take every opportunity to explore new resources.
Instead of taking on huge goals, break your goals down into smaller goals that are more attainable. Whenever they come to me and tell me of their struggles, it’s as if I’m reliving my own past all over again.
I mean 3-time Mr Olympia winner, and owner of one of the best physiques in history, Frank Zane, was a natural ectomorph, and yet managed to build his body all the way to the most elite bodybuilding competition in the world. Until you realise how much food you actually need to eat to put on size, you’ll be doom to be forever buying small-sized shirts, and hiding from any scavengerous birds that are mistaking your pronounced ribs for a sign of you being near-death. Super shakes combine a high-quality protein source with some fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats to produce a calorie-dense cocktail of deliciousness. On top of that it’s super simple to cook, which is an awesome side benefit, because let’s face it; most guys suck in the kitchen. So by making a conscious effort to eating enough calories to grow each day, I started to see the progress that I had been longing for. Once I found out this little gem not only did I start to grow, but I also saved a lot of wasted time spent in the gym, which left me with more time to cook healthy meals. Get in, train hard for 45-minutes (and I mean hard), and then get out – from there, it’s time to recover. It’s very important for ectomorphs to make recovering properly a priority, because as I said earlier, we’re not designed to build muscle effectively, and need all the help we can get! Sleep is a crucial part of building muscle (as well as keeping testosterone levels high), and shouldn’t be undervalued. My suggestion for you is to look at your current habits, identify which one needs to most attention (probably your eating), begin to make the necessary changes, and start looking for some new clothes to buy. You have the power to be who you want to be and that means you have the power to be happy and content. Eventually I started doing Sukhmani Sahib twice a day in addition to my nitnem and within a few weeks my life seemed to be falling into place.
If you are under the care of a physician you may speak to them privately about your concern. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable medical disorder which challenges me everyday of my life.
Sadly, this does not happen overnight, but it can happen quickly once you get the momentum going. Start doing whatever it takes to achieving these small goals and work towards your bigger goal. In fact, I reached my full height (6’1?) when I was 13, and weighed a grand total of 60kgs. Skinny guys have certain stereotypical traits that expose them for their hollow-chested selves all too quickly. In fact most guys that I’ve trained actually respond better to shorter, more intense training sessions where they get in and out of the gym within 45-50 minutes.
One thing you do not want to do is dwell on your past failure, but use your past successes to motivate you. Some habits may need to be broken and some habits may need to be adopted if you want to learn how to build self confidence.
Once you get into the habit of achieving small goals, you will start to gain momentum and challenges will not seem so difficult in the future. Getting the proper care from a licensed physician can ease your depression and make you feel a lot better. I try to use my story to inspire and help others to live up to their full potential in life. Whenever my mind drifted towards negative thoughts such as “I’m going to fail this exam and be a big failure,” I would gently remind myself — This is not true. Before you take on a new task, try to stir up the emotions of how you felt when you achieved that thing in the past and use that to motivate you. Oddly enough, this one thought would get me through the exam and I would actually do well, just like I had told myself.

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