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This Group is a great choice for singles that are looking for a good way to find a partner with common interests and enjoy spending time together.
Please check each meetup for further details such as age limitations, activity process, time, fees, etc.
A safe, friendly environment to build confidence, develop your presentation skills or to observe.
Spend your lunch hour in downtown Bellevue improving your communication skills and developing your ability to speak publicly in a safe and fun environment! We are building a new Toastmasters club in South Everett and we encourage each of you to join us at our very first meeting!
Your child will be learning all of the fundamental Martial Arts movements such as basic kicks, punches, and blocks as well as play karate games.

Our Toastmasters clubs are always filled with fun and positive people who want only to help each other feel more comfortable learning how important it is to communicate clearly and lead with conviction. The main emphasis in this program is to teach your child how to stay focused in a learning environment, how to interact with others, learn about physical fitness, learn discipline, and build confidence and respect for an authority figure.  KENPO KARATE KIDS (Ages 5 thru 11)In our program, children learn mental alertness, physical fitness, coordination, self-defense and improve their concentration. There are typically at least 10 people that are Toastmaster members that show up and may not sign up on the Meetup. Backed by the proven 86 year old system developed by Toastmasters International, learn how to organize and speak like a pro at any meeting or conference. This meeting will be led by experienced Toastmaster members who will show you what to expect from a Toastmasters club and will be available to answer any questions you may have about Toastmasters. Kenpo Karate is easy to learn, safe, and lots of fun.  We are definitely more than just kicks and punches!  Give us a try!

We will provide you with 3 hours of studio time and a fun Kenpo Karate class for all of your guests. Afterward, your guests will receive a VIP PASS from YOUR CHILD for FREE KARATE lessons if they are interested!!  Tables and chairs will be provided. SYSTEM COMBAT FITNESS ABOUT ASSOCIATE MASTER SIBORA CHAN CLASS SCHEDULE & UPCOMING EVENTS CONTACT US  Kenpo Karate for Kids All parents want their children to grow up to be strong, healthy and do well in life.

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