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Change a Flat Bike Tire photo galleryEven the most mechanically-challenged rider can change a flat bike tire. Make sure your spare tube is the right size, and has the right valve style (Schrader or Presta) for your rim.
Plastic tire levers are used to pry the edge of your tire away from the rim so you can get your damaged tube out and replace the tire. A pressure gauge is an optional addition to your tool kit if your pump doesn’t have a gauge built in.
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Many punctures can be patched using a patch kit, though Sarai advises, “The safest bet is to replace the tube. With a quick-release wheel attachment, flip the lever to the open position (it’s likely marked “open” and “closed) and loosen the nut on the opposite side of the lever by hand. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Sarai Snyder of Reser Bicycle in Newport, KY gives another tip: “Keep your tire pressure up.
For bikes with a nut and bolt attachment, you’ll need to have a couple of wrenches of the correct size. Insert the valve stem into the rim first, but keep it loose so it can move when you pump up the tube. Be aware that large tears, holes along tube seams and broken valve stems can’t be fixed with a patch, which is why you should always have an extra tube (or two) with you when you ride.
To provide enough space for the tire to pass through the brake pads, you’ll need to release the brake arms.

Make sure that your rim strip (a ribbon of tape to provide a cushion between the ends of your spokes and the tube) is in place. Expect to spend more time and effort inflating your tube using a compact pump compared to a large stand-up floor pump, and make sure you’re clear on how your particular pump secures to the valve; different styles abound. On most mountain bikes, squeeze the levers together by hand and detach the cable from the brake arm. If you’re removing the rear wheel, you need to pull back on the derailleur to help disengage the chain. If you need to use the tire lever to pop the edge of the tire into place, take care to not damage your new tube by pinching it.
If the tube is not poking out or bunched up and the valve is straight, you’re ready to inflate the tire to the recommended PSI and install the wheel back on the bike.

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