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Google is looking for a few good men and women in Arizona to help test their self-driving cars. We’re finally getting our first clear, unobstructed look at what is allegedly the upcoming OnePlus 3.
In a recent update, Google made it impossible to block any phone numbers for 48 hours after you make a call to an emergency number like 911.
Samsung Taiwan invited professional photographer, Theerasak Saksritawee, to showcase how great the camera is within the Galaxy S7 Edge and show off the beauty of Taiwan.
In case you didn’t know, the official Google Phone app (aka stock Android dialer) can now be installed on non-Nexus devices.

A newly uncovered Samsung patent shows us what they have envisioned for the future of smartwatches. Google’s just notified folks that they have foiled plans from hackers believed to be from China. After getting these passwords, the violators would sign in and forward the victim’s email to another address, all without the users knowing. The phone looks eerily similar to a flagship line from another Android manufacturer… Can you guess who?
The next time Google pushed out an Android update, just download it from the site and flash it using adb rather than waiting around.

The patent describes smartwatches with tiny projectors that beam the UI onto the user’s skin, which can be interacted with like a regular (much larger) display.
Google claims they foiled the group’s plans before too much damage could be done, but did say that there were a number of victims whose information may have been compromised. You could even be in your own home and your roommate or spouse doesn’t want to hear the TV.

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