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Mods that I plan on doing to it, banshee front shock for the rear (common thing to do on these to soften the harsh ride, fits perfect) shocks all the way around (needs to be made as plush as possible but usable) FASST flex bars, stearing stabilizer. I had some lower profile wheel and tires that ive been holding on forever just for her quad if and when I got her another quad now I just need to get soem wheel spacers. I allready had some fast treckers to get rid of the stock balloons that where on there, also later would like to widen the suspension front and rear.

I jsut dont know if these will work later when I get some fasst flex bars can you run hand guards with the fasst flex bars? Also came with soem thin style waffle grips I will see how well they work Im still a firm beleiver in the super thin renthal grips especialy for her.
Honda has always been my only choices when getting a bike or atv while ive had all kinds Ive always gotten rid of them for a honda.

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