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By Joshua Nyamache Author, Blogging Income Lifestyle Ways Mercedes-Benz, driverless car is going to change our word.
Ok, so maybe fully autonomous cars aren’t available to consumers yet, but the technology exists and Mercedes-Benz in Motion concept that was recently unveiled could completely change the way that we get around on the roads. There are fears about driverless cars being used by hackers to cause chaos on the roads and terrorists could also use them.
The slogan of Mercedes-Benz being “The best or nothing,” the driverless F105 Mercedes-Benz car is luxurious and it meets the expectations of first class customers. Using cameras, sensors, and even sophisticated mapping software, the Google car could navigate roads, avoid obstacles, and it opened the imaginations of millions of people as they witnessed the future of road travel. Google’s concept has since been retrofited to a number of vehicles, ranging from Prius’ to luxury Lexus SUVs. From the way that the seats can repurpose the interior of the vehicle, to the styling and technology underneath, these are five ways that the F 015 driverless car could change our world.
When you think about Google’s driverless car and other automated concept cars, it’s blatantly obvious that these vehicles were designed around existing vehicle platforms that were then rethought or modified to fit the driverless car concept. Mercedes-Benz have gone in the complete opposite direction with the F 015, designing it from the ground up to be an automated, driverless car. Everything from the positioning of the wheels to the design of the cabin seats has been designed to maximize interior space and improve comfort. This is truly a car to be driven in, and it’s reflected in every styling decision that Mercedes-Benz has made. Mercedes-Benz obviously sees the future as being one where cars literally drive themselves, so naturally they saw differences in how passengers would experience an automated car.
The interior uses the latest in touch screen and interactive display technology to bring entertainment and functionality directly to everyone in the vehicle. The interior is lined with touch screens and displays that can be customized for any purpose. They could be used to see outside using an extensive camera array, passengers could access the internet through the screens, and of course they could be used to display television, or the latest movies.
Everything inside the vehicle is controlled by gestures and motions, so there are almost no buttons to interact with the controls. In a society that uses touch based Smartphone, tablets, and computers on a daily basis, it seems only logical that our vehicle interiors would follow along a similar route. Some of the biggest concerns when it comes to self-driving cars like the F 015 revolve around safety, and because the car is in the concept stage, the safety features are still evolving. However, Mercedes-Benz has come straight out of the gate with a number of impressive and forward thinking safety implementations on the F 015 driverless car.
Pedestrian safety is a major consideration with hybrid car and also electric cars, and most of the worries stem from the fact that these vehicles have a very low-level of operating noise.

Because of this, designers have had to rethink the ways that the vehicle can signal and alert pedestrians to its presence on the road. Large LED arrays on both the front and rear of the vehicle can alert pedestrians to the cars’ movement, when it is safe to cross a street, or when they should wait for the vehicle to pass, reverse, or turn. These futuristic lighting arrays can also be used to indicate movement and intentions to other vehicles, which is important to reduce the chance of collisions and near misses on the road. Contemporary indicator features are limited to stop lights, turn signals, and a vehicles horn. This can be used to great effect, just think how the car could indicate that it is slowing down, exactly where it will turn, what speed it is travelling at, or even indicate dangers and obstacles ahead. Safety and public acceptance will be a huge hurdle for automated cars in the near future, and Mercedes-Benz has taken positive steps to improve the public perception of driverless safety, even from this early stage of the game. Today auto manufacturers are scrambling to develop new vehicle power systems, and change the perception of how their products impact on the environment, especially when it comes to dangerous emissions. Mercedes-Benz have obviously taken this into consideration, and the F 015 driverless car incorporates a powerful, economical, and ecologically friendly power delivery system that eco-conscious consumers will no doubt agree with.
The rechargeable battery can cover up to 200km off of a single charge, whereas the fuel cell can provide a maximum of 900km. Best of all, the fuel cell doesn’t produce emission gasses, effectively eliminating the operating carbon footprint of the car.
Of course the biggest news about any kind of driverless car is that it will literally drive you where you need to be. Imagine that you could get any place you needed to be, while resting in a luxurious cabin throughout your journey. Although full autonomy hasn’t been tested in every possible situation, industry insiders see vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz F 015 being production ready and road safe within the next five years, and possibly as early as one or two years.
The way we drive will literally change, and owners of cars like the F 015 will have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the ride. Whether they prove to be popular, or if we are quite ready for automated cars remains to be seen, but at this early stage of autonomous motoring there is plenty of public excitement, and even some government support. As companies like Google, Mercedes-Benz, and other giants like Audi test their newest technologies, we are coming within reach of the driverless car future. This is one area of technology and transportation that has the potential to make as profound an impact as the mass produced automobile did in the early 1900s. Mercedes-Benz being the most luxurious car, these designed rubber floor mats are important in keeping the carpet in top condition. Besides “Mercedes Benz C-Class Black All Weather Rubber Floor Mat Sets,” there is also Silicone Key FOB cover case that is available on Amazon website.
We can operate cell phones by talking to them, buy toasters that can burn custom images on our food, and even witness cars that can drive themselves.

By the way, did you see that Mercedes-Benz driverless car F 015 Luxury in Motion concept that was unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show this week?
We have heard and read news about it before especially the popular Google self-driving car. According to an article published on The Independent? website, a new survey has revealed that many British people are “horrified.” There are those people who don’t trust driverless car, they have a perception that it won’t drive safely. Nonetheless, there are no doubts how driverless cars will help many people especially those who are not able to drive themselves due to many reasons. Now Mercedes-Benz has invested in to the robotic car in a big way, and their F 015 brings passion and excitement, while Google’s concept seems a mere science project in comparison. Let’s take a look at five ways this future driverless car could change the way we not only drive, but live in the near future.
Contemporary cars put emphasis on the driver, and this is not so much the case with the F 015. Some manufacturers like Tesla have chosen audio cues to alert pedestrians and other vehicles, while Mercedes-Benz has opted for visual indicators on the F 015.
In busy city environments even loud beeping and tones could get lost amongst the ambient noise, whereas visual cues are immediately obvious and recognizable.
What good would a futuristic self-driving car be if it couldn’t also claim to be better for the environment? Mercedes-Benz sees this as the strongest feature of the F 015, and for observers it is the most exciting.
With the impressive safety features, on board entertainment, and comfort of the cabin, it’s hard to imagine any better way to get around in the near future. While Google impressed with their technology, Mercedes has put the idea in a luxurious package that will make driverless cars even more appealing. Mud, salt, water and snow get easily trapped with the help of honeycomb design of the mats thus making it effortless to clean. The interior cabin is spacious and takes more cues from a living room than it does from other motor vehicles. It is, but what it means is that the F 015 driverless car can use both a fuel cell to generate electricity, as well as having stored capacity from a plug in power source.
Compared to a fully battery powered car, this kind of mileage is phenomenal, and puts the F 015 in the same category as compact diesel vehicles.

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