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You can trace that bundle of wires back a few inches or feet to find where it's attached & simply release it to give you a few more inches of wire to work with.
I've used some battery terminal corrosion spray that turns color when it finds acid & cleans everything pretty well. If you use a terminal that doesn't have openings for the wires, you'll need to crimp on some ring terminals & bolt them onto the terminal. Using heat shrink tubing over the bare wire will help prevent ruse & corrosion, electrical tape or liquid elect tape will help too. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to.
I am also including a picture of what appears to me to look like a complicated & expensive process to replace the whole cable???

If I can find side cutters or dikes - otherwise I will have to pick them up at Home Depot or maybe an Auto store would be better?
Since you have to cut the cable end anyhow even if you were going to repair it, cut off both cable ends about an inch worth and the auto-parts store should be able to tell you what diameter or size there are.The most important thing though is going to be the length. As mentioned, use either grease or terminal spray paint on the terminals to prevent future corrosion. Loosen the 2 cap screws on the terminal and place the copper cable in there and tighten the cap screws and install the terminal and then tighten the nut. If there is any access just pull the cable back out before you tighten the cap screws and cut off any access. This thread should stay open for 7 days and I will most likely be online today untill around 9 pm or so.

Take a pair of side cutters or dikes and cut that cable off as close to the end as you can and still cut off enough to cut off all the rust. If when stripping that cable insulation off and it's still green, you might as well just replace the entire cable.
Look at the copper cable, if there is no green corrosion you are ok, if they is still some cut off more untill there is none and then see if the cable is going to be long enough. So just strip them both and place them both in the terminal end and tighten the cap screws.

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