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Pass each thumb away from you over the near index string and under the far index string, then pick up the near little finger string and return (fig.
Pass each middle finger toward you over both index strings and down through the upper thumb loop (i call this a€?dipping into the wella€?), then pick up the lower far thumb string and return (fig. Pass each thumb under both index loops and away from you through the ring-little finger loop (i call this a€?passing through the holea€?), then pass the thumb up behind the strings and insert it, from below, into the upper index loop (fig. Then with each thumb pick up the far little finger string and draw it through the loop on each thumb, which slips off as you return (fig.

Again, you may use only the little finger, or the ring and little fingers, or the middle, ring, and little fingers here, whatever you are comfortable with.
Then curl the tip of each index around the upper near thumb string, drawing this string away from you and up through the index loop, which slips off (fig. These are called size property values or font-size values. You can also find a list of additional values at the bottom of this article.
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