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Groupon offers an affiliate program for its deals so you can earn up to 15% commission for referring buyers to their daily deals. Note: This plugin is NOT to be confused with the Group Deals Plugin which enables you to create your own entire website like Groupon for your own Group deals. After setup of the Groupon plugin is completed, you will see a Groupon icon above the WordPress post editor. Grab the API Key – First step is to click the API Key link which takes you to the Groupon website.
After you click the API key link, you’ll arrive at the Groupon API page of the Groupon website. Click the Update Options button and you have finished configuring your Groupon plugin settings. Now you can use the WordPress editor to add the latest Groupon deals directly into your blog posts. When you click the Groupon button, you get a popup like this which offers the latest deals which you can customize by location before you insert them into your post content.
The Customize tab on this popup allows you to choose a size for the Groupon image as well as enter an optional tracking (SID) code for Commission Junction.

Click the Insert button and Preview your new post content before clicking the Publish button.
Conclusion: I think as long as you add plenty of unique, relevant content, this program could work well for you.
Another idea would be to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check for keywords related to the daily deals in the exact Geo location the deals are offered in and add fresh, unique content based on those specific keywords to individual posts you create for each deal. Once youa€™re on the a€?Change Your Email Addressa€? page, youa€™ll need to enter your new, valid email address and confirm it. Please note that you cannot change your email address to one already in use or previously used on this network (unless the account has been deleted). Welcome to Ning 2.0!This Help Center is for Ning Networks that were created before March 11, 2013. Whether youa€™re just getting started or your Ning Network is already up and running, everyone can use a healthy dose of new ideas.
If youa€™re brainstorming about how to best build and grow your network, browse through some of these outstanding examples of popular social websites.
Once your CJ account has been approved, you can login to CJ, click the Web Site Settings tab to find your PID – Publisher ID.

Its not the only option as there are several Groupon plugins in Beta at the moment and one that i know of which is already being used to create Groupon like sites. Not a bad way to write heaps of new content and make money online as you already have the subject and high quality images to build your content around. Si vous achetez des produits Apple en ligne, vous associez egalement ces achats a votre Apple ID. Vous recevrez un email vous demandant de confirmer que vous possedez l'email que vous tentez de les associer. Wea€™ve put together some Best Practices studies with examples of how other Ning Networks get people excited and involved.
The Creators Network is our customer community, and ita€™s chock full of interesting tips, ideas, and people who are doing just what youa€™re doing a€” building something creative on Ning. Si vous changez d'adresses e-mail ou que vous n'avez pas acces au courriel actuellement lie a votre identifiant Apple, vous pouvez facilement le modifier.

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