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Whether you just joined us after seeing our TEDx talk or you’ve been a part of our community for years, we are all here for the same reason.
Some of us are well on our way, others are just getting started and the rest are just starting to believe it’s even possible, but have yet to take the first step.
So why the hell do so many people and sites constantly tell us to do just that – to quit and then figure it out? Many of us have mortgages, families, student loans or a million other reasons that keep you from leaving your toxic job…at least for now. Many of our community here is between 45 and 63 years old with an average of a couple children and a mortgage – none of which are going anywhere.
That is not an excuse to condemn yourself to a continued life of quiet desperation for the next few decades. You must control what you can control – and fortunately we are in control of a lot more than most realize. If you just quit tomorrow, the odds are that you’ll instantly start to panic about some made-up story of you and your family starving on the streets. And if we want to create meaningful change and find a path that genuinely makes us come alive, then we must go about it differently. This framework was not designed for the one-out-of-a-thousand person who can actually afford to quit tomorrow. For the people who need to find a new branch to grab ahold of before they leap from the current one.
But once we realize what makes us come alive – the natural talents, strengths and values we want to apply to make our impact in the world, that fear suddently gets converted into pure confience and excitement.
Since its launch, it has helped nearly a thousand people make the transition from head-smashing work, to inspired career.
Many of you watched our TEDx talk in the past week or so (we actually tipped over 83k views yesterday, which is very hard for me to believe!). But as nice as it is to feel inspired by the words you hear or read, they mean nothing if action doesn’t follow.
I challenge you to make 2013 your year to finally do something about the job you might not be very proud of. The year to finally take seriously that little hobby, passion or pet project you’ve so badly wanted to call a business. I challenge you to make this your year to commit to learning about yourself and finally doing the work you can’t not do. What matters most to me is that you realize things can be different, and then you begin taking the steps to live that reality. There are more than enough free tools on this site to make some pretty wild things possible. And if you want a more specific, proven process, I welcome you to check out what we’ve created in Live Off You Passion. For those of you new here, there is never any pressure to buy any of the courses we create.
I see the new year as the perfect time to set the ultimate goal: To Begin Doing Work That Matters. You can do that by joining our Live Off Your Passion community or you can decide to do it on your own.
But please, for you and for everyone around you, decide that you are done complaining and that you’ll actually start doing something about it. Some people believe deep down that if they do work they love, they’ll have to sacrifice any financial reward.

The reality is that money does not hold any power over the likelihood of you doing work you love. People who have gone before you and changed careers know the truth about money, which allowed them to pursue a better life without losing their shirt. According to the book, The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook, when a practical dreamer has a dream to do something, they don’t wait to for the lottery to make it happen. When you take an honest assessment of how important your dream is to you, you inevitably find you’re more than willing to give up expenses that don’t matter much in comparison to your dream. Seek career change advice from leaders in your prospective field and from those who’ve successfully changed their line of work in similar circumstances.
Your dream job of writing a book may seem like a nice change of pace from the corner cubicle, but can you make a living on it right away? If you’re in a hurry for a brand new career due to a loss of current employment or a move, consider work in a parallel field.
Education and the learning curve for new skills may be the biggest time constraint on how to change your career. Flexibility and patience are the keys to success for a career change, especially after working for years in a totally different field. Don’t use the excuse of waiting for the perfect time, perfect job or perfect other circumstance. Whether you’re established in one arena but have a passion elsewhere or just want to try something completely different from a job you still dig, changing careers can be a daunting and nervewracking task.
Know that you may well be starting from the bottom at your new gig, just like Drake swears he did even though he was on Degrassi. Join professional organizations and groups in your field to network for your career–and reach out to family and friends for emotional and financial support as you transition to your new job. This will cause you to immediately start scouring every resource possible to get another job. Nothing makes me more proud than sharing their stories (and there will be plenty more in our Reader Spotlight next week!). And keep an eye out next week for another edition of our Living Legends Reader Spotlight, where we profile 5-10 inspiring projects our community has been working on. If you’re like most would-be career changers, various money fears are keeping you stuck in your current position. You thereby reduce how much money you need in the future, not to mention reducing your stress level!
Whatever the reason for considering a new line of employment, knowing how to make a career change can seem like a daunting task. If your previous career was a paramedic, consider working as a clerk in an emergency room for a short time while you get your bearings.
Be sure to include some of these areas on your resume and show future employers you mean business.
It may be wise to gain that education and training online or through a distance-learning program while you work your current job. Stay in touch with the people you’ve worked with and stay connected to any leads they may have for future employment.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Start off interning, freelancing or volunteering in fields similar to the one you want to try. And when listing your skills, ignore your current and previous job descriptions and titles and focus on what you’ve learned along the way and what you can do.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My rockstar designer, Glen, and I have spent dozens and dozens of hours reworking the design, compiling a year’s worth of success stories and doing our best to make it represent the impact we hope to have. These will blow your mind – everything from a woman distilling her own brand of scotch whiskey to help foster human connection, to a man producing a top-ranked music album to share some love with the world. It keeps people from making decisions—big and small—because of preconceived faulty notions about it. Break the thought process down into bite-sized chunks, weigh the benefits and consequences and tap into a new line of work with these ten tips.
Ask potential employers what they’re looking for in their employees and what the job market looks like for your choice. Are you willing to further your education to obtain the skills needed to match the current market demand? If you’re a librarian seeking new employment, consider using those skills as a research coordinator or archive specialist.
Brushing shoulders with people in the community can lead to connections and a possible job in the future. Leave your current work in good standing if at all possible, with at least a two-week notice. For example, if you want to transition from baking to wedding planning, you can list tying the knot on cake boxes as experience. Be prepared and save, invest and work to ensure that your hunger for a new career doesn’t end in, well, hunger. And my biggest promise to you is always to be 100% transparent and only build and offer the most powerful and results-driven tools we’re capable of creating. Working with the skill set you already have helps to ease the transition into new employment and boosts your confidence right off the bat. Educational providers have excellent advice on how to switch careers and can aid in the transition process. If you want to know how to become a real estate agent, get to know the agents in your community.
Your future employer will most likely check references, and you want to have a good one from the last job you worked.
Write down step-by-step goals and don’t let anyone steal your motivation for a brighter future.
Going back to school or even just taking a webinar class if, like me, your biggest motivation is just to avoid wearing pants.
Pay any debts to that employer before you go and clean out your area to leave a good last impression. Okay, fine, maybe just accommodating the needs of brides-to-be in terms of specific cake toppers.
Saying goodbye can be hard, and a major life change like a career switch can be mentally exhausting. If it’s higher wages, you may need to invest in more education or skill training to be marketable. Continue to foster the positive relationships you developed at your current job and the transition will be easier.

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