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Today, I’m going to tell you about some of the telltale signs you’ve been a victim of a hacking attempt.
Many online services will email you when someone requests a password change or clicks the ‘Forgot my password’ option. Sometimes, they may have done this accidentally – maybe your account name is similar to theirs and they couldn’t enter a password. Website redirections are some of the most common and annoying types of attacks out there today.
A website redirection generally sends you to websites that you didn’t actually intend to visit.
Instead of going to Facebook, your browser may redirect you to a website that looks exactly like Facebook. Some PC antivirus software tricks users into thinking their system is more infected than it actually is. There are some good software programs out there that cost $50, but if a software program has taken over your system and is demanding money in order to fix “Critical” problems, then it could be a scam.

If you’re legitimately experiencing a hacking attempt, then the hacker could be attempting to remotely access your PC. If this is the case with your system, then that doesn’t mean you’ll randomly see your keyboard move across the screen. If these problems are happening repeatedly, then it might be more than just a hardware failure. For more information or to sign up for any of our hosting services visit the Host-it website. If this has happened to you, and you didn’t do it yourself, then someone has tried to hack your account. First, change your password and security questions to something nonsensical to make them virtually impossible to guess, like jjj22l1kand1#%.
If you’ve noticed weird changes on your web browser, then it could be the early signs of a targeted attack against you. Unfortunately, that website is not Facebook and it just wants to steal your email and password if you’re dumb enough to enter that information without looking at the browser’s address bar.

These malicious software programs may tell you that there are thousands of problems with your computer and that the only way to solve them is to buy the full version of the software program for $50. That involves taking over control of your mouse and keyboard and it’s extremely dangerous – once someone has remote access to your system, they can do all sorts of bad things with it. Instead, you may notice your mouse doesn’t respond as quickly or your keyboard ignores certain keystrokes.
However, if you’ve noticed any of the warning signs listed above, then you could be a target for some reason or another. That’s not usually a sign of a hacking attempt, but it could be the signs of a malware attack.

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