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Periodic flushing and draining of the brake hydraulic system removes moisture and replenishes additives. When choosing a new vehicle, lots of people make their decisions with airbags, crumple zones, and several other safety features in mind. Few parts on your car will be as important to you (and your passengers) as the brakes, which are responsible for slowing the car down and bringing it to a stop. In this article, we'll discuss how to change brake pads -- a rather simple do-it-yourself project that can save you a trip to the repair shop. Learn how to change brake pads and rotors on a car with this step by step picture guide written by a real mechanic.
To troubleshoot, repair and maintain your vehicle, you'll need diagnostic and repair information that is specific to your car or truck. Park your vehicle on a level surface, preferably on concrete or asphalt, put the car in a€?parka€?, set the emergency brake and put blocks under the rear wheels. Nothing is more important than your car’s ability to efficiently slow down and stop itself.
In addition, if you hear a whining, screeching, or squeaking sound when driving, you should get your brake pads changed. Lubricate the new brake pads on the back of the pads, the side that does not come in contact with the rotor, with a high-temperature brake grease. Finally, reassemble the braking system in reverse order from the way you disassembled it in the beginning.

To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. Browse our inventory from both OEM and name brand aftermarket suppliers; quality products from the most trusted names in the business. 3hrs tracking and now my brakes regularly sink down to the throttle pedal under normal braking. But many take for granted one of the most important safety systems a vehicle can offer -- the brakes.
Having a healthy, well-maintained set of brakes could possibly mean that you'll never even need those airbags and crumple zones. Most modern cars have disc brakes on all four wheels, though some cars still have drum brakes in the back and disc brakes up front. That's why it's important to change brake pads whenever it becomes necessary; however, you don't always have to go to a mechanic for the purpose of fixing brakes. Grab your floor jack and jack stands before finding an appropriate place to jack up the vehicle.
When your brake pads aren’t working properly, you're putting yourself and your passengers in danger.
Remove the lug nuts and the wheel, and then remove the bolts that hold the caliper in place. Whether you have a professional repair them or do it yourself will likely determine on how much money you want to spend.

On a disc-brake-equipped vehicle, a set of heat-resistant pads grip the spinning brake rotor when you push the brake pedal, using friction to slow the wheel down and ultimately bring the car to a stop. While brake repair is often something best left to the pros, this particular type of brake work is something you can do in your own garage.
With full manuals for over 30,000 vehicles online, you will find an exact match for your vehicle's year, make and model.Besides being cheaper than a factory manual, they also offer step by step repair instructions and detailed diagrams beyond what is found in most printed manuals.
If you are changing brake pads for the first time, then you should look up your owner's manual to confirm where to jack up your vehicle. Using a large socket wrench and the correct sized socket, loosen the lugnuts in a criss cross pattern. However, determining if your brake pads need to be changed and changing them is easy if you follow these few steps.
On many vehicles, if you look through the openings on the outer part of the wheel assembly, you can see the pads easily. Doing this will bring the braking system back to the original position to accommodate the new brake pads.

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